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Rush’s Morning Update: Happy Days
November 13, 2009

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State-Controlled Associated Press reported that new claims for unemployment benefits fell “more than expected” last week (as is always the case).

The 502,000 new claims filed are, according to AP, “evidence the job market is slowly healing as the economy recovers.” Yeah, you’ll be glad to learn that only five and a half million people are still getting unemployment benefits,and four million are getting extended unemployment benefits. If that isn’t a sure signwe’re over the hump, why, nothing is!

The wizards of smart in Washington can’t say exactly how many people have given up looking for work,but don’t worry about that: they’re not on the job rolls,so they don’t count. You can rest easy, knowing thatthe job market is healing and the economy is recovering — the president said so.

Oh,one more thing:AP also reports that many analysts are worried that we could be headed for a “jobless recovery.” But don’t you worry your silly little head about that, either. It’s just part of the normal healing process. That’s right:one of the expected signs of a robust and thriving Obama-economyis that millions of people are unable to find a job.

Now, despite this, I know some of you unemployed peopleare not thrilled,so I’ve got even better news: your president announced –right before he left for Asia –that sometime in December he’s going to hold a summit at the White House to talk about creating more jobs.

So,chill out! Everything’s fine! Sit tight and don’t worry! Happy days…Well, they’realready here again — you just don’t know it yet. Ha-ha-ha!

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