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RUSH: Look, folks, this bow business. You know, it’s all fine and dandy here to act all agitated by this, and it’s proper to be agitated, but you have to understand what’s going on. Obama envies these monarchs. Obama wants to be bowed to someday. That’s my interpretation. He’s over there bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia, bowing to the emperor of Japan. There are pictures all over the Internet of all kinds of world leaders meeting the emperor of Japan not bowing, simply shaking hands. Besides Obama blew the bow. They’re calling it ‘a bow-and-crotch shot,’ because if you’re going to bow, you bow, but you don’t shake hands. If you bow, you keep your hands at your side, you bend a little bit forward from the waist, and you bop right back up.

But you don’t bend forward, lower your head, and shake hands. Remember Obama and Michelle and the media telling us all during the ’08 campaign how, ‘This guy studied international relations! Obama’s a far more worldly man than that cowboy, George W. Bush. Obama understands the world! He understands the protocols; Obama understands the world, and we’ll be far, far, far better off with someone like Obama.’ By the way, the New York Times (we dug this up) on June 19, 1994, blasted Bill Clinton for bowing before the Japanese emperor. It was a slight bow. It was not even a full-fledged bow. ‘It wasn’t a bow exactly,’ Douglas Jehl here with the story, ‘but Mr. Clinton came close. He inclined his head and shoulders forward, he pressed his hands together, it lasted no longer than a snapshot, but the image on the South Lawn was indelible: An obsequent president and the emperor of Japan.’ So Obama is not the first, but he did botch it.

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