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RUSH: Now, looky here, folks. This is from the Associated Press: ‘Obama Retreats on Climate Change.’ Grab the children of EIB, Mike, and let me know when you have the children of EIB ready to go. Just thought of this. Remember the World Wildlife Fund kids, the kids of the staffers, and that Hopenhagen.org push? (imitating kids) ‘Dear President Obama: Please go to Copenhagen and sign the treaty because the walruses and polar bears are dying.’ Remember all of that? Well, we answered it with the children of EIB who appear to have carried the day.

GIRL: Dear President Obama: Recently some whiny kids
BOY: From the World Wildlife Fund
GIRL: Asked you to go to the global climate summit in Copenhagen.
GIRL: Don’t waste your time.
BOY: Or our future.
GIRL: They just want to shake America down for some dough.
GIRL: Hurricanes are not becoming more numerous.
BOY: Or destructive.
GIRL: But putting Third World dictators in charge of our economy will be
GIRL: Forcing us to ride bicycles for the rest of our lives.
BOY: Won’t save a polar bear.
BOY: Help a walrus.
GIRL: Or change the temperature of the earth.
BOY: How do we know?
GIRL: We listen to Rush Limbaugh.
BOY: And you should, too.
ALL: We’re the children of EIB.
GIRL: And we approved this message.
ALL: Mmm, mmm, mmm.
GIRL: He doesn’t listen to Rush Limbaugh? How can he run the country?

RUSH: I think the children of EIB have had more influence than the World Wildlife kiddos, because ‘President Barack Obama and other world leaders agreed today that next month’s much-anticipated climate change summit will be merely a way station, not the once hoped-for endpoint, in the search for a worldwide global warming treaty.’ So much for Hopenhagen, eh? He-he-he-he. ‘The 192-nation climate conference beginning in three weeks in Copenhagen had originally been intended to produce a new global climate-change treaty. Hopes for that have dimmed lately. But comments by Obama and fellow leaders at a hastily arranged breakfast meeting here on the sidelines of an Asia-Pacific summit served to put the final nail in any remaining expectations for the December summit. ‘There was an assessment by the leaders that it is unrealistic to expect a full internationally, legally binding agreement could be negotiated between now and Copenhagen which starts in 22 days,’ said Michael Froman, Obama’s deputy national security adviser for international economic matters.

‘The prime minister of Denmark, Lars Lokke Rasmussen, the UN-sponsored climate conference’s chairman, flew overnight to Singapore to present a proposal to the leaders to instead make the Copenhagen goal a matter of crafting a ‘politically binding’ agreement, in hopes of rescuing some future for the struggling process.’ Let me translate this for you. When other countries talk about crafting a politically binding agreement with the US, it means spreading our wealth around. A politically binding agreement with us means they get to fleece us. Now, it was just a year ago that Obama said we couldn’t wait a year. ‘We can’t wait a year.’ How many stories have we had on this program alone over the last six months that have said it’s too late now to even do anything, or we’ve got six months? The UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon, ‘We’ve got four months,’ he said, four months. Dr. Roy Spencer, our official climatologist sent me a story today saying, ‘We’ve only got ten years to fix this or we’re toast.’ And they’ve been saying ten years since 1984. Actually, ten years since ’89. In ’84, it was 20, and we’re still here, and the sea levels are not rising, and it’s not getting warmer. In fact, it’s cooling off.

This is a great illustration of they thought they were going to get this done, and they put out all this, ‘Oh, yeah, it’s a fait accompli, all we gotta do is get there, all we gotta do is get to Copenhagen, get Obama there, and we sign on the dotted line, and that’s it.’ And all of it’s PR, all of it is attempted pressure on opponents to get them to stand down, to make them think it’s already a done deal. Never, ever quit opposing stuff, folks, because the media and the left is always going to say it’s a done deal or they’re always going to say it’s just a matter of time, we’re within an inch here, we’re so close you can’t even see the space between now and completion. It is always bunk. So they’re gonna put it off a year and they’ve agreed to put it off a year. Why? Because they can’t get agreement. But don’t forget this. The world can’t wait the year. If these people are serious, if they are right that we are on the precipice of destruction of our ecosystem, we can’t wait, right? We can’t wait. But now all of a sudden we can wait because we can’t agree.

So really what are we waiting on? Just as we’re not waiting on health care legislation, we’re not waiting on climate change legislation. We are waiting on other things that politically can’t be done right now. Health care is all about stealing one-sixth of the US economy and making as many Americans totally dependent and fully regulated by the state as possible. Health care is just the vehicle, climate change, simply the vehicle for world government, pure and simple. So an unelected world body gets to control everything that happens as though there are no nations with borders, and they’re doing it under the rubric of climate change. Everything the left attempts to succeed and pass always happens to accompany a crisis which could do what? Wipe us out. If we don’t get health care done, why, look at the people that are going to die. The fact is, look at the people that are going to die if we do get their health care done.

So it’s always a crisis, and it’s always gotta be done now just like the TARP thing had to be done and the stimulus had to be done right now. And those two things, TARP was not about bailing out the financial sector. If it were there wouldn’t be over half of it left. Over half of the TARP money is left. The original purpose was buying up toxic assets and getting credit flowing again. After they got it passed, guess what? It turned into a liquidity thing for the banks, saving the banks. Stimulus was about what? Creating jobs. And we’re at 10.2% unemployment. I was in Indianapolis Saturday and had dinner with a very highly educated network executive. Not going to name the network, not going to name the division, whatever. When I told him that only 14% of the stimulus had been spent, he was stunned, he didn’t know. I said it’s not a stimulus bill. It’s a slush fund. This is Chicago politics. So is TARP. It’s a slush fund. Look where the money is going. It’s going to political cronies and allies. Next year, it’s going to go to Democrats for their reelection campaigns. Only 14% has been spent ostensibly to create jobs. It was never for that.

Now, if you go to Congress as president, say, ‘I want a $750 billion slush fund, I want you to authorize for me $750 billion so that I can buy political favors with it,’ he’d never get it done. But if you go there and say, ‘We gotta save jobs, we need a stimulus bill, infrastructure, shovel-ready jobs, put people back to work, we gotta rebuild this economy.’ ‘Oh, yeah, yeah,’ everybody signs on, ‘yeah, yeah,’ because who’s against rebuilding the economy? Who’s against people working, other than Obama? Who’s against any of it? So you sign it, and you pass it, and the same thing with TARP. What you end up with, in fact, is two slush funds. That’s what we’re dealing with here. Climate change, slush fund, health care, slush fund, with the added benefit that with all that money and newly acquired power, the world body, whoever it would be, and the Obama government get to regulate every aspect of human life under the auspices of saving money and cutting costs in health care. It’s the Chicago way, folks. It’s the thug Democrat way of doing things. You can’t get what you want with the legitimacy of a democratic vote because nobody is in favor of this stuff, so you go buy it, and that’s what they’re doing.


RUSH: I just got a note from a friend who wants me to translate the story that the Obama people at Copenhagen say they’re going to back off a year. They can’t get it done this December. They’re gonna put it off for a year. Translation: China told Obama that the US had better pay back some of its debt before destroying it and China’s economy. Isn’t it ironic to see capitalism being defended by the ChiComs? I’ll bet that’s probably pretty close to what actually happened here.

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