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“The Sarah Palin phenomenon is about a vacuum being filled by somebody in a political party that has nobody else speaking that way.”

“I guess we have a sizable percentage of our population who thinks that the government has its own money, when in truth (as you and I know), government doesn’t have a dime without taxing the people who produce the wealth and create it.”

“If you want to find out just how strong Obama is, focus on where he is issue by issue, and if you can’t find an issue where the majority of Americans support his agenda, that should tell you something.”

“The hatred for Sarah Palin… I think they actually hate her more than they hate me, and I didn’t think that was possible. You think I’m wrong about that? My staff’s all saying I’m wrong about that.”

“Before deciding to have a criminal trial of the 9/11 masterminds, Eric Holder says he consulted with two people: his wife and his brother. Here are some people Mr. Holder did not consult: the president, the vice president, Congress, the judicial branch, the FBI, and the CIA.”

“Obama does not want Congress to conduct any kind of investigation into Hasan; he doesn’t want a political ‘show trial’, he says… Yet we’re going to bring the masterminds of 9/11 to New York for just that purpose: a show trial.”

“Reagan got independents by just being who he was and articulating conservatism. I mean, conservatism is nothing different than the founding principles of the country.”

“You believe this? Dick Durbin said that bringing Gitmo terrorists to Illinois will be a dream come true for the people there: why, look at all the jobs with full benefit packages! So if I follow their logic on this, folks, we need to import even more terrorists to create good jobs in America.”

“It’s kind of ironic that President Obama, over chatting with the ChiComs, dares talk about the discrimination women in America face. I wonder what kind of rights and freedoms ChiCom women have. We are so screwed.”

“Next time you see Janet Napolitano on TV, ask yourself, ‘Is she looking for a John Wayne in her life?'”

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