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Rush’s Morning Update: Fade-Out
November 20, 2009

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I warned you. The unelected and unaccountable environmentalist wackos who comprise the California Energy Commission are prohibiting stores from selling television sets that don’t meet certain energy requirements. The ban takes effect in 2011, targeting LCD and plasma TVs,which the public loves –and the wackos hate.

Before the vote(which was unanimous),Art Rosenfeld, one of the commissioners who has spent 30 years advocating such bans, claimed the action would be “a very good deal for society.” He said his agency wanted to put a damper on energy demandsince TV sets have gradually morphed into home-entertainment centers. You see, Art doesn’t approve of that.

The commission claims the TV ban won’t cost consumers anythingbecause manufacturers already make over a thousand products that meet the requirements. But how can that be? If manufacturers and consumers won’t be affected,there’d be no reason for the ban!

The Consumer Electronics Association warns the ban will cost California jobs and sales tax revenue; that it will stifle competition and harm consumers. I’ll tell you what else. Businesses across the California state line are going tosell the banned TVs,and if the ban is too invasive, a black market is going toflourish.

So aquestion for you hardworking California taxpayers: What’s it going to takebefore you reach your breaking point out therewith the loss of freedom under these liberal tyrants? I mean, you’ve got a little over a year to buy the TV of your choice. Make the best of it,because time– like your liberty– is fading out fast… into a test pattern.

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