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RUSH: Do we have time here? Yes, we do. Obama in full campaign mode. Audio sound bite number three. Organizing for America, his website. Nah, I’m not going to have time to get in there; I just noticed the time here. Well, let me set it up because we’ll do it early in the next hour. They had a contest over at Obama’s website, Organizing for America, and they asked people to make videos that they could use and put on the website to convince people to support Obamacare. They picked a winner and they put it up on the website, and I’ll let you hear the audio of that very soon. Don’t go away.


RUSH: Okay, here is the winning video from the Organizing for America website. BarackObama.com, released the winner of the Organizing for America Health Reform Video Challenge. Here’s an audio portion of the winning video…

BOY: A year from now I’ll break my leg and my parents will have to sell our house because we couldn’t afford health care.
GIRL: Three months from now I’ll need surgery and my parents will go bankrupt because they couldn’t afford health care.
GIRL: Two years from now I’ll be diagnosed with leukemia and I’ll die ’cause we couldn’t afford health care.
BOY: I deserve health care.
GIRL: I deserve health care.
GIRL: We all deserve health care.
GIRL: There are over eight million uninsured children in America.
GIRL: Eight million.
GIRL: Eight million.
GIRL: Eight million.
GIRL: We all deserve health care.

RUSH: My friends, isn’t this wonderful, exploiting kids like this — lying to kids — and then making the kids go out and lie? Scaring the kids? This is from the president’s website. This essentially has his endorsement. This is just sick. Yeah, let’s go back and listen to the kids of the staff at the World Wildlife Fund back in early November.

BOY: The world’s top scientists agree that climate change is the most …
GIRL: … serious threat to ever face our planet.
GIRL: It’s coming faster and hitting harder than expected.
GIRL: Droughts and floods and hurricanes are getting worse!
GIRL: It’s affecting our water supply …
GIRL: … and our ability to grow crops.
BOY: America the beautiful might not be so beautiful anymore.
BOY: Important ecosystems like the Amazon and the Arctic …
BOY: … will be damaged forever.
BOY: Really cool animals like polar bears …
GIRL: … and walruses will lose their habitat.
GIRL: We’re pushing our planet past the point of no return

RUSH: And of course the children of EIB did not stand for that.

GIRL: Dear President Obama: Recently some whiny kids
BOY: From the World Wildlife Fund
GIRL: Asked you to go to the global climate summit in Copenhagen.
GIRL: Don’t waste your time.
BOY: Or our future.
GIRL: They just want to shake America down for some dough.
GIRL: Hurricanes are not becoming more numerous.
BOY: Or destructive.
GIRL: But putting Third World dictators in charge of our economy will be
GIRL: Forcing us to ride bicycles for the rest of our lives.
BOY: Won’t save a polar bear.
BOY: Help a walrus.
GIRL: Or change the temperature of the earth.
BOY: How do we know?
GIRL: We listen to Rush Limbaugh.
BOY: And you should, too.
ALL: We’re the children of EIB.
GIRL: And we approved this message.
ALL: Mmm, mmm, mmm.
GIRL: He doesn’t listen to Rush Limbaugh? How can he run the country?

RUSH: He can’t, the right way at any rate.

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