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RUSH: Now we go over to the Universe of Lies. This afternoon, President Obama press conference with the Indian prime minister. Here’s a portion of Obama’s opening remarks.

OBAMA: We’ve made progress in confronting climate change. I commended the prime minister for India’s leadership in areas like green buildings and energy efficiency, and we agreed to a series of important new efforts: A clean energy initiative that will create jobs and improve people’s access to cleaner, more affordable energy; a green partnership to reduce poverty through sustainable and equitable development and an historic effort to phase out subsidies for fossil fuels. With just two weeks until the beginning of Copenhagen, it’s also essential that all countries do what is necessary to reach a strong operational agreement that will confront the threat of climate change while serving as a stepping-stone to a legally binding treaty.

RUSH: The president of the United States has just said in an internationally televised press conference that he is going to continue seeking a resolution to a problem that doesn’t exist. There is no man-made global warming. But it doesn’t matter because he exists in the Universe of Lies. And man-made global warming is only a means to an end to him. It is simply a way to once again chip away at the size of this country and the wealth of this country and to make sure that he is able to enact legislation that will allow him to raise everyone’s taxes so that he can begin even more redistribution of wealth. It’s just a mechanism like all liberal ideas are. They are dressed up in flowery, compassionate language to hide the deceit — the insidiousness — of their real intentions. This is mind-boggling, mind-boggling. It’s a hoax! It has been totally made up! It’s been known since Thursday. This is Tuesday.

The president of the United States, in an internationally televised press conference, says, ‘We gotta move further and we gotta get closer to Copenhagen with a working agreement. We gotta confront climate change.’ There isn’t any! The whole concept of ‘climate change’ is a fraud because climate ‘changes’ constantly, and we’re not responsible for it. We don’t have that kind of power. We can’t do it! If somebody says, ‘Make it warmer tomorrow,’ you can’t. If somebody says, ‘Make it colder tomorrow,’ you can’t. If somebody says, ‘Make it rain tomorrow,’ you can’t — and yet to listen to these people, we’re doing all of that and we’re doing it so fast that we are going to destroy our climate. It’s a hoax! It’s a fraud! There is no climate change. There is no global warming. There never has been any man-made global warming. How else can it be said? And now he continued another portion of his opening remarks at the presser today…

OBAMA: To that end, Prime Minister Singh and I made important progress today. We reaffirmed that an agreement in Copenhagen should be comprehensive and cover all the issues under negotiation. We resolved to take significant national mitigation actions that will strengthen the world’s ability to combat climate change. We agreed to stand by these commitments with full transparency through appropriate processes as to their implementation. All this builds on the progress that we made in Beijing and it takes us one step closer to a successful outcome in Copenhagen.

RUSH: What progress in Beijing? What progress? You didn’t accomplish anything! All that happened was he bowed down to the Chinese prime minister and let the ChiComs run the show over there and basically told him to take your Copenhagen thing and stick it where the sun don’t shine because we’re a developing nation and we’re not going to penalize ourselves. Go ahead and penalize yourselves if you want; leave us alone. By the way, you owe us $1.6 trillion just for this year. Don’t forget that. That’s what he was told. Progress in Beijing? ‘We reaffirmed agreement in Copenhagen should be comprehensive; we resolved to take significant national mitigation actions that will strengthen the world’s ability to combat climate change’? Folks, this is as easy to understand as members of Congress writing checks for money they don’t have in the House Bank Scandal. It’s a scientific hoax. It exposes the fraud and deceit that exists throughout the left, around the world.

How about some job creation? I have a job creation idea. Practically every textbook used in American education is filled now with lies about global warming. Those textbooks are going to have to be destroyed and rewritten with the truth. Think there might be some jobs available there? Everything about this issue in your kids’ textbooks — from wherever it starts, grade school all the way up to the university level — is a lie that your kids are being taught and for which you’re paying tremendous thousands of dollars every year and semester. All these textbooks are filled with lies. All these movies are now known to be based on a fraud and a lie.

Algore’s books, his movies, his Photoshopped pictures of the earth? All lies. They’re not real and based on a hoax — and they did not get ‘scammed.’ Everybody involved knows it’s a hoax. They are knowingly perpetrating it. Gore knows it, Phil Jones knows it, Michael Mann knows it, anybody involved in this knows they are perpetrating a hoax. Nobody got ‘fooled’ here. None of the leaders, anyway. You might have had some rogue little scientist out there who got confused about it. But real scientists, the ones who should be respected are the ones who questioned this. That’s what real scientists used to do. But we have political scientists masquerading as science scientists, advancing an agenda that they know is a lie, just like the people behind this health care bill know that everything they’re saying about it is not true.

It will not ‘lower costs;’ it will not ‘improve access;’ it will not ‘improve quality.’ It will raise taxes! It will force you to give up freedom and put you in jail if you resist. Nothing is real about health care. Nothing is real in the cap-and-trade legislation. Nothing is real about the stimulus package. Nothing is real about the TARP bailout. All of it is fraudulent. It’s all a hoax perpetrated by the left knowing full well it’s a hoax, dressed up as something ‘compassionate’ and an ’emergency’ required to save something, either jobs or the entire financial system of the world or whatever other threat will wipe us all out tomorrow if we don’t act tonight. It’s all a hoax! Everything the Democrat Party is behind today is a fraud and a lie aimed at separating you from three things: Your freedom, your property and your money.

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