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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, during that call, show prep never stops, but during that call I received an e-mail from the editrix of my newsletter. It’s the most widely read political newsletter in the country. It’s called the Limbaugh Letter. It appears that the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee has put out a ‘cheat sheet’ for Democrats to be able to refute things they’ve heard me say while they gather with their families at Thanksgiving. Our editrix has signed up on their e-mail list, so she gets everything they send out.

If your family is anything like our family’s turkey and stuffing won’t be the only thing being served up here at Thanksgiving. Sooner or later that one Republican relative we all have sitting at the other end of the table is going to bring up politics. To make sure you’re ready, we wanted to bring you our special Thanksgiving edition of At Stake, the Thanksgiving cheat sheet. Just in case your Republican friends or relatives at Thanksgiving try to repeat anything they’ve heard from Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin, we wanted to help you respond with the truth. Download our exclusive Thanksgiving cheat sheet to ensure that you are ready to respond with the real facts should any Republicans at your turkey day (Sic) feasts try to do their best Rush Limbaugh impersonation.

They put it out! The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee put it out. They sent it out to people on their mailing list, you can sign up. It’s to their donors, or potential donors. And Diana, who edits the newsletter, signed herself up and she gets this. It’s called ‘At Stake.’ It’s what’s at stake this week. Now, I haven’t had a chance to open the PDF file or to download the actual cheat sheet. I don’t know if you have to pay for that. I don’t know if you have to donate for it. But at the end it says ‘Contribute Now,’ and ‘Send to a Friend’ and so forth.

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