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RUSH: I cannot emphasize this enough. Those of you who call yourself scientists, if you don’t conduct your own investigation here, your entire field is bunk. Your entire field will be viewed with as much cynicism as people view politics, because that’s what you’ve become. You’re destroying what once was a pursuit of truth, confirmed and confirmed and confirmed and confirmed. Now science is one of the Four Corners of Deceit in the Universe of Lies. Here is one of these e-mails from the Hadley Climate Research Unit, from Phil Jones to his partner in crime, Michael Mann:

‘Dear Mike: See the attached. Odd quote by McIntyre in the middle of this. He’s not interested in challenging the science of climate change or nitpicking. He’s simply asking that the data be made available. ‘The only policy I want people to change is their data access policy,’ he says. I must have been in a parallel universe for the past seven or eight years. I’m off at noon today, back on August 20, I’ll be checking e-mail once a day.’ This was the point: A Canadian scientist just wants the data and said, ‘Would you guys just release the data?’ It hasn’t been ‘peer reviewed.’ That’s the whole point, Mr. Begley! They haven’t let anybody see it. They’re saying, ‘Trust us,’ and these e-mails say, ‘We will destroy the data before we let people see it. We’re not going to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests. We will delete it. We will destroy it before we let people see it.’ They admit it here! McIntyre, he’s not interested in challenging the science. He just wants to see the data. They are not and never have released the data that confirms all of this because it doesn’t confirm it.

If it’s science, and if it’s the truth, and if you are so brilliant to have discovered it, let the world see it and earn your reputation and money that way! But that’s not what this is about. This is about advancing socialism, liberalism, Marxism, whatever you want to call it. It’s about advancing an agenda that takes freedom away from people — or individuality. It destroys capitalism and seeks to establish everybody under the auspices of a giant world government somewhere in the United Nations. That’s what this is about and it has been exposed. Here’s Jim Inhofe, Senator from Oklahoma last night, also on Your World With Neil Cavuto. Stuart Varney: ‘Senator, I believe you have an announcement fresh for us at Fox News. What is it?’

INHOFE: Today, I’m announcing the investigation. I’m the ranking member of the Environment and Public Works Committee. We have sent out letters today to a number of government agencies, to the IGs, as a part of the investigation into the disclosure of e-mails and so forth. Also, we’ve sent them to the scientists whose names have appeared on some of the documents that have been revealed the last few days. And many of these scientists are scientists I’m very familiar with; they’re the insiders at the IPCC that I think all along have been trying to hide the real — avoid the real science in this whole notion about global warming.

RUSH: He’s exactly right. So a Republican senator is calling for an investigation, but I’ll tell you: I’ll pound this for as long as necessary. I know that many of you in this audience are scientists. If you don’t demand the truth on this, this is going to take you down. Anybody that calls themselves a scientific researcher, especially in climate or global meteorological systems, if you don’t challenge this and demand an investigation in the truth you’re going to get swept up in it. I want to go back to 1992, my first ever appearance on Nightline. It happened to be a discussion of global warming with Algore. This was before he was vice president. This is February 4th of 1992. Ted Koppel: ‘Joining us is Senator Al Gore, whose new book is Earth in the Balance, and Rush Limbaugh, whose syndicated radio show is heard around the country. There is, Senator Gore, a growing feeling — and I don’t want to say it represents anything representing a majority yet, but a growing feeling — that sometimes the environmentalists are putting the spotted owl and the snail darter ahead of human beings.

ALGORE: We now face a global ecological crisis that is more serious than anything human civilization has ever faced, and there’s a problem of scale here. To discuss, uh, the friction in the passage and implementation of some of the laws on the local environment — and to weigh at the same time that against this unprecedented global crisis — I think presents a — a problem of scale.

RUSH: This is 17 years ago, folks. ‘Unprecedented.’ In fact, The Politico today has a story ripping the Obama administration for using the word ‘unprecedented’ about everything that they do. This poor guy from India, this 77-year-old leader of India, he gets to come to Washington and he has to sit there and be insulted by this 48-year-old man-child saying (doing Obama impression), ‘It’s such an honor for you to be my first guest at my first state dinner. How about that?’ And then the Indian prime minister learns that his glorious state dinner is being held in a pitched tent outside! He coulda stayed home for that. Now back to me and Algore on Nightline. I showed no fear going up against a US Senator, even when Gore said I was lying. Koppel said, ‘Rush, I’ve listened to you many afternoons, as you know. You tend to — I don’t want to say you dismiss all these issues, but at least you dismiss them as having been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.’

RUSH 1992: There is not a crisis. See, this is the problem I have. I don’t think the earth is fragile. I don’t think the ecology is fragilely balanced and I think that the doomsday industry that is typified by members of the Hollywood acting community who say, ‘We’ve only got ten years left to save our planet, we’ve gotta act now,’ there’s no way, if what these people say is true, that we could solve these problems in ten years anyway. … Everything in this country today seems to be a crisis. We can’t do anything without having to face it as a crisis. We don’t have any time to think about it. There are as many scientists, maybe even more on the opposite side of all of these doomsday predictions, and I think that —

ALGORE: That’s not true.

RUSH 1992: Oh, yes, there are!

RUSH: ‘Oh, yes, there are.’ ‘That’s not true.’ See, the ‘consensus’ argument was forming even then. Now, as you listen to this, I want to tell you one thing that happened after this show. Actually two things happened because of this show, but the one I’ll tell you about right now. (Remind me about the other one, Snerdley) What happened was, when I got home, I checked my e-mail that night and the next day, and I got ripped to shreds by scientists on my side of the issue for letting Gore get away with that argument or this argument or that argument and then they said, ‘Why did they have you on? You’re not a scientist. Gore is out there spouting a bunch of phony science, and you’re not even talking on the same level.’ I wrote back, and I said the next day on the radio: ‘This is exactly how this issue is going to have to be approached, because it’s not about science.’ I told them that back in 1992: It’s not about science. It’s about a political tactic, crisis, and guilt-spreading all designed to raise taxes and get people to willingly give up their freedom under the guise that they have caused this destruction that’s going to be wipe us all out in a few short years if they don’t submit to tax increases and a loss of freedom. This has been a pet peeve issue of mine. It’s one of my foundational issues, in fact, defining my whole worldview. Let’s keep going with this. We just heard Gore, ‘That’s not true,’ and I said, ‘Oh yes, there are.’ Algore then said this.

ALGORE: The question of whether or not the earth is fragile. Are we as human beings now capable of doing serious damage to the global environment? That’s really the key difference between the —

RUSH 1992: Do you think we are?

ALGORE: Yes, I think so. I think three things have changed, in our lifetimes, incidentally. Number one: The population explosion now adds the entire population of China every ten years. Number two: We’ve got new technologies we never had before like chlorofluorocarbons, which magnify our impact on the earth. Just as nuclear weapons transformed warfare, these thousands of new technologies that magnify our ability to exploit the earth, change our relationship to the earth.

RUSH: So Koppel then said, ‘Rush Limbaugh, we’ve both run into politicians during our careers who know how to fake it on an issue. I don’t know of anybody on Capitol Hill who is more knowledgeable on the subject of environment than Algore. You have to take seriously what he says.’

RUSH 1992: The environmental movement as fueled by the militants who lead it, I think, is the new home of socialism. I think it is. They’ve adopted a constituency here which can’t speak — that is trees and rocks and so forth — and can’t reject the so-called help and concern that the advocates are giving it, and gives them a stage from which to constantly launch attacks at capitalism. If you listen to what Senator Gore said, it is manmade products which are causing the ozone depletion. Yet Mt. Pinatubo has put 570 times the amount of chlorine into the atmospheric in one eruption than all of manmade chlorofluorocarbons in one year; and the ultraviolet radiation measured on this country’s surface since 1974 has shown no increase whatsoever.

RUSH: That’s 1992, 17 years ago. The other thing that happened was, most of my life my father thought he had failed because I didn’t go to college — and I quit ballroom dance. I quit college because I was forced to take ballroom dance and my mother took my car away from me and drove me to ballroom dance class every day. So I said, ‘It’s not for me.’ I moved to Sacramento and started my radio career. Throughout my radio career my dad never understood where I was going. He didn’t see the value in playing Donny Osmond records on the radio — and then he certainly didn’t understand the value of playing Knights in White Satin by the Moody Blues every 54 minutes, as I had to do in Pittsburgh (ahem) as a deejay not in charge of my destiny.

At any rate, I finally got to Sacramento in 1984, but he couldn’t hear me in Sacramento. That’s where my success track began. In 1988 my national program starts. His hearing loss accelerated. He never got to hear me on the radio. He could not hear. He had to listen to everybody tell him what was going on. The first time that he heard me on any such show was that Nightline show, and in the first commercial break, my dad turned to my mother — my mother told me this story. My dad turned to my mother and said, ‘Millie…’ ’cause remember, I didn’t go to college. I’m not supposed to know anything. He said, ‘Millie, where did he learn that?’ And she told me that she turned to him and said, ‘From you, silly.’ And I wrote about the incident in one of my books — which, incidentally, both sold two-and-a-half million copies, and my second one sold two million copies in about six weeks. That seems to have been forgotten in the recent frenzy over tabulating book sales.


RUSH: I just got the most curious e-mail. A guy writes ‘Rush, how did you have e-mail in 1992?’ I had e-mail back in the late eighties. I got my first computer in 1985. It was an Apple IIc. ProDOS was the operating system. Then I stepped up to a Macintosh when I could afford one, and I got a CompuServe account when I was working in Sacramento in the late eighties, 1986 or ’87. I started reading news wires and so forth online, on my Mac. Even when I had the Apple IIc it had CompuServe and had had e-mail. I was talking to people on the Internet at the time, before you needed browsers. There wasn’t a browser. The Internet was just a military and scientific tool. That’s who was using it. (That Algore invented, by the way.) So I had e-mail. When they first started doing stories about me, ladies and gentlemen, they referred to me as the-most-connected-with-his-audience host out there because of this. I was a trailblazer in so many ways. People have forgotten.


RUSH: Here’s Lawrence in St. Petersburg, Florida, it’s great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. It’s a pleasure and an honor to speak to the great one.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I bow to you.

RUSH: (laughing) No one bows to me. I don’t tolerate that.

CALLER: Well, please accept it. In regards to your pet peeve on the Ponzi scheme, the climate hoax, how long do you think the Republicans will be before they get out there and move the ball forward with this opportunity and speak their piece like they’ve been duped?

RUSH: Well, one of them has, Senator James Inhofe, he’s going to call on his committee for an investigation in the Senate. Now, the Democrats run the committee so we’ll see how far it gets but he’s gonna try to get to the bottom of it. You can ask that question on a number of things. Where are the Republicans on health care? Where are the Republicans on cap and trade? Remember, we’re not even a year into this kingdom, and there’s still a great fear of criticizing Obama because they’re going to turn around and call you a racist.

CALLER: Well, they are doing that now, sir. But I believe that if the Republicans or any conservatives want to take back the country, they need to blow their horns now and let people know that they’re not going along to get along.

RUSH: Hey, I agree. I said that earlier in this show: It’s time to get on every television show you can! The global warming hoax is a perfect platform to get on the radio, on the TV, anywhere you can and start denouncing the entire liberal agenda. We’re on the same page out there, sir. Therefore I accept your bow.

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