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RUSH: And dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut! Obama, living full sail in the Universe of Lies, has decided to attend the Copenhagen climate summit. Oh, hallelujah! The earth may be saved. This is actually good news. Everywhere he goes he is an abysmal failure, whether it is to secure the Olympics for Chicago or whether it’s to China. Who’s he going to bow down to over there? Is he going to bow down to the UN climate committee? Who’s he going to bow down to over there? ‘President Barack Obama will go to Copenhagen next month to participate in a long-anticipated, high-stakes global climate summit, a White House official said. The president will attend the summit on December 9th before heading to Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize, the official told NBC News. Obama’s attendance had been in question until now. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because the formal announcement has not been made.’ So another officially sanctioned leak by the Obama White House while Obama will then get pestered and perturbed over leaks. It’s not a bad sign that he’s going. It’s typical.

They live in the Universe of Lies, the State-Controlled Media, but there is still not one word that the whole hoax of man-made global warming has been exposed, not one word. In fact, two of the muckety-mucks at the Hadley CRU over at the University of East Anglia where they have basically used five research studies with fake, phony, peer review to establish this whole hoax, have now issued statements about this. Let me see. Did I print them out? I did. Let’s go to the head honcho of the whole hoax, this guy Professor Phil Jones. Here is how his statement opens:

‘In the frenzy of the past few days, the most vital issue is being overshadowed: we face enormous challenges ahead if we are to continue to live on this planet. One has to wonder if it is a coincidence that this email correspondence has been stolen and published at this time. This may be a concerted attempt to put a question mark over the science of climate change in the run-up to the Copenhagen talks.’ These people are in utter denial. They call us climate change ‘deniers.’ I’ve told you they’re going to circle the wagons. They think this is going to blow over, and they think their buddies in the State-Controlled Media worldwide are going to ignore this and it’s not going to get any traction — and that’s not going to happen. This has been blown up. I could do the whole show on it again today. I have learned that much more. I have that much in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers.

I could do a whole show on this. I kind of felt bad about doing most of the show on it yesterday because it was a one-trick pony show and normally we cover more on this show than most networks do in an entire week. I say more in five seconds than most hosts say in their career. I could do it again. I did get accolades, I must say, for yesterday’s program. I’m just sharing a little secret with you. It often happens. When I feel guilty about the job I’ve done I often hear, ‘That was bang-up and great.’ So I do appreciate the feedback. (interruption) Snerdley is shouting at me here in the IFB, if I don’t do it, who else is going to do it? That’s true. I’ll tell you, let’s just get started with it, because we’ve got some great audio sound bites.

You know what we did? We went back to the archives and we got my first Nightline appearance debating Gore on this subject, 1992. Those audio sound bites are coming up. We also have Ed Begley Jr., about whom no one would have ever heard were it not for his clownish, kooky, freakish support of global warming. He was on Fox yesterday with Stuart Varney sitting in for Neil Cavuto, and Ed Begley had a meltdown. It’s hilarious. Also, Minnesotans for Global Warming released a music video parody of the song Draggin’ the Line by Tommy James and the Shondells. It’s entitled Hide the Decline, and here’s just a portion . The whole thing runs two-and-a-half minutes. I’m not going to play the whole thing. We have about a little over a minute of it just to give you a taste of it.

Makin’ up data the old hard way
Fudgin’ the numbers day by day
Hiding the snow and the cold and a downward line
Hide the decline (hide the decline)
Michael Mann thinks he so smart
totally inventing the hockey stick chart
Ignoring the snow and the cold and a downward line
Hide the decline (hide the decline)
Hide the decline (hide the decline)
Oh Climategate I think you have sealed your fate
I hope you do a lot of time, cuz what you did was such a crime
Hide the decline (hide the decline)
Hide the decline (hide the decline)

RUSH: That’s Minnesotans for Global Warming. This is a sample of the 2:30 video which is excellently done. They use Michael Mann’s name in this. I think one of the important things to do is to personalize this. Global warming up to now has been revered because ‘scientists’ are like doctors: Nobody doubts them. Well, we do doubt them now that Obama has accused them of taking out tonsils for money, chopping off feet for money and doing chopadickoffamies and addadictomies for money. Doctors have been demonized by the Democrats. The scientists, however, are the essence of purity in our culture. These geeks walking around in their white lab coats with their beakers and their calculators and their pince-nez glasses on edges of their nose, they are the studious and they have no names. But they do have names, and they are frauds. Michael Mann is a fraud. Phil Jones is a fraud. James Hansen at NASA is not only is a fraud, he’s insane.

Newsweek is out with a puff piece on James Hansen today talking about the urgency of the destruction of our climate by us, in the midst of all this. Remember, it was Time in 1974 which heralded global cooling and the coming ice age. I got an e-mail from a subscriber to my website. It came in just before the program ended yesterday. (For those of you in Rio Linda, that would be about a minute before noon your time.)

‘Hi, Rush. Dr. Roy Spencer will be able to confirm all of this for you.’ Dr. Spencer, by the way, is our official climatologist. ‘We skeptics have known about the climate change fraud for so long. CRU head Phil Jones is one of the lead authors of the United Nations IPCC position on climate change. Phil Jones and the United Nations are one in the same only with Michael Mann and a few others. The core UN position, by the way, is based on five research studies. Yes, I said only five. The Yamal study…’ That’s the Yamal Peninsula in Siberia. They studied three trees. The rings of three trees were analyzed to confirm heating and cooling trends of the earth thousands of years ago. Three trees. My buddy e-mailer here says: ‘The Yamal study uses a handful of cherry-picked trees to conclude that our global climate is changing, yet few know that the trees in Yamal that are still growing. Their tree ring sizes do not match recent temperature trends. So, in other words, the size and thickness of living tree rings do not match the actual temperature records from the last few decades. How can you guess the temperature from 1,000 years ago when the living tree rings don’t reflect the current temperatures? Doesn’t that make the whole study suspect?’

Yeah, it makes it more than suspect. It makes it worthless! It makes it a lie. It makes it a hoax. ‘Many other studies are based on this flawed data and methodology. Garbage upon garbage upon garbage.’ I would love to identify who sent me this, but this man is a public figure, and I don’t know that he wants to be identified because he works in media, and I may be outing him. So I’ll wait for guidance. He knows who he is, ’cause I just read this. One thing that I want to pound home here today: Liberalism, Marxism, socialism, whatever it is, kills. DDT was banned for the sake of our environment, for the sake of birds. DDT was weakening the shells of little baby bird eggs, they said, and this was causing malformed and depletions in bird populations. So we had to get rid of DDT thanks to an insaniac by the name of Rachel Carson — may she rest in peace, may peace be upon her, whatever — and as a result, malaria is killing millions all over Africa and the world, simply because we decided, erroneously, to ‘protect’ something that wasn’t being damaged.

The Third World is strewn with dead babies thanks to the banning of DDT. It was advocated by the environmental movement in this country. They should take credit for all the dead who might have otherwise lived. Marxism, socialism, liberalism kills no matter how they dress it up. Fifty million deaths since DDT was banned. Today it’s global warming, ‘climate change.’ They could care less about the science. They could care less about the facts. It’s been communism, statism. It’s destroying the individual, destroying capitalism, destroying society, destroying freedom and liberty. Global cooling — an ice age, in fact — they said was coming in 1974. Then global warming.

Then they said the seas will rise and swallow the cities. Now they call it ‘climate change,’ meaning any foul weather or act of God will be attributed to the horrible capitalist system of progress and advancement in lifestyles, which is being blamed for all of this. They are never held to account for the inhumanity they propose and promote. No one ever studies the human suffering and toll that results from the left’s policies — and thus they can continue to make claims and create images of salvation without ever having to answer for the untold damage they’ve already committed.


RUSH: The Washington Post today, in the Universe of Lies: ‘The percentage of Americans who believe global warming is happening has dipped from 80 to 72 percent in the past year, according to a new… poll, even as a majority still support a national cap on greenhouse gas emissions.’ I don’t believe this for a moment. I think this is a rigged poll. But if it is true, it shows just how much work there is ahead of us to convince people, and it’s going to be a yeoman challenge because the state — here we are in the middle of the full exposure of the biggest scientific hoax in the history of the world, and I’m not exaggerating. The biggest scientific hoax. Look at all the people who are involved in it: Every strata of society.

Textbooks have to be rewritten. Entire curricula at schools have to be redone. Scientists have to be named and fired and outed. Will it ever happen? They’re circling the wagons, and they’re suggesting that this is a made-up contrivance — even as they admit that the e-mails from the CRU appear to be genuine. So in the midst of all of this — in the midst of the exposure of a full hoax, the grandest the world has ever seen — the Washington Post is out with a poll that says 72% of the American people support greenhouse gas emission levels. And Newsweek has a puff piece on the insane, lunatic James Hansen of NASA, who has violated all kinds of federal laws as a federal employee by making opinionated public statements about an issue that he is not authorized to speak on. And he gladly walks around free, untouched.

You know, it’s a bubble here. Look at it this way. The global warming bubble, we just heard it burst. The question is: How will that explosion affect the Universe of Lies? This past decade, we have lived and suffered through a dot-com bubble, stock bubbles, the housing bubble. We all know the problem with bubbles: They eventually burst. Bubbles refer to things that are grossly overvalued. When bubbles burst, values leave the Universe of Lies and reenter the Universe of Reality. The dot-com bubble brought reality to the stock market. The housing bubble brought reality to the housing market. And so will the global warming bubble eventually bring reality to science. Man-made global warming may be in the process of reentering the Universe of Reality, finding its true value. It’s a debunked theory of junk science promulgated by junk political scientists. Big Science can no longer be trusted as things stand today. Science, the media, government, and academia: The Four Corners of Deceit in the Universe of Lies.

Bubbles are self-perpetuating climbs in value that defy free market principles. They defy checks and balances. They’re lies — counterfeit truth, if you will. Bubbles occur when hope triumphs over reason, when speculation jumps ahead of fact. It all becomes obvious in hindsight after values have fallen back to earth and reality. A bubble occurs when speculators note rapid increases in value and buy in anticipation of further increases, rather than buying because something is undervalued. Bubbles are false values. It’s why everybody worries about them. It’s why everybody worries, ‘When’s this bubble going to burst?’ Because everybody knows when you’ve got a bubble, you’ve got a fraud. You’ve got false values — and when those bubbles burst, we all fall back into the Universe of Reality, and it can be a very hard fall.

Our president, as uncomfortable as I am saying this, is a crook speculator perpetuating the global warming bubble — and this will eventually be seen as a bubble. Bubbles are best seen in hindsight, because whatever euphoria that once existed surrounding the issue or the industry vanishes, and things come back into focus. This week we have seen and heard the global warming bubble burst. The effects of this exploding bubble may impact the entire field of science, a field that once only existed in the Universe of Reality. In fact, its purpose was to honestly, objectively, relentlessly define the Universe of Reality and disparage those things that exist in the Universe of Lies, and now science has been corrupted.

It is one of the Four Corners of Deceit in the Universe of Lies. It is the antithesis of what we all thought science was. The bursting of the global warming bubble has created a mess, and it cannot be swept under the rug — no matter how hard the State-Controlled Media tries. The industry known as ‘science’ has just seen their Fannie Mae and Freddie Macs exposed, and just like with the housing bubble, the United States government is in the middle of this fraud. Our government has fueled the speculation around the housing and global warming bubbles. They have tried to profit from it. They will never admit responsibility. Neither bubble will ever be investigated by this government.

But did the global warming bubble really burst? It did for those of us who live in the Universe of Reality. Barack Obama does not live there. He’s on his way to Copenhagen. They live in the Universe of Lies and Deceit — and they live there with the State-Controlled Media and academia, and far too many people who dare call themselves ‘scientists’ today. Because Barack Obama lives in the Universe of Lies, he will do everything in his power to keep the lie of global warming alive — and in the process, seize trillions of dollars from Americans based upon phony lies hyped by global warming speculators masquerading as scientists, when they are nothing other than leftist political hacks who have so far escaped with anonymity.

We need to name them. Phil Jones is the lead culprit here, and he has many associates like this Mann character. Those of us who inhabiting the Universe of Reality just witnessed a huge burst, a huge explosion. The global warming bubble has burst. We’ll see how this explosion affects the Universe of Lies. Back with Ed Begley Jr.’s meltdown on Fox after this.


RUSH: Ed Begley Jr. melted down on the Fox News Channel yesterday with Stuart Varney sitting in for Neil Cavuto. Here’s the first question. ‘You heard this, there seems to be some discussion amongst the climate community that maybe the evidence isn’t there. They’re split, they’re divided. Do you ever think that maybe you’re wrong about global warming?’

BEGLEY: I think the science is very clear on global warming. What these statements are will go down the path and see what happens in peer-reviewed studies. Those are the key words here, Stuart: ‘peer-reviewed studies.’ If these scientists have done something wrong it will be found out and their peers will determine it. I don’t think our geologists should write papers about being an actor or a newscaster, nor should… Don’t get your information from me, folks, or any newscaster.

RUSH: Mr. Begley Jr., there’s a reason I ran over you twice when I was on Jay Leno’s show in that electric car. You’re an idiot! The whole point here is how they would not allow peer review of any of their studies! They wouldn’t permit peer review. The things that were submitted for peer review were rubber-stamped, because the magic phrase is ‘peer reviewed.’ You people who call yourselves scientists, if you don’t conduct your own investigation and hold public hearings on this whole thing, then you have given up your profession. This scandal is important on so many levels. Every science journal ought to be filled with articles on this for months and years. Copenhagen should be transformed into an emergency session to save the reputations of those people who still have them.

Serious people better step forward and come to grips with what’s gone down here. They need ClimateGate hearings now to protect their own industry, their own reputations. This is a genuine emergency. The earth is not ‘in the balance here,’ science is. Entire professions are on the verge of being seen in the same light as a circus. Everyone connected with climatology, meteorology, or any project or grant connected to global warming has to make a choice. They can either circle the wagons or they can come clean. Frankly, anyone who calls himself or herself a scientist had better get involved here. No one in the science community can sit this out. The fix is in. People in the science community can either help clean up this mess or get swept up in it.

Trillions of dollars are at stake. Reputations are at stake. Entire professions are at stake. The equivalent of a nuclear bomb went off in the scientific community last week, and everybody in it is radioactive. There’s only one known cure — and that treatment is painful, but it’s preferable to death — and that’s the truth. Get the truth out. Ask for forgiveness. Swear your allegiance to facts, truth, and objective thinking again. Swear off of politics! Reject politics. The con game is over. The only way out is to come clean. Your entire profession is at risk for losing its entire reputation and being attached firmly as a left-wing liberal hack organization. It already is. It’s one of the Four Corners of Deceit that the left uses to spread lies and their agenda all over this planet: Science, media, government, academia. Peer review, Mr. Begley? There wasn’t any! That’s the magic phrase and next, you’ll hear how it works. Just shout the other side down.

BEGLEY: There’s not 700 climate scientists. There’s weathermen and other people in there. There are some climate scientists. Peer reviewed —

VARNEY: The science is not in.

BEGLEY: It is in!


BEGLEY: Stuart, quit saying that!

VARNEY: The debate is not over, sir.

BEGLEY: Peer-reviewed studies. Go to Science magazine, folks, Nature magazine. Go to somebody you trust — National Geographic. Don’t get it from you or me. Don’t get it from Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck. Scientists, people with PhDs.

VARNEY: All right.

BEGLEY: Weathermen. Not weathermen. Science.

RUSH: Ed Begley Jr. says don’t listen to him. He’s right. But you can’t listen to scientists, either. They have corrupted themselves. People who claim to be scientists who are actually political hacks have corrupted the whole world, the whole notion of science. Peer review? There’s no peer review that went on here. That’s the whole point. Here’s the next meltdown.

BEGLEY: Impose? Why do you have to impose your fear on me —

VARNEY: Let me explain —

BEGLEY: Go ahead.

VARNEY: — what I’m talking about. If cap and trade goes through, I’m going to have to have a warning label on my house. There’s going to be an —

BEGLEY: Stop! Wait, excuse me —

(cross talk)

VARNEY: There is an energy audit going on in my house. Yes, sir, there is —

BEGLEY: You should have an energy audit on your home to make it more effective (sic)!


BEGLEY: I just had an energy audit —

VARNEY: I’m not allowed to buy —

BEGLEY: — on my home and I reduced my bills by half.

VARNEY: I am not allowed to buy —

BEGLEY: Why don’t you want an energy audit?

VARNEY: I am not allowed to buy incandescent lightbulbs.

RUSH: ‘Why don’t you want an energy audit?’ Why don’t you want the government coming into your house and managing your thermostat and your appliances, asks Ed Begley Jr. There’s one more bite where the meltdown really happens, but sadly, my friends, I’ll have to get to it in a moment.


RUSH: And we’re back, Rush Limbaugh, as usual, talent on loan from God. If you missed the opening, there was an emergency audit conducted by the Sullivan Group after this week’s broadcasts, which have ratcheted up my accuracy rating, largest increment it’s ever happened because of 20 years of assertions about global warming being a hoax now having been established true, I’m now documented to be almost always right 99.5% of the time. You do not know what it takes to move it two-tenths of a percentage point, folks, when you’re this high. This is stunning.


RUSH: Ed Begley Jr. Ed Begley Jr. is what? He’s an actor. He sells us on make-believe. It makes perfect sense that Ed Begley Jr. would be selling the make-believe of global warming. Here is the final statement of his meltdown with Stuart Varney on Fox yesterday afternoon.

BEGLEY: Nobody’s going to come into your house!

VARNEY: You can’t have this kind of lightbulb.

BEGLEY: What is an Easy-Bake Oven? The little kid’s toy, the Easy-Bake Oven?

VARNEY: Why do you want (unintelligible)

BEGLEY: A lightbulb is a little mini-toaster.

VARNEY: Why do you want…?

BEGLEY: Because they’re the best technology!

VARNEY: Do you want me pushing you around?

BEGLEY: You’re spewing your nonsense here yet again.

VARNEY: Nonsense?

BEGLEY: The air in LA is twice as clean as it was in 1970. Why? Because of good technologies.

VARNEY: That’s got nothing to do with global warming.

BEGLEY: It has everything to do with good science.

VARNEY: Nothing to do with global warming.

BEGLEY: It has everything to do with finance and cleaning up the air. You people said it wouldn’t work.

VARNEY: What does it have to do with global warming?

BEGLEY: We have cleaner air in LA because of the catalytic converter.

VARNEY: It has nothing to do with global warming.

BEGLEY: I know it doesn’t, but you —

VARNEY: Thank you.

BEGLEY: — said it before. You said it about seat belts and airbags. You spew — you spew these lies about how much it’s going to cost. Do you have an insurance policy on your house?


BEGLEY: Do you have an insurance — a fire policy on your house? Do you have one?


BEGLEY: Why don’t you have an insurance policy on global warming?

RUSH: Because it’s a hoax! Now, Ed Begley Jr, in a previous sound bite, said, ‘Don’t listen to me, and don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh,’ and don’t listen to you, don’t listen to me. He said, ‘Listen to the scientists.’ Well, I have this from his own damn website. He said, ‘Don’t ask a geologist about acting and don’t ask him about science.’ He’s got a website page called ‘Ask Ed.’ Click on the topic you want to talk to Ed about: Food, energy, clothing, transportation, recycling, house. Nothing about acting. He says, ‘Don’t ask me,’ yet his own damn website wants you to ask him!

This from his own Ask Ed Web page ‘Ed tells people how to buy carbon credits. — A lot of the tips on this website focus on saving energy, but why is that important? It’s great to lower your energy bills and save money, but what’s the bigger picture?’ Yada yada yada yada yada. ‘It’s tough to lower your carbon footprint all the way to zero. That’s where carbon offsets can help. Carbon offsets are a way of balancing out your…’ All of this is worthless; all of this is a hoax.

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