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RUSH: Everybody’s asking me, ‘What do you think about this Tiger Woods thing?’ Well, my friends, since I don’t trust much of what I read in the media, it’s hard to know what happened. But I will say this. Whoever wrote Tiger’s statement that was published on his website did not do him any favors. It says, ‘…and I promise you this will never happen again.’ If this was an accident, you can’t make that promise. Nobody can ever promise an accident will not happen again. That’s what he said, ‘I promise you this will not happen again.’ He took it all on himself, (paraphrasing) ‘It’s my responsibility, my fault, but I promise you this will never happen again.’ Well, the reason they’re blowing it up is because he hasn’t said anything beyond the statement. The reason they’re blowing it up is because there’s a vacuum out there, and the reason they’re blowing it up is the media. The gossip media claims he’s having an affair, and, of course, then the domestic violence stuff started, it’s all rumor here that’s fueling all of this. That’s why I don’t know what to think of it because I do not know. I’m like every one of you. I hear rumors about all kinds of people and all kinds of things.

Guess what’s happening now? The Florida Highway Patrol is thinking about trying to get a search warrant for his hospital medical records after he was treated to see if they can find any evidence of domestic violence. Once again, law enforcement authorities are chasing around people’s medical records. In Tiger Woods’ case, he is not required to make a statement to the authorities. Now, he’s gone out and hired a lawyer, the guy’s known as the Johnnie Cochran of Orlando. He’s a media lawyer. When you hire a lawyer, it’s more than just, you know, running into a fire hydrant. People start thinking, people start speculating. So I have no idea, folks, and I don’t want to join the speculation train which is running away right now.


RUSH: Now, while the cops in Florida are thinking about getting a search warrant for Tiger Woods’ medical records, we’ve got this cop killer laid up in Washington. He’s been surrounded, a mass cop killer. By the way, he massacred four police officers and was on the streets because almost ten years ago (in the face of a great protest) then-governor Mike Huckabee pardoned him in Arkansas. This may be Huckabee’s Willie Horton. You know, we’re spending all these law enforcement resources trying to track down Tiger Woods’ medical records and whether or not something is going on in his house between himself and his wife, and we’ve got this manhunt for a guy that shot and killed four people Thanksgiving Day down here in Jupiter, Florida.

It’s a waste of resources to be spending all this money, but the media drives this stuff. The Florida cops are getting interested in it because the media is interested in it and they think they gotta follow up on it or they’re going to look like they’re being derelict in their duty. Then you have the famous guy aspect of this. ‘Hey, famous people can’t get special treatment. We’ve gotta give Tiger the same treatment we give anybody else,’ blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So it all fits. It all fits a pattern of how the media really (at times) defines certain behaviors, including even in law enforcement.

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