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RUSH: Let’s grab a couple phone calls here and say we did it in the first hour. We’ll start Libertyville, Illinois. This is John. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. I have to admit I’m kind of surprised at your outrage over the suppression of scientific data, when it was something that the Bush administration was so dedicated to. There’s dozens of examples of them suppressing and censoring any data that would support global warming. I don’t recall you making a peep about that.

RUSH: Because there isn’t any data that supports global warming.

CALLER: Then why would they choose to censor so much of it from government reports?

RUSH: They didn’t censor anything. They refused to go along with the hoax. They were censoring data that did not prove what the global warming people wanted it to prove.

CALLER: You’re just wrong. You’re simply lying about that. There is loads of evidence of them removing language from government reports that support, you know, scientific theories about global warming. (cross talk)

RUSH: You’re missing the point here. You’re just being totally guided by your ideology, by your liberalism, by your partisanship. There is no man-made global warming. Do you understand that? There was nothing to suppress. Anybody that suppressed data that said there was man-made global warming was doing us a favor. They knew it was a hoax, and they were not spreading lies. It’s that there is no man-made global warming. There is no need for Obama national health care reform. There is no need for tax crap and spend. There is no need for further stimulus. There is no need for Obama. There is no need for liberalism. There is no need for you. You are a menace. You pose a threat to freedom and liberty of your fellow citizens, because you are too blind to understand what the people you respect are doing. And you’re going to be the first they come for because you’re the easiest to go to because you’re the most gullible and the most uninformed. People like you, John, will give up your freedom if it means putting Bush in jail. God save our country from people like you. How can you call here today and say global warming data was suppressed by the Bush administration? Snerdley ought to get a raise for finding you. Good God. We just got a call from the Universe of Lies.

Todd in Springfield, Illinois, help me out here, my man. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, dittos, dittos, dittos, dittos. What a great call to follow.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: You are a genius. Hey, I called to make a point but you’re so much better at it than I am, I just assume you do it. I want you to remind your listeners how the grandpa and grandma hackers in Florida that hacked in on Newt’s phone calls were treated by the media.

RUSH: You know what? That will be an interesting story to retell. For those of you who haven’t heard this — thank you for reminding me of that, Todd — for those of you who haven’t heard this, let me just give you the tease. A 75-year-old couple, going Christmas shopping somewhere in north Florida were driving around and listening to cell phone calls, as we all do, in our cars. They were just monitoring cell phone calls, and, lo and behold, they heard a conversation between Newt Gingrich and John Boehner. And they thought it was so historic that they called a Democrat in Congress to tell him about it and send him a tape.


RUSH: Remember that first call that Snerdley found, that diamond in the rough out there, who said, ‘Hey, Bush did it, too, Bush suppressed global warming data.’ All of a sudden I’m being inundated in the public e-mail box with liberals, ‘Yeah, Bush did it, too!’ They think this is a rejoinder. They think this is a way to deal, ‘Oh, Bush suppressed it, too.’ So let me deal with this.

Greetings and welcome back, Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network, 800-282-2882 if you want to appear on the program.

Look, folks, government reports can say many things, including by leftists who weasel their way into the bureaucracy. The issue here is that we have e-mails in which the authors, in which the so-called scientists, the writers of the e-mails, by their own hands, and by their own words, are misleading, spinning, smearing and lying. The Bush administration deciding not to use some global warming data provided by tainted scientists is a political decision. They decided not to prove or not to advance the global warming movement because politically they didn’t agree with it. They weren’t suppressing anything. We have scientists here, claimed scientists who lied, who made it up, who fudged the data. There is no global warming, man-made. There is no man-made global warming. They’ve had to make it up. I just love how the libs operate. They got one rejoinder to everything, ‘Bush did it. Bush did it, too. Bush did it, Bush did it, Bush did it, Bush did it.’ (interruption) They’re attacking me on TV for this? Oh, for my shows on global warming last week, the media is attacking me for this leftist — well what would you expect? Of course, look, the cornerstone, the foundation of their movement to communize the whole world has just fallen apart.

This was a house of cards, as a foundation. This house of cards, and now the cards, the foundation, are starting to crumble. This was never a house made out of anything substantive. It was a house of cards all along and now the cards are starting to crumble and the house is on the way to falling down. Good. If they’re coming after me, fine, let ’em focus even more attention on me. Let ’em have even more people tune in here and get the truth of what a hoax this and all of liberalism is. It is all, from start to finish, a lie. It is all a lie. It is a poison. It is corrupting decent people. It’s corrupting the concepts of liberty and freedom this nation was founded upon. It stinks. It’s insidious. It is a disease. It has affected people who run around with it. Now, it is curable. This show has been shown to cure liberalism in certain patients. It takes repeated exposure and oftentimes support groups out there. But it has been known to happen.

By the way, I wonder if the two gate crashers, the White House crashers, crashers my rear end, they didn’t crash anything. Somebody let them in. The bottom line is somebody let ’em in. I wonder if they had health insurance. Ed Rollins is out there saying they were trespassers. Well, so are 12 million illegals and we’re not kicking them out, either. It’s pretty consistent policy if you ask me, trespassers in the White House, trespassers in the country.

All right, back to this couple. A seventy-five-year-old grandmother and grandfather tooling around north Florida, ostensibly going Christmas shopping for their grandkids. Isn’t that a nice pretext for the story? Driving around, Christmas shopping for the grandkids, and they’re monitoring cell phone calls in their car. Innocent little grandparents, probably can barely see over the steering wheel, probably 20 miles under the speed limit, you know, just trying to get to the early bird special after they’ve done all the Christmas shopping and they’re listening to cell phone calls on the radio. Just like we all do. And they just happen, you know, I guess they had the scanner on, they just happened to run across a conversation between Newt Gingrich, who at the time was speaker of the House, and John Boehner, one of his lieutenant leaders. I forget, what were they talking about? Strategy, how to deal with the Democrats, something about budget deficit — oh, yeah, the government shutdown, strategies, stuff like that.

So these people, these innocent, average American grandparents Christmas shopping for the kids in their Cadillac listening to cell phone calls thought that they were in on an historic moment. So they found a way to, in their car, with the cell phone radio, record the call. We all have these cell phone receivers and attached recorders in our cars. Don’t you? Well, this is what we’re led to believe, it was just a shear coincidence — I’m not making anything up. This is what we were told. They just happened to be listening and because of what they heard, didn’t matter how they got it, didn’t matter what they heard, it was so important, it was crucial because we had a couple Republicans trying to destroy a Democrat president. Ah, yes, and have a strategy session on a government shutdown, the budget in ’95, whenever it was. So this couple happened to send a tape to Baghdad Jim McDermott, one of the most radical leftists, he’d be right at home in the global warming center over there at it Hadley. They sent the tape to him. Now they’re driving around Florida, he’s a congressman from the state of Washington. It’s about as far as away from the mall that they were Christmas shopping while listening to the cell phone and recording it in their car that you can get.

Baghdad Jim McDermott, member of Congress, Democrat, state of Washington, decided that the New York Times had to hear about this. So they sent the tape. Baghdad Jim sent the tape to the New York Times. The New York Times then published the transcript. This was a violation of privacy because anybody who knows anything knows that you are not allowed to record phone calls unless the participants are aware of it, unless you’ve got a court order from a judge and are running some sort of a sting, you can’t do it, and yet it was published, and it was said to be so important. Now, there was a lawsuit that ensued and it was just recently settled, I think McDermott had to pay some money to somebody. They had a bundle. But in this case there were no lies told, it was just a conversation. It was almost as though Boehner talking to Newt was itself a crime that had to be exposed because they were talking about their own views on the federal budget. And, of course, the sitting president was the beloved intern-chasing, although we didn’t know that at the time, many of us suspected it but we didn’t know it at the time, Bill Clinton. And so the New York Times publishes this stuff because the public had a right to know.

The same New York Times, which refuses to this day to publish these e-mails from the Climate Research Unit because they’re stolen. Well, Newt Gingrich’s phone call was stolen right out of the air, illegally, by a couple of Democrat Party activists who successfully were able to be portrayed as an innocent grandparent team Christmas shopping for the kiddies, driving around accidentally encountering history. The left is poison. The left is lies. It cannot exist legitimately. It must present itself as something else. It can’t even exist if it is known as liberalism. They go to all sorts of great lengths to make you realize that they’re not liberals, they’re progressives, they’re moderates.

‘Moderate’ is just a code word for ‘liberal.’ They are scientists; they are academics; they are media figures. It’s just another way to not have to call themselves liberals because liberalism doesn’t sell in this country. They run around and talk about how the Republican Party voter identification in polls is way, way down? Well, twice as many Americans identify themselves as conservatives over liberals, 40% to 20%. Thirty-six percent identify themselves as independents. And in every poll that you look at that you care to assign any weight to, you’ll find those independents are fast tracking it to the conservative side of things, which is to, in their minds, vote Republican.


RUSH: Okay. To close the loop on the phone call, John Boehner was awarded $1 million in legal fees over the secretly taped phone call. This is from April 1st of 2008 in the Seattle Times. ‘A federal judge has ordered Jim McDermott to pay John Boehner more than $1 million in legal fees in a decade-long dispute over an illegally taped telephone call.’ I’m not sure that McDermott has paid up. That’s what I’m not sure about. Now, from the Washington Post on — let’s see, da-da-da-da — April 24th of 1997. ‘A Florida couple agreed yesterday to plead guilty to federal charges they illegally taped a telephone conference call between House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) and his lieutenants.’ It was a cell call, let’s not forget. ‘John and Alice Martin of Fort White, Fla., each face a fine of up to $5,000 for violating a federal law that makes it a crime to ‘intentionally intercept’ a telephone call.

‘In plea agreements filed in federal court in Jacksonville, Fla., federal prosecutors did not promise to make any recommendation on their sentences. The Martins, local Democratic activists, said they gave Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) the tape, made on Dec. 21, of Gingrich and his leadership team discussing how to limit the political and media damage from his admission later that day that he violated House ethics rules.’ So that’s what it was about, they got fined five grand, Boehner was awarded a million dollars in legal fees. I don’t think McDermott, Baghdad Jim, has paid up. It was local Democrat Party hacks — and don’t forget the whole thing got published in the New York Times! It was considered historic. And the real thing was that it was portrayed as almost criminal that Newt and Boehner got on the phone to discuss things together.

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