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Rush’s Morning Update: Confidence
December 1, 2009

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Obama’s approval ratings are stinking like spoiled turkey, my friends. His signature issue,health care takeover legislation,barely squeaked through the House and Senate, andnow some Democrats are realizing they’re toastif a final bill is passed. Meanwhile, Obama’s energy sector takeover, “cap-and-tax,” is stalled in the Senate. Andthanks to hacked e-mails from climate scientists, more Americans know that manmade global warmingis a manmade global hoax.

Union activists are upset that card check has fallen by the wayside. To combat massive unemployment, the Congressional Black Caucus is demanding action– instead of BS “hope-and-change” rhetoric. After Porkulus bills, bailouts, and cash for clunkers, the economy’s still tanking,but Democrat imbeciles want yet another stimulus bill –as well as a cash-for-clunker-appliances program.

Internationally it’s a fiasco, too. Obama’s failed Olympic bid trip was followed by missteps in the Mideast and a disastrous Asian tour. His first state dinner was overshadowed byreality TV wannabees who crashed it. Adulation from the foreign press and world leaders has given way to outright mockery.

But what most defines Obama’s dangerous presidency is his inept handling of the war. The decision to close Club Gitmo, the botched timetable, and the political move to try terrorists in New York were awful,buthis 100 days of dithering on the Afghanistan troop requestdemonstrates his total inability to effectively prosecute the war. And nothing he says today –or tomorrow –or wherever he says it,will change that.

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