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RUSH: Now, this stuff at the White House, these two intruders at the White House, I’m not so sure we’re not being scammed here by the White House. It turns out that these two people know Rashid Khalidi, who is the pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel advisor to Obama. These two people, this guy was on a board, his name has since been scrubbed, but he was on a board with Rashid Khalidi. And apparently these two people’s faces were not unfamiliar to Obama. I’m still collecting data. I had something sent to me just before the program starts, I don’t have time to digest it right now, but when it’s the Obama White House, remember, we’re not dealing in the Universe of Reality. Now, something clearly is going on up there. The Secret Service, there were two checkpoints where these people’s names were not on the list and yet they were passed on to the next checkpoint and ultimately admitted.

Now, I know most of you have never been to the White House in an official function, but I have a number of times, and I know what it takes to get in there. And every time you get in there you have to give them your Social Security number, date of birth, a whole bunch of information and they run a new background check on you. Now, it’s been that way for the White House Christmas parties, it’s been that way when I’ve been invited to the executive branch Oval Office, it doesn’t matter, you don’t just walk in there and if your name is not on a list, you don’t get in there. You need an ID yourself and even people that work at the White House run around with ID tags on. America’s most influential, by a wide margin, conservative, has to go through the Secret Service, multiple checkpoints to get in there, just like a regular guy. But these two people didn’t? Come on, folks, we’re being asked to believe that the Secret Service let these two people in with no names on a checklist? ‘Oh, yeah, fine, go on,’ to a state dinner and they end up in a photo with the president of the United States and with the vice president and his wife.

At first the news was, ‘Oh, oh, is the president safe? Oh, my God, my God, how could this happen?’ And then later, like even the perky one, Katie Couric met them, ‘Nothing here, folks, nothing to worry about, I met them, they’re nice and sweet people.’ So the original story was, ‘Hey, it’s bad news, the president was threatened, oh, my,’ and then the secret service, ‘The president was never in trouble, the president was always safe.’ Obama: ‘I’m demanding a full-fledged investigation.’ Let me tell you where you ought to be investigating, Obama, and that’s global warming and the hoax at the IPCC and the Climate Research Unit, another full stack on that today, by the way. And it’s just getting worse and worse and worse. (interruption) No, this is not what happens when you do a state dinner in a tent. It should be just as difficult to get into a tent as it is to get into the White House. The reception, by the way, was in the White House in the Blue Room. That’s where the picture was taken. They got into the White House before they went to the tent. Now, I was not born on a turnip truck, and I didn’t fall off of one, and this just doesn’t happen. I have no idea what the explanation for this is. But they don’t live in the Universe of Reality up at the White House, we know that.

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