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RUSH: PBS Charlie Rose Show: Some interesting sound bites from last night. First up he interviewed John Podesta, the former Clinton chief of staff who now runs some liberal, far-left radical think tank. And Charlie Rose said, ‘Some say the president cannot afford to lose on this one: Health care reform.’

PODESTA: Politically, the stakes are enormous for the president. I think if he does lose — uh, you know, if — if the Senate cannot complete action — I think there will be tremendous disappointment, particularly amongst Democrats in his own base. We saw that, uh, without question, uh, when President Clinton tried to get health care passed and was unable to do so — and then the result was a disastrous election, midterm election in 1994. And I guess I wouldn’t predict exactly the same thing but I think there will be enormous disappointment, uh, if he can’t succeed in getting health care reform done.

RUSH: You know, these guys purposely misread the ’94 results. It was because Clinton tried. It was because Clinton tried — and Hillary, who was not likable. It’s because they tried to take over one-sixth of the economy that they lost the election, plus some brilliant strategizing on the Republican side in nationalizing House races. Plus the public finally got fed up with 40 years of scandal and corruption with the Democrats running the place: The House Bank, the House Post Office — and then, of course, there was the Rush Limbaugh Factor. So there were a lot of factors here, but it wasn’t that they didn’t get it passed. It’s that they tried for it. If they do get this passed, they are gonna pay a price like they can’t believe. Now, this is funny. These people are still trying to figure out who exactly they put in the White House. They should stop reading and quoting each other and look at what he does. From Charlie Rose last night: A montage of Charlie, Jeff Zeleny of the New York Times and Jake Tapper talking about President Obama.

ROSE: Maureen Dowd said he seems ‘static.’ Tom Friedman, has said there is ‘no narrative that has been articulated well.’ What’s the overall impression?

ZELENY: There’s a sense of weariness.

ROSE: John Harris wrote in Politico, ‘He thinks he ‘s playing with monopoly money.’

ZELENY: There ‘s no question that spending is the biggest issue.

ROSE: ‘Too much Leonard Nimoy. His intellectuality has contributed to a growing critique that decisions are detached from rock bottom principles.’

TAPPER: There is something to that. President Obama lives very much in his head.

ROSE: He’s a ‘pushover.’ He is a ‘patsy with foreign governments.’

ZELENY: Is he a patsy? Perhaps some people here might say that.

ROSE: At the end of this week we will know what about this president?

ZELENY: We will know if his persuasive abilities that we saw on the campaign… Does his powers of persuasion still exist to bring people along.

ROSE: What does he have to do, to get that?

RUSH: Do you believe this? Persuasive powers? Have you looked at the polls? Have you guys looked at your own polls? Persuasive powers? He’s using the military, the cadets at the West Point Military Academy as props. What has he got to do? These guys are wringing their hands over what each other are writing and saying. ‘Maureen Dowd says this; Tom Friedman says that. What do you think of that? Well, The Politico said this. What do you think of that?’ Why don’t you watch him, instead of reading all your buddies here? This reminds me of Charlie Rose and Brokaw back in 2008, October 29th…

ROSE: I don’t know what Barack Obama’s worldview is.

BROKAW: No, I don’t, either.

ROSE: I don’t know how he really sees where China is.

BROKAW: We don’t know a lot about Barack Obama and the universe of his thinking about foreign policy.

ROSE: I don’t really know. And do we know anything about the people who are advising him?

BROKAW: Yeah, it’s an interesting question.

ROSE: He is principally known through his autobiography and through very aspirational (sic) speeches.

BROKAW: Two of them! I don’t know what books he’s read.

ROSE: What do we know about the heroes of Barack Obama?

BROKAW: There’s a lot about him we don’t know.

RUSH: Remember that? We just crack up at that. I love that. I cram up every time. Now they’re starting to go through it again. ‘Well, who is this guy? Does he still have the persuasive power? Yeah, he lives a lot in his head.’ Yeah, they’re wringing their hands over what Maureen Dowd says or what Thomas Friedman said. That’s why they are behind the curve.

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