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RUSH: Howard Dean, April the 5th, 2009, this just surfaced. He was in Paris and said this.

DEAN: Capitalism is always going to be with us because capitalism represents part of human nature. But the other part of human nature is communitarianism. The debate for the new generation is instead of capitalism or socialism, is we’re going to have both and then which proportion of each should we have in order to make this all work.

RUSH: So he’s essentially saying here that the argument between capitalism and socialism is over. This is what the Democrats really believe, and they’re content with saying this across the pond. Can you imagine if the Democrats had said this at all during the 2008 presidential campaign? ‘Capitalism has seen its last days, socialism is where we’re headed, communitarianism.’ The Universe of Lies. But when they think they are with friends, like Western socialist democracies like Paris or France, then they firmly believe they’re with friends and they can utter what they truly believe. (interruption) What’s the angst in there, Snerdley? Communitarianism? Well, you know what a commune is? Okay, think of the original story of Thanksgiving. It’s just like communism, commune, communitarianism. It is a word. Communitarian is somebody who believes in a commune, and so communitarianism is the belief in a commune, or communism. It means organizers! A communitarian is what Obama is. Organizers, community organizers. Community, commune, communism. Mao, Marx. It’s all in there.


Dan in Buffalo, New York. Great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, Rush, how are you?

RUSH: Good, sir.

CALLER: I hope I don’t drop the ball. Twenty-year listener with a few gaps here and there. The topic I was talking about was, you know, there are times when you seem to really understand the left, and then there are times when you — you make — (unintelligible) that drives me crazy. Progressivism and liberalism are not the same thing. Progressivism is where the really hard line lefties are. And they use liberals. They hide behind liberals. You know, liberals have — the distinction is blurred over the years, but they’re still way different cores of mind-sets and people and outlooks and all this kind of thing. And I spent — I’ve been around American life for 40 years, pretty steady, and I spent a good chunk of that as part of it, and —

RUSH: Now, as a leftist, you mean?

CALLER: Yeah, you know, I mean, well, from like 17, it was a weird thing, I was a good, responsible Humphrey liberal, I got sort of bent when I heard —

RUSH: Now, I’m glad you said that —


RUSH: — because in today’s definitions, Hubert Humphrey would be a conservative —

CALLER: Oh, sure, yeah, I tell people this stuff all the time. But here’s the thing. I was involved in a few, you know, cause types of events in the sixties, but I was in high school, and after I heard Symington blowing off about the Vietnamese being behind the Vietcong, and this is all when the Vietcong were already no longer on the political map, the north had taken over the war in the south. But Stuart Symington gave me a really hard turn, and then I got recruited by the SDS kids at UB.

RUSH: SDS. That’s who’s running the country now, essentially.

CALLER: Well, I’ve been horrified to watch these people climbing the ladder. There’s been a process —

RUSH: By the way, hang on. For those of you in Rio Linda, SDS is the Students for a Democrat[ic] Society. Just think of Abbie Hoffman, Tom Hayden, the Chicago Seven, Barack Obama. They’re all from the sixties anti-war free speech so-called movement. Sorry to interrupt you there.

CALLER: No, that’s all right. I was hanging out with a handful of kids who were organizing like rallies of tens of thousands in the streets, and the people in the street were liberals. They didn’t know the hard line politics that were going on up at the top where I was sitting and this is the thing —

RUSH: Okay. I know what you’re saying. You are saying that there is a distinction between the engine and the people in charge of the movement and the followers.

CALLER: Yeah, the liberals, especially at that time, did not have the hostility to their own culture and society that the hardliners did. And although a lot of that has been disseminated down into the liberals, there’s still a different set of outlooks and a different core of people.

RUSH: Well, I will acknowledge that there are different variables involved, and there are several liberal people that call themselves Democrats, too, that really are duped, and it’s a minority of leftists that despise the country. I don’t believe the whole Democrat Party despises the country. But here’s my point in saying that progressives and liberals are no different. I’m into simplification here. I’m not running a nuanced college course on definitions. I’m not a George Lakoff (rhymes with). Right now, based on existing reality, we are at greater risk than we have ever been, internally. Anybody who is voting for anybody else in the Democrat Party is a liberal or a progressive. The progressives call themselves that because liberal in politics is a dirty word. It’s a harmful term. They come up with all other kinds of labels for themselves to hide who they really are. But who they really are, in the modern parlance, modern lexicon, is liberal.

If they are in the Democrat Party and voting for Democrats, if they don’t know what they’re doing or if they do know what they’re doing doesn’t matter, they’re causing the problem. They are facilitating the problem. They are all leftists. Some may be further left than the liberals you say are not as far left as the progressives. But they’re all voting Obama. They’re all voting for Harry Reid. They have empowered Nancy Pelosi. They made Harry Reid. They empowered Howard Dean to become chairman of the Democrat Party, and he’s out there saying that capitalism is dead, socialism is the order of the day, and so forth. So in my attempt to communicate to people who think they’re independent or moderate who are not as ideological as I am, who I wish would become as ideological as I am — the whole point of the global warming debate is to say these people who have been caught engaging in fraud are the same people that are running the United States of America proposing health care.

I don’t want to get into distinctions here because it doesn’t matter. We have an ideological chasm in this country, and the left, the far left, the kook fringe, whatever, the combination of the American left is the greatest threat that we have right now. And the only way that that threat’s going to be understood is through a simple, understandable explanation of who those people are. So that’s why I say, progressives? Just trying to cover up the fact they’re leftists; they’re socialists; they’re Maoists; they’re Marxists. They’re all liberals, as far as I’m concerned. They’re all leftists. I’m just trying to communicate that.


RUSH: Okay, Snerdley, look at me. From the Oxford English dictionary: ‘Communitarian: A member of a community formed to put into practice communistic our socialistic theories.’ He didn’t make up a word. Howard Dean did not make up a word. He intended to say communitarian. It’s another way of saying socialism, another way of saying communism — and, by the way, he’s a leftist.

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