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RUSH: Now, you will remember, I was in Los Angeles this past summer. I forget when it was. But I did many, many things on that trip out there. I was there for four days, I did The Family Guy, and I also taped a two-hour interview, or what turned out to be two hours with William Shatner for a show he has on the Biography Channel called Shatner’s Raw Nerve. It is going to be the premiere episode, the debut episode of the season, a personal conversation with me, and I think the show is a half hour. I don’t know how they’re going to edit this down. But they have put out a promo, and here is the audio from the promo that they are running.

SHATNER: Here’s my premise, and you agree with it or not. That if you have money, you’re going to get health care. If you don’t have money, it’s more difficult.

RUSH: If you have money, you’re going to get a house on a beach. If you don’t have money, you’re going to live in a bungalow somewhere.

SHATNER: Right. But we’re talking about health care.

RUSH: What’s the difference?

SHATNER: The difference is we’re talking about health care.


SHATNER: Not a house and a bungalow.

RUSH: No. You’re assuming that there’s some morally superior aspect to health care than there is to a house —

SHATNER: No, I’m not moral at all. I want to keep the subject, for the moment, on the health care thing.

RUSH: All right.

SHATNER: All right. So now it’s the health care.

RUSH: I’m talking about health care.

SHATNER: Okay. So talk about health care. So isn’t the premise, isn’t this valid, that the health care system today is breaking the country?


SHATNER: It’s not?

RUSH: I don’t believe it is. And if it is —

SHATNER: But we’re told that it is.

RUSH: Of course we’re told that (cross talk) because that’s the way to get us to act like sheep and go long with —

SHATNER: But how do you know that? You know, the sum total of what I want to ask you politically is how do you know?

RUSH: It’s my job; it’s my life; it’s my career; it’s my passion. I’ve studied this stuff. I want the best country we can have, and this is not the way to get it. We’re going backwards.

RUSH: That’s the promo they are running from the interview with William Shatner and his show Shatner’s Raw Nerve on the Biography Channel. I enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun. I’ve been out to his house for Monday Night Football since when I’ve been in Los Angeles.


RUSH: The William Shatner show is this Sunday. I thought it premiered in January but it’s this Sunday night, December the 6th at 10 p.m. ET on the Biography Channel. And it’s called Raw Nerve with William Shatner, and I might actually watch it. I don’t usually watch myself on TV, but I might watch this to see how they took two hours of great TV and got rid of 90 minutes of it. (laughing) I’m not being critical, don’t misunderstand.

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