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Rush’s Morning Update: Hunger Pains
December 2, 2009

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Compassion, they say,is a virtue. How one demonstrates compassion is another story. Liberals, for instance, love showing up at a food bank on holidaysfor TV cameras. Liberals in government create massive government programs that ultimately hurt the very people they’re supposed to help — all in the name of compassion. And they ban behaviors thatthey think will harm the poor unfortunates whom they believe can’t(or won’t)make the correct choices all by themselves.

Which brings us to this story of “compassion.” Three years ago, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg led a successful campaign to ban “trans fats,” in order to save the obese from themselves. But there are still plenty of obese people in New York –and lots of hungry people, too. According to the New York City Food Bank, the unemployed– and even those still employed– are showing up in greater numbers looking for a free meal. Fifty-five percent of agencies say they don’t have enough food to go around.

Butdonors might be surprised and saddened to learn what happens to food they donate. The director of the Bowery Mission, Tom Bastile, says the donors are politely told “thank you,”but if the food, such as fried chicken, contains “trans fats,” workers discreetlythrow it out! Bastile says that’s a veryhard thing to do,but they have to “follow the law.” Sure, people are hungry;but better they go hungry (maybe die)than risk obesity.

This, my friends, is liberal “compassion” in action. Stuff that in your stocking. Try to eat that!

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