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RUSH: I have a question. A very simple question, ladies and gentlemen. If you were Vice President Algore and you had just been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize based on fraudulent, hoax data from the University of Lies (that’s the new name for the University of East Anglia: the University of Lies) wouldn’t you be saying something? Wouldn’t you be writing an op-ed? Wouldn’t you be out there doing something other than what Barbara Boxer is doing? Barbara Boxer wants whoever hacked this prosecuted! She wants to go after the whistle-blower. She wants to file criminal charges against the hacker. So does the New York Times and so does the Washington Post. They normally love whistle-blowers but now, ‘No, no! Whoever leaked this, whoever hacked into that computer we gotta hunt ’em down. We gotta find them.’ Barbara Boxer actually said it. We have the audio coming up. We also, ladies and gentlemen, Algore’s been in the studio and he’s been recording a song. I even laid down a couple tracks for this. Remember Thomas Dolby?

(Algore parody song: We Blinded You with Science)

RUSH: Remember that old song, She Blinded Me With Science, by Thomas Dolby? That’s the vice perpetrator Algore.


RUSH: Algore has canceled a lecture on global warming for 3,000 people in Denmark on December 16th. And I got a foreign press story on it and they are livid about this. Algore has had to cancel. No reason given. Hmm. Could it be me? Could it be the University of Lies at East Anglia?

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