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“The real solution to unemployment is get government out of the freaking way. President Obama and Plugs Biden should resign.”

“What we’ve got here is Jimmy Carter’s second term with one exception. Jimmy Carter was a bumbling fool. This guy is not. This guy is doing it on purpose.”

“Maybe Obama can lead a discussion on the merits of deceit when it comes to jobs created or saved.”

“How can anybody who’s been sitting up and taking notice for any of the last 50 years believe that anything would be cheaper, better, and easier once the government takes it over?”

“Even the monthly unemployment numbers are just as phony as temperature readings when liberals are in charge. It’s the Universe of Lies.”

“I’m thinking of taking phone calls from women who have had affairs with Tiger Woods. It appears we could fill a show with that.”

“If you have a business, would you expand it if you didn’t know what the rent was going to be?”

“Algore has canceled a lecture on global warming for 3,000 people in Denmark on December 16th. No reason given. Hmm. Could it be me? Could it be the University of Lies at East Anglia?”

“The people that know what to do to fix this are not invited to the summit, folks.”

“Obama blamed unemployment on small businesses focusing on their profits and not hiring new workers.”

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