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RUSH: I got an idea. You know what would be a nice gesture? I mean here we are in the midst of recession. I don’t care, all this talk about, well, you know, we’ve got got 10% unemployment, the best unemployment news we’ve had since 2007. How about this. If union bosses cut union dues in half until we reach full employment again, somewhere between four and five percent unemployment, wouldn’t that be a nice gesture to make? Start it right now, in time for the holidays. What a small, yet wonderful Christmas present this would be. The only thing stopping union bosses from helping their members in a down economy is the depth of appreciation they have for working men and women, their brothers and sisters.

So, given the support that union bosses have for cap and trade and for politicians who advocate Obamacare and taxing union health insurance policies, a reduction in dues, a dues cut would be a hedge against future financial pain for their own members, the people who pay the salaries of those who have delivered so little. I wonder how many union workers go to bed every night hungering for lower dues, lower taxes so they can enjoy a little bit more of the money that they’ve earned. The fact is union workers have to suffer a double tax. The taxes we all pay, and then the money they pay to their unions, the union tax, the dues. And what are they getting in return for these taxes? Less disposable income, double-digit unemployment, and they’re being sent on assignments to beat up people at town hall meetings. And, by the way, folks, more taxes are coming. Everything will dramatically escalate in price with cap and tax and Obamacare, jobs are going to be lost, hours will be cut, a bonus will be limited to what you find in a box of Crackerjack. So why not help out the workers who foot the union’s bills.

Is it the money being thrown down the rat hole known as the Democrat Party? What a shame. I mean those are the people who are about to confiscate what little money union members still have. Union dues are being confiscated to support Democrats who are gonna raise taxes and lower the lifestyles of the very union members who are paying for the Democrats to succeed. That is if they still have a job after all of this. The wave of unemployment coming from states laying off their workers as the stimulus slush fund runs out willing staggering. So I think it would be just a really nice gesture if that Stern guy at the SEIU and John what’s-his-face, Sweeney, and what’s the other guy that runs the teamsters, Hoffa Jr. and then the mine workers. You know, cut union dues in half. Start now at Christmastime for the good of your own people.

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