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RUSH: Now, we’ve known this was going to happen. We’ve known it was going to happen. It has happened, or it’s on the verge of happening today. The EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, has concluded greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, are endangering people’s health and must be regulated, signaling that the Obama administration is prepared to contain global warming without congressional action if necessary. The AP is simply joyous as they report this. ‘EPA administrator,’ and well-known leftist hack, ‘Lisa Jackson, scheduled a news conference for later today to announce the [so-called] endangerment finding. … The finding is timed to boost the administration’s arguments at an international climate conference [on the man-made global warming hoax] that the United States is aggressively taking actions to combat global warming, even though Congress has yet to act on climate legislation.’

There is an underground government. All of these bureaucracies, all of these bureaucrats, in fact, in the Senate health care bill there are 111 new bureaucracies created, 111 new federal bureaucracies created. We now have an underground government. We are going to get the effect of cap and trade, cap and tax, without any legislation on it. ‘The EPA signaled last April that it was inclined to view heat-trapping pollution as a threat to public health and welfare and began to take public comments under a formal rulemaking. The action marked a reversal from the Bush administration, which had declined to aggressively pursue the issue.’ Now, this all happened because of the Supreme Court. Now, what is being called here a dangerous pollutant that is endangering people’s health is what you and I exhale: carbon dioxide. And as this joyous AP story notes, this has been in the works since the Supreme Court ruled in 2007 that carbon dioxide is a pollutant which should be controlled.

Now, this is not funny. On the surface of it it’s funny, it’s ridiculous. But it’s not funny. It’s insidious. I want to walk you through some progressions here. The Supreme Court first off has assigned to itself the role of expertise in matters of science. And of course they’re all-knowing and they’re all-powerful. The finding, the EPA finding today, timed to boost the administration’s arguments that the Copenhagen climate conference, the United States is aggressively taking action to combat global warming. Good thing this is not political. Good thing it’s not a political ruling, eh? Now, by the way, let’s go back, first sentence: ‘The Environmental Protection Agency has concluded greenhouse gases are endangering people’s health and must be regulated.’ This is all about CO2. So does this mean that workers, employees, can sue their employers if they are made to work around people who are emitting such a dangerous substance as carbon dioxide? And if not, why not? The EPA, a federal agency, has just said this is poison; has just said that it is destroying the climate; has just said that CO2 endangers human health.

So you let some clever trial lawyer get hold of this and get some poor employee somewhere who comes down with some disease, sues the employer for making him work next to somebody exhaling this stuff. You think I’m making this up. I hope it doesn’t happen but I’m trying to illustrate the absolute absurdity of this. This is just part and parcel of the divide we face, the Universe of Lies, the Universe of Reality and what is really intended for this country and the world at the hands of both domestic and international leftists and Marxists. And, you know, there’s no difference in this global warming hoax, and the health care reform hoax. They are born of the same ideology, they’re born of the same tactics, and they are born with the same objectives. Radical leftists claim that man-made global warming destroys lives. Radical leftists also claim that private sector medical care destroys lives. The president himself has indicted the medical community for this. The hoax, I want to walk you through these progressions. The hoax known as man-made global warming is based on manipulated, falsified, altered temperature data, basic weather information.

One tree in the Siberian peninsula, one tree is responsible for this hoax. And a guy with this hockey stick graph, which has also now been proven to be a sham. The hoax known as Obamacare, deficit neutral, will improve health care, is based on manipulated financial data, basic accounting information. Key people who gathered, manipulated and destroyed inexact temperature information, information that is the foundation of the global warming theory, were considered trustworthy, they are scientists. I’m speaking of the climatologists at the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia. These people are knowing participants in a fraud, however. They had the respect of the world, they were scientists, and they were saving the planet, and no one doubted them except ideological skeptics and a few scientists who had the guts to. Key people who gathered and manipulated inexact financial information, information that is the foundation of the deficit neutral theory in health care, were considered trustworthy, with wonderfully good intentions. I’m speaking of the accountants at the CBO. These people are knowing participants in a fraud.

The underlying data proving man-made global warming has been hidden from public scrutiny. The underlying laws providing and proving Obamacare is deficit neutral had been hidden from public scrutiny. The State-Controlled Media has knowingly and willingly advanced the man-made global warming fraud. The State-Controlled Media has knowingly and willingly advanced the Obamacare fraud. A significant person at the ClimateGate fraud is Dr. Phil Jones. He has been forced to step down as director of the Climate Research Unit due to his corrupt behavior. A significant person in the US Senate in the Obamacare fraud is Max Baucus. He should have to step down due to his corrupt behavior. ClimateGate was advanced by propaganda and by public perception that men and women of science dressed up in lab coats were honest brokers of facts, when in fact all they were were greedy, grubby leftists on the take. Most of science is funded by grant. Science, government, academia, and media, have all been corrupted. They are the Four Corners of Deceit.

ClimateGate advanced by propaganda and the public perception, the men and women of science dressed up in lab coats were honest. Obamacare advanced by propaganda where the White House called a phony meeting of doctors, who support socialized medicine, and passed out white lab coats to them for them for a photo-op. ClimateGate and Obamacare are the most significant power grabs, tax increases, and losses of freedom and liberty in American history. ClimateGate and Obamacare require central planners running a command-and-control economy. ClimateGate and Obamacare require much higher taxes that will cripple the private sector and the domestic United States economy. ClimateGate and Obamacare severely limit personal freedom and disposable income. ClimateGate and Obamacare are both job killers. ClimateGate and Obamacare are economy killers. ClimateGate and Obamacare are budget killers. ClimateGate and Obamacare require, demand everyone’s participation.

Violating the laws of these two pieces of legislation will result in fines and/or incarceration. ClimateGate and Obamacare put the public sector and public servants in total control of the private sector and over every individual American. Truth, facts, and public opinion mean nothing to the radical leftists ramming through ClimateGate and Obamacare. They are one and the same issue. They have the same technique, the same propaganda, the same end objective. They are part-and-parcel of an un-American and unconstitutional takeover of American lives by radical leftists in the United States government and governments all over the world, and they are all based on lies. They are all based on frauds. They are all based on man-made hoaxes advanced by liars, dressed up as people we should trust.

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