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RUSH: Yesterday on CNN, the first day of Copenhagen, they interviewed the head of the University of East Anglia, the Climate Research Unit where the hacked e-mails came out, a guy named Peter Liss. This is the head of the university and he said this about ClimateGate.

LISS: I think it’s hard to be a denier, and in some sense, you might say it’s really up to the deniers to explain why it is when we’re pumping so much greenhouse gas into the atmosphere why it wouldn’t have such an effect. I mean, scientists tend to be a bit on the defensive, but in fact they shouldn’t be, because the evidence is very strong.

ROBERTS: You have no doubt?

LISS: I have no doubt.

RUSH: Now, this stands science on its head. The people who evolved the theory are bound to prove it, using the scientific method. You cannot prove a negative. So they advance a thesis, they can’t prove it, and they say, ‘The deniers (elitist mumbling) I think must absolutely prove it (elitist mumbling) not having an effect out there because (elitist mumbling)’ These arrogant, elitist little egghead snots. See you tomorrow, folks.

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