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Rush’s Morning Update: Livin’ Large!
December 9, 2009

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Well folks, the Copenhagen wacko summit is underway and the liberals who want to destroy your lifestyle are living large. The environmentalist-wackos have ordered so many private limousines that Danish companies have run out; they’re having more driven in, hundreds of miles, from Germany and Sweden. Only five of the 1,200 private limos ordered are electric or hybrids.

Over 140 private jets are expected. The airport in Copenhagen can’t handle them all – so after dropping off the VIPs, the planes will park at surrounding airports and then fly back to pick up the passengers.

Local hotels apparently didn’t get the memo about low-carbon diets. Caviar wedges are a hot menu item, along with foie gras and scallops, whichoughta sit well with the Hollywood contingent like Leonardo DiCaprio, Daryl Hannah,and of coursethe Royal class like that doofus Prince Charles. Not to mention our President, the Most Merciful Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm, who will have Air Force One, the decoy 747, his own fleet of limos, and every other creature comfort at the ready for his big entrance.

And this. Danish prostitutes were outraged over the postcard that Copenhagen’s mayor sent to delegates urging them to “be sustainable,” and “don’t buy sex.” The outraged sex workers union, in response, announced that all 1,400 members will give a freebie to anyone with a delegate’s pass. It’s fitting, since they’re trying to screw the world, anyway.

Whatever you do though, don’t tell Tiger Woods. He needs to work on his swinging at home. Big Time. It’s gonna cost him, too.

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