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“In one year Barack Obama has added more to the deficit than George Bush did in eight years.”

“It is a crying shame, ladies and gentlemen, that that economic speech at Brookings that President Hoax and Change just gave was not in primetime so all of America could have the choice of listening to his latest version of ‘I inherited and I am great.'”

“This economy, if it is fighting back, this economy, if it is showing some sort of a trend and a positive, is happening in spite of him, not because of him.”

“It’s been suggested to me that we ought to start naming these winter storms just like we name hurricanes. ‘Global warming snowstorm Algore’ could be this first one, and we’ll eventually get to ‘global warming snowstorm Obama’.”

“I’m a nonconformist. I won’t wear jeans, although I got a pair recently to emphasize my new svelte self with the incredible weight loss.”

“I know liberals, and to me, the most effective way to expose liberals is to expose liberalism, i.e., use ideology.”

“If these proposals that Obama announced today were gonna excite the private sector, investors will vote with their capital and they’re not voting with their capital.”

“The independents are fleeing this guy in droves, and it’s not because of anything the Republicans are doing to attract them.”

“We have never had so many radical leftists who have never done one thing of note in the private sector achieve this kind of power.”

“A polar bear is a polar bear.”

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