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RUSH: Sean in western Massachusetts, great to have you, sir, with us on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush, how are you today?

RUSH: Excellent, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: I’m calling to give your listeners a glimmer of hope. I’m a Teamster member for about 15 years. A good friend of mine has been a Teamster for 35 years, been a die-hard Democrat, he admitted it, he’s a liberal from the word go. After he voted for Obama he sees what he’s doing to this country, said to me two weeks ago, ‘Sean, I am now a Republican, and going to vote Republican. This guy is destroying the USA.’

RUSH: Well, you know, this is Daniel Henninger’s theory today in his column in the Wall Street Journal, let Obama do this and if it works out more power to him and we become France, but let the American people see what pure radical leftism will do to a country if it has a chance to govern it. I know it’s one story, it’s anecdotal with your friend, but this guy was really a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat liberal and did the change on a dime?

CALLER: Oh no, it took me about five years to convert him. I was called every name, you know, you’re a commie —


CALLER: — how can you vote Republican. But after he voted for Obama —

RUSH: But the tipping point was Obama?

CALLER: Oh, yes, that sent him right over the edge. People are losing their houses, jobs, and this guy wants health care and to socialize America.

RUSH: Yeah. And, of course, Obama was going to keep everybody in their houses, Obama was —

CALLER: Hasn’t happened.

RUSH: Obama is going to make sure everybody had gasoline in the car and so forth. Well, you know, I have to think that this is happening to a lot of people across the country. If you look at the polling data, you see cratering on his issues and in his approval rating.

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