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RUSH: Bill in Waco, Texas, welcome, sir. Great to have you here with us.

CALLER: Hello.

RUSH: Hey, Bill.

CALLER: Yes. I’m here.

RUSH: Bill?

CALLER: Yes, Rush, can you hear me?

RUSH: How are you? I hear you fine, yeah.

CALLER: All right. Hey, I’ve got a beef to pick with you, man, and major ex-Navy dittos. But I am a scientist working in the defense industry, and I’m a conservative. And you’ve been painting with a broad brush lately about us all being a bunch of lefties.

RUSH: No. What I’ve been saying is that people like you had better stand up and stop what’s going on over in Copenhagen because all of science is being corrupted by these political hacks masquerading as scientists.

CALLER: Very good. You know, I get that. It’s just, you know, sometimes —

RUSH: I know I have said that science is one of the Four Corners of Deceit. The left has taken it over. The left occupies science now. I’ve got a great speech, I was reading it this morning, by Michael Crichton, who describes how all of this started, how the concept of consensus in science, the concept of settled science, when nothing was settled. You know, Carl Sagan predicting nuclear winter, had an equation that would spell out what nuclear winter would be like except nobody knew what the values were, you had to guess. That’s what a lot of science has become, a WAG, that’s the acronym for it, a wild ass guess, and that’s what these climate researchers are doing, just guessing. They got these equations that look all brilliant and smart and they plug phony numbers in them because there are no real numbers to plug in. Everything is made up.

I remember the first Gulf War, when Saddam Hussein had set the Kuwaiti oil fields on fire. You remember that scene, folks, in 1991? Carl Sagan, who was not even really a scientist, Carl Sagan went on TV and predicted a nuclear winter, that summer would not ever exist that year for many parts of the globe. And, of course, he was dead wrong. Totally dead wrong, but he had an equation with phony numbers plugged into it. So it is a problem. If I appear to be painting with a broad brush, it’s because I happen to believe that a lot of science has been corrupted. When you have people like Algore and these guys over at the Climate Research Unit saying it’s up to us to prove it isn’t happening? That’s not the scientific method. These guys are the ones with the hypothesis. They’re the ones that have to test it. They’re the ones that have to prove it’s happening or whatever the scientific thing is for proof.

I mean even gravity was misunderstood. Everybody thinks Newton discovered gravity when the apple fell. Everybody thought, ‘Oh, gravity pulls.’ But Einstein came along with the theory of special relativity and said, ‘No, no, no, gravity pushes.’ Gravity is created by a mass and a void, and gravity actually pushes, it doesn’t pull. And that’s still up for grabs. You might not believe this, but gravity as a concept really has not been proven, there is just a pretty high predictor of accuracy about it. I’m not using the correct scientific terms here. But it’s a shame what’s happened to science. It’s been politicized, just like academia has been politicized, the media has been politicized, been taken over by left-wing hacks.

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