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RUSH: Emily in Hillsdale, Michigan, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I go to Hillsdale College and this is one of my goals I wanted to do before I graduate, to call you. I am calling about a children’s book that I ran across while babysitting this semester. It’s called ‘How to Get Married … by Me, the Bride,’ and it’s by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap. And it’s full of —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait, hold it. You’re speaking faster than I can keep up with. You were babysitting, it’s called How to Get Married —


RUSH: — by who?

CALLER: It’s called ‘How to Get Married … by Me, the Bride.’ It’s a little girl. And then the book is actually by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap.

RUSH: Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap?


RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: And it just came out this year, and I started reading it to the girls I was babysitting, and I’m horrified by what is in it. It basically completely redefines marriage. It says that you can marry anything, basically. It says you can marry an animal; you can marry a flower; you can marry your dad. It says you can marry lots of people at once. It even shows the little girl in the book proposing marriage instead of a guy proposing marriage. And it never even says once that you get married to someone of the opposite sex, like never. It never says a boy to this little girl, it says everything else imaginable. And I just couldn’t believe how blatantly obvious it was that they’re trying to indoctrinate children with the book by telling them you can marry anyone.

RUSH: Oh, I tell you what, you think this is bad, and it’s bad —


RUSH: — but it’s mild compared to some of the stuff that’s been discovered recently that the safe schools czar for Obama is doing. This guy back in the early part of this century, in the year 2000-2001, was actually in charge of a curriculum that taught various techniques of homosexual sex, including fisting.


RUSH: If you don’t know what it is I’m not going to tell you, go ask your mom and she might not even know.

CALLER: I don’t want to know. (laughing)

RUSH: But you gotta wear a latex glove for that. I mean it’s just pervasive throughout — it was predicted, when the whole gay marriage matter started, one of the things that people, including me, said, well, wait a minute, if marriage traditionally has a specific definition, between a man and a woman, if that no longer matters, then you could marry your dog. And people said, ‘Oh, no, no, no, no, Rush, you’re being extreme. We’re not asking for that, we just want the equal rights of marriage.’ Wait a minute, if marriage isn’t what it is and you’re going to redefine it then you can marry anything and so now you’ve got a book, you’ve got a book that basically —


RUSH: — what age group do you think is reading this? Is it a textbook?

CALLER: Yeah, no, it’s just a children’s book. It would be anywhere from the age of like two to about eight years old, is the age-group they’re targeting, and they’re targeting little girls.

RUSH: Is it a picture book?

CALLER: Yeah, there’s a lot of pictures —

RUSH: It would have to be for a two-year-old.

CALLER: Yeah, there’s a lot of pictures, and then there’s all this explanation of like how to get married, how to play marriage and all this kind of stuff, and I just couldn’t believe it. I thought this is not how you play marriage.

RUSH: Of course not.

CALLER: This is how you become a liberal.

RUSH: This is about destroying all of the traditions and institutions which have defined not just America, but civilized culture throughout the history of the world. If you blow up the concept that marriage is between a man and a woman, then the next thing you do is redefine the family. Why can’t there be three parents in a family? And why can’t you adopt a dog and so forth. There’s no end in sight. Once they break down all these barriers they can then redefine them any way they wish. You’re dealing with a bunch of godless people out there, Emily. She mentioned that she’s from Hillsdale, Michigan. That’s where Hillsdale College is, Larry Arnn runs Hillsdale. I’ve talked to Larry Arnn. Hillsdale is a sponsor here. She goes there. I know she said she’s a senior there. Larry Arnn has described the learning process, the teaching process at Hillsdale, and one of the funniest things he told me was that even when the students are right they’re wrong, that even when they answer a question right they are still probed and demanded to say more. It is a university which teaches thinking, critical thinking, as well as the teaching of factual knowledge about American history.
They have a publication called Imprimis, and it’s one of the best and most important publications that I read. And it’s free. It’s a monthly speech digest from Hillsdale College. Every member of the EIB audience should read Imprimis, because Imprimis, it features visionary speeches by the world’s top conservative leaders, speeches that they have made at Hillsdale and elsewhere, Reagan, Thatcher, William F. Buckley, and including me. In fact, one of my best speeches was a Hillsdale speech. I had a bad cold when I gave the speech, but it was a home run. And you know what? You can get Imprimis for free every month. Go to rush4hillsdale.com and sign up. They deal with issues like limited government, traditional values, free markets, the importance of religious faith. You know, we, as conservatives, need to know how to be inspiring, how about the visionary and the best way you can do that is by reading the speeches of real, true leaders of conservatism.

Now, if you don’t want to go to Rush4Hillsdale.com, you can call 1-866-HILLSDALE to receive Imprimis today. It doesn’t cost you anything, you’re not going to end up on a mail list, it’s not a ruse, they’re not going to ask you for money. They just want to let you know who are they at Hillsdale College. Dr. Arnn, who is a brilliant man, actually cares about the end product of his graduates, he actually cares about the kind of human beings, the kind of minds that they have and he wants people to know about Hillsdale College and what they do, and he’s giving away Imprimis every month to anybody who wants a copy. Rush4Hillsdale.com.


RUSH: I went to Amazon.com to look at that book: ‘How to Get Married … by Me, the Bride,’ by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap, and I’ve got it here. If I can hold this up for those of you Dittocammers, a page of it right there. Let me zoom out here and read this to you. ‘You can marry your best friend or your teacher or your pet or your daddy, and sometimes you can marry a flower. You can marry someone who is just like you or somebody who isn’t.’ And that’s a kid, baby looking at himself in the mirror. And the girl marrying a flower is black, and the girl that looks like she’s marrying her best friend looks like a Tiger Woods woman, or Barbie doll. ‘How to Get Married … by Me, the Bride,’ by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap.

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