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RUSH: You gotta hear this. Ed Markey from Massachusetts, member of Congress, Andrea Mitchell, NBC News Washington, asked him, ‘Let’s talk about climate change and the whole conflict between the deniers and those of you who believe that this is a self-evident thing.’

MARKEY: The evidence is overwhelming. There are a few people who are still fighting it in the same way that there were people still fighting the science of whether or not tobacco caused lung cancer but we could not rely upon that small minority when the overwhelmingly majority said the fumes in human beings were killing them in the same way that we new see that the fumes going into the atmosphere is having a dramatically negative impact on our planet.

RUSH: That’s their new argument. Now they’re trying to compare these two things when there’s no comparison. If you want a comparison to tobacco companies, I brilliantly came up with this last week. What nailed the tobacco companies? What was it? Remember when the CEOs of Big Tobacco were up testifying and it was discovered that they had lied about their research. They had lied about the impact of smoking on health. They had made up studies which showed that there was no connection to smoking and respiratory health and heart disease, and they had lied about it. And when the lie had been uncovered there was a whistle-blower that went on 60 Minutes, sat behind the black screen, blew the whistle and that was the end of it.

So if you want to compare, Congressman Markey, this to the tobacco companies, if you want to be consistent, what you would be doing is dragging these phony, fraudulent scientists from the Climate Research Unit at University of East Anglia and have them over here for hearings. If you want to be consistent with Big Tobacco that’s what we would be doing. Since we’re on the subject, let’s go to Letterman. This is last night on his show. The guest is climatologist and author James Hansen, a well-known fraudster from NASA. Letterman says, ‘For a while, a significant part of your life and your devotion to that pursuit presented the case to Congress and groups, you tried to get legislation and attention from the government, and it didn’t so much work out. Here lately you’ve taken more of an aggressive approach to calling attention to these problems, climate change and so forth. Is that a fair statement?’

HANSEN: There was, in 1992 the framework convention on climate change in which all the governments, 170 governments, agreed that we should stabilize the atmospheric composition at a level that avoids dangerous human-made interference. The Kyoto protocol, for example, supposed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but in fact emissions actually accelerated after the Kyoto protocol. And the danger is that in Copenhagen, where the discussions are now going on, the same thing is going to happen.

RUSH: Now, this is a comedy show, ostensibly we’re watching a comedy show, and here comes this guy Hansen, a noted fraudster talking about global warming. He then continued with this.

HANSEN: The funny thing is it’s kind of a deal between developed countries and developing countries. It’s analogous to the indulgences of the Middle Ages, if you remember the Catholic church would sell forgivenesses for sins. That was great. The bishops got a lot of moola, and the sinners got to go to heaven. No matter what they did. So that was great. Now, that’s basically what’s happening in Copenhagen.


HANSEN: Developed countries want to continue more or less business as usual. So they will say they’re going to decrease their emissions a modest amount but then there are these so-called offsets that you purchase from developing countries.

RUSH: It sounds to me like this guy is admitting what’s going on here is a religion, which we know that it is. And then Letterman says, ‘I want to get to the point about the e-mails in London. What’s that? I don’t understand it. And what was the point? And what was the resolution?’

HANSEN: There was some bad judgment by some scientists at the University of East Anglia, but the truth is, and they said some things, they should release their data, for example. Science works that way. You’ve gotta release your data. But the truth is it doesn’t change the science one iota.

RUSH: Of course not.

HANSEN: We can see what’s happening with the climate all around the planet, and we know what’s going to happen if we stay on business as usual.

RUSH: We can’t see it! We can’t possibly see it! This is a fool. This is an obsessed hoaxer. He is part of a hoax. We can’t see it. We see it only through Photoshopped pictures and videos, and we don’t know what’s going to happen if we stay on business as usual. These guys fry me.

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