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RUSH: ‘California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said today on ‘Good Morning America’ that he supports President Obama’s health care overhaul effort but warned that the legislation, in its current form, would be devastating to his state’s bottom line. ‘This is the last thing we need, another $3 billion of spending when we already have a $20 billion deficit.” What he’s talking about is all the health care spending that’s being mandated on the states. ‘So I would say be very careful to the federal government before you go to bed with all this. Let’s rethink it. There’s no rush from one second to the next. Let’s take another week or two and come up with the right package.’ Arnold, where have you been? How is it you just now discovered this? Who are these people?

Who are these people we elect to office? Is it not stunning how ignorant they are? And I guess the ignorance results from their own conceit and their arrogance at having been elected. You know, being elected is like winning an Oscar. When you have enough people in a large state like California that vote for you, I imagine it’s a pretty big ego thrill. You end up thinking you’re pretty important. You add to it the stardom you have quarried as a result of being a big-time action movie star and it’s probably very understandable that you think you know everything already and you don’t need to know anything else. So you stop learning. And then somebody comes along, one of your staff, and says, ‘Uhhh, Governor, we get to reading the health care bill. Do you realize it’s going to mandate $3 billion in new spending?’

‘Three billion dollars? I didn’t know this,’ and he’s out there at the same time — at the same time Schwarzenegger’s out there — pushing man-made global warming. We have one sound bite on that. This is Good Morning America, and Schwarzenegger is being interviewed here by George Stephanopoulos who said, ‘Your own party is really resisting Obama on this, starting with former Governor Palin. She says Obama should boycott Copenhagen. She’s calling the proposals job killers,’ and then he plays a quote from her. Basically he asks Schwarzenegger: What do you say to Americans who say, ‘Let’s fix the economy first before we jump off the cliff on this global warming stuff?’

SCHWARZENEGGER: First of all, you can do both at the same time. We in California have proven it over and over that you can protect the economy and also protect the environment.

RUSH: What?

SCHWARZENEGGER: There’s no excuse at all to just boycott, you know, Copenhagen just because we first have to rebuild the economy. I think that there are people that j-j-j-just don’t believe in fixing and — and — and — and working on the environment. They don’t believe there is such a thing as global warming. They’re still living in the Stone Age, which is okay. We need people like that, too.

RUSH: They’re going to take us back to the Stone Age, Governor, if they succeed with all this! So here’s the contrast. Here’s a governor who just found out that the health care bill needs to be stopped because it adds $3 billion of new spending in his state where they already have a $20 billion deficit. He just found this out and says, ‘You gotta stop,’ on the verge of them now finally getting 60 or 61 votes. At the same time he says, ‘First of all, you can do global warming fixes and the economy at the same time. We have proven it in California over and over. You can protect the economy and also protect the environment.’ Would somebody say — would anybody say — that the California economy has been protected?

They’ve got a $20 billion deficit. They’re going to add three billion to it. They’re out of control in California with their own subset of entitlement programs and so forth. The economy? The economy has been protected? How can you say that and then at the same sentence say — or in the same interview say — we gotta stop health care because, why, it’s gonna cost my state $3 billion. Governor, how much do you think that this cap and trade program’s going to cost your state? How much do you think global taxes to stop man-made global warming (which is not happening) is going to cost your state? Where do we get these people? Where do we get the people voting for these people? I guess the public school system in this country has successfully dumbed down enough people that idiots can triumph in our political system.

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