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RUSH: I have to start with this. This is from US Snooze & World Report. It hit yesterday afternoon just after the program. It’s a story about how to live happily on 75% less, setting the stage here for, ‘Hey, folks, your life is never going to be as prosperous as it once was and you’re going to have to learn to live happy on 75% less.’ This is, of course, cover for Obama. ‘Nine months after getting laid off, Catherine Goerz once again became part of the rush-hour commute — in a way she’d never anticipated. To pick up extra cash, Goerz took a temporary job handing out fliers touting the benefits of public transportation in the San Francisco subway system. Occasionally she’d bump into people she knew from her former job as a creative producer for a Bay Area communications company. ‘They’re in their corporate clothes,’ she recalls, ‘and I’m in this silly T-shirt and hat. ‘Cathy, is that you?’ they’d ask. ‘What are you doing here?’ Ugh.”

‘The Great Recession — which is technically over, economists insist — may be morphing into a broader epoch: the Great Humbling. Millions of Americans who felt prosperous just a few years ago are now coping with long-term unemployment, sharp cutbacks in living standards, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and a deep sense of failure. That could persist for years. ‘This is not like earlier recessions, where things fell, then they bounced back to where they used to be,’ says Dennis Jacobe, chief economist for the Gallup polling organization.’ Wait a minute, now. Why does a polling organization need a chief economist? I guess so they could be surprised. These are the guys, the experts that are always stunned no matter what the news is.

”This is not like earlier recessions. … We haven’t seen this before. It’s the only time this has happened since the Great Depression.’ For many disenfranchised workers, the ‘new normal’ is demoralizing. But some have found fresh career paths, clarified their priorities, and discovered that they’re more resourceful than they once thought. After absorbing the initial shock of being laid off, 37-year-old Goerz decided it was the chance to pursue a long-time goal: Filming a documentary.’ Now, we’ve done many shows on this about the opportunity that being fired, laid off or whatever presents you if you have the mental capacity to look at it that way. And that’s all fine and dandy, people pursuing passions they didn’t have time for because they were glued or wedded to a job they didn’t particularly like but now they’ve been laid off and they have no choice. The thing that’s wrong with this is that the conclusion is no matter what you choose to do, no matter how eagerly you follow your dream because you’ve been fired and laid off, don’t worry, you’re never going to be as successful as you once thought you were because our country is forever changed. And I just refuse to accept that.

All of this is cover for Obama, and we’re getting to a point here, all these people, the Great Humbling, millions of Americans who felt prosperous just a few years ago are now coping with long-term unemployment, sharp cutbacks in living standards, and a deep sense of failure. Let me tell you something. If you are one of those people, you’ve been unemployed for a while and you’re looking for work and you can’t get any, whatever you do, do not consider yourself a failure. You are not what’s failing here. What’s failing is the Obama administration’s attempt to revive the private sector where your job and dream is or used to be. They’re making it tougher. All the stories we’re seeing about how much more per annum federal employees make, all the stories about all of the greater benefits packages they have, on average, than people working in the private sector. I have a theory about that. I actually think that the Obama administration and his collection of leftist radicals actually want people to turn away from the private sector, to turn to government, ’cause there’s an all-out assault on the private sector and it’s being done purposefully, as I have so eloquently and arguably presented to you in the past.

But don’t fall for this, folks. Don’t fall for the claim that the glory days are over. Don’t go Bruce Springsteen on us here. This country is going to need every one of you striving to be the best you can be in overcoming all these obstacles that Obama and everybody is putting in the way, and it still can be done, but if everybody is lulled into a false belief that America that once was is no longer America, then Obama and his boys are gonna win, and we must not allow this to happen. So do not consider yourself the failure. I know it’s hard not to, you keep applying for jobs, you keep being turned down or whatever, the longer it goes, the harder it is to find a job at the salary level that you were making when you lost your job, but the failure is the Obama administration and its policies, which are just making it all that much more difficult for people who are unemployed to realize their dreams.

Now, there’s one area, of course, Obama has targeted this area with extreme hatred, with extreme animus. And that is Wall Street. And Wall Street, the so-called fat cats are passing out bonuses in record numbers at, say, Goldman Sachs, and to avoid any criticism, they’re not actually handing out cash bonuses. What they’re doing is giving employees stock that doesn’t vest for two or three years or whatever, I forget the exact number of years. The question is, do the people on Wall Street which Obama has supposedly targeted, are they feeling like failures? Are they in any way, shape, manner, or form learning to do with 75% less, even though Obama has targeted them for destruction? I mean he points fingers of blame at them all the time.

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