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You remember, ladies and gentlemen, when Clinton won the presidency in 1992, in that election, he said something like, ‘The era of greed and selfishness is over.’ He was talking about the eight years of prosperity. Actually, 12 years. Well, second term Reagan and first term Bush. Only term Bush. Eight years of prosperity. ‘The era of greed and selfishness is over.’ Now, after eight years of prosperity under Bush 43, we are again seeing the seething hate for profits. The left never changes. It’s who they are. You are never, ever going to totally beat ’em back. That’s why you can’t give up any day. Yes, power ebbs and flows. But there are things to learn about the left. I keep preaching the fact that if you really want to get informed, if you really want to understand where all this is headed and what it means, you have to get ideological. You cannot be frightened about becoming a ‘partisan.’ You cannot become frightened about being ideological.

If you’re conservative, you’re conservative. If you want to say, ‘Well, I’m conservative on some things and I’m liberal on other things. I guess I’m moderate independent,’ it won’t work. Because as far as I’m concerned, ladies and gentlemen, there’s not one item on the leftist agenda worth joining or compromising over. Not one. To understand them, you have to know who they are. They despise capitalism. They despise profit. It is evil. They are now just fit to be tied over the fact that they were sure that they were going to get lower drug prices in a health care bill. Now they’re not. And now they’re starting to associate Obama and Lieberman and any other Senator that voted to kill the Dorgan amendment as being in bed with Big Pharma, meaning profits. It’s an ebb and flow, but they never change who they are. And to understand them, you must clearly understand what liberalism is. You need not be afraid of it.

It is not simple-minded. It is not simplistic to say, ‘I oppose that, it’s liberal. I oppose that candidate,’ or, ‘I oppose that president, because it’s liberal.’ In fact, it is highly wise. It’s very smart to cite liberalism as the primary reason you oppose any liberal or any Democrat. It’s the smartest thing you can do is to stop liberalism at every chance you’ve got. Not work with it, not compromise with them, not try to prove to them that you’re a nice guy. Just beat ’em. Just stop ’em. Especially now. We have never faced a more radically left leadership in this country than now, and there’s no compromising with them. The days of the usual day at the office, where, ‘Okay, the Republicans lost the election so the Democrats are in power. We gotta work with them and we’ll get the power back someday’ is over. No, that’s not the way to look at it. There’s nothing about this agenda, nothing that’s been advanced that’s worth compromising with or helping them get passed.

There’s nothing worth trying to reshape so it’s not as bad. It just needs to be stopped. It’s the wise choice. Now, here’s a story from the Washington Post. Everybody knows, everybody knows that Harry Reid is nowhere near his 60 votes. If he had his 60 votes, they would have done this in September. If he had his 60 votes they would have voted on this in August. If he had his 60 votes they’d do it now. They’d start the process now. He doesn’t have 60 votes, and here’s the Washington Post’s take on the Democrats and their problem: ‘Polling Shows Democrats Losing Health Care PR Fight — Democrats are losing the public relations fight over the health care overhaul currently being debated in Congress, according to data in the new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Majorities believe the costs of their own health care as well as the nation’s overall health care will rise if the bill becomes a law.’

Now, Washington Post is saying people think this not because it’s true. They think this because the Democrats are losing the PR battle. ‘Just 37 percent believe the quality of care they receive will be better under the new plan as compared to 53 percent who said the care would be superior if the status quo was maintained. One bright spot in the numbers for the Obama administration: a slim majority — 51 percent — said that government intervention is ‘necessary to control costs and expand coverage.’…’ So that’s 51% of the people in this poll who are absolutely mentally disturbed. It is plain common sense to understand that government does not control costs. Government will not expand coverage. People are going to die prematurely with the government in charge of all this, and now back to the Post’s PR analysis.

The problem in trying to sell the American public on the overhaul of a major social program is that raising doubts is far easier than calming nerves. The bill is, by nature, sweeping in scope and confusing to the average American… In the face of complexity, the easier answer — ‘no’ — almost always wins out. That simple fact is why passing some sort of health care bill is only half the battle. The other half will be in going out across the country in 2010 and selling it. That work will fall, primarily, to members of Congress…’ So what we have here is the Washington Post telling politicians they have to sell this harder just like after Obama’s Afghanistan speech, people fanned out from the administration all across the country to sell that. Meaning, he can’t sell anything on his own. This can’t be sold because it’s rotten goods. Nobody wants it.

But the Washington Post… You notice how whenever things go against the media’s agenda, when things go against the Democrat Party agenda, we hear about the ‘tactics.’ We hear about the ‘public relations battle.’ It can’t just be that people are turning against it because they’re becoming more informed and don’t want this dog! Oh, no! It has to be that the PR battle is being lost. Call George Lakoff (rhymes with)! Do something to win the PR battle. I gotta tell you something, Washington Post. You need to think about something very seriously. If you really believe this, you really believe they’re losing the PR battle, you are one of the PR agencies. You and the New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald — you name it, USA Today — you guys are the PR firm! You guys are the PR firm.

And then I made this point yesterday in showing you just how rotten this bill is. If all this walking-around money from the slush funds, $800 billion for the payoffs, unlimited positive propaganda-like coverage from all these networks and newspapers, if that can’t get you to 60 votes then you are in deep trouble because you are dealing with a piece-of-excrement bill. So if the Democrats are losing the PR battle, the PR agencies (the media) are right in line for some of the blame. And here’s the latest from Rasmussen on health care reform: Forty percent support it. Fifty-six percent oppose it. However, the big news in this poll is that 63% of the seasoned citizens oppose the Democrats on health care. Sixty-three percent. And this was before, ladies and gentlemen, the cheaper drug amendment was defeated. And this was before the public option came out, before Lieberman was satisfied on the Medicare expansion.

Forty-six percent now strongly oppose the plan. There are only 19% in Rasmussen’s survey who strongly favor it. This thing is a turkey. Nobody wants it. The PR firms for the Obama administration — New York Times, Washington Post, et al — cannot sell it. And they can’t sell it because it’s a rotten product. People are being informed. If I were the Washington Post, New York Times, I’d be really worried. They used to have a monopoly on this stuff. They used to control all this. If they wanted something to happen, it happened. If they wanted a person elected, they got elected. If they wanted an issue ignored, it got ignored. If they wanted an issue buried — a story, whatever — it got buried. Now, how is it…? I asked this yesterday: How is it, ladies and gentlemen, that with all of that media support and all of that money how is it that the American people in virtually every poll you look at know enough about this bill to oppose it?

Well, the Washington Post knows. The New York Times knows. ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, they know. And at the top of the list of reasons why is a guy named Rush Limbaugh, and then the alternative media which this program has spawned. I say this with no ego. It’s fact. You can look it up. The fact of the matter is they have tried for 21 years to wipe us out, to destroy us — to attack our credibility, reputations, and so forth — and yet here we are: Larger and more powerful than ever. And we have, in terms of the American people being informed on a subject, us in the little old New Media have overcome the efforts of the Obama PR machine, the State-Controlled Media, to position this bill as something that it isn’t. That’s why they’re scared and that’s why they’re worried and that’s why they’re mad. And they have every reason to be mad. It’s like this global warming business.

There’s a way take a look at this, too. I would say the same thing about health care here. If you realize that at the end of all this — be it health care or be it climate change, cap and trade; at the end of all this — is large amounts of money for lots of people. So if you are over in Copenhagen and you’re attending this farce of a convention and you realize that your whole scheme has blown up as a hoax and you realize that people in ever-larger numbers are finding out what a hoax it is, that there is no man-made global warming; you then realize that you’re going to get shut out of the dollar gravy train. You are going to be so mad at whoever it was that got in your way of all of those dollars.

Mr. Snerdley told me the other day, ‘You know, Rush, you better be thinking about something here. You’re not just in danger because of what you think and what you’re saying about this. ‘If you beat ’em on this, if we all beat ’em on this, you are costing them gazillions of dollars that they’re probably already figuratively spending, and that is not going to make them happy.’ It’s one thing to lose something ideologically, but it’s another thing to lose gazillions of dollars that you thought you had in the bank already. Whole industries are set up around this. Whole industries exist to do nothing but get money in the form of grants from governments and agencies. Whole industries have been created. The whole nonprofit industry! Well, not the entire nonprofit, but many nonprofits exist precisely so the people that work there will never have to go to work. They just siphon off some of the donations they get from the suckers that send them money and the government grants they get. (interruption)

Are you upset, Dawn, that I am tarring and feathering a lot of nonprofits? Are you involved in a nonprofit? (interruption) Mmm-hmm. I did correct myself. I was painting too generally, with too broad a brush out there. The Heritage Foundation is a nonprofit, for example. There are good ones but you know what I’m talking about. A scientific nonprofit? Look at the whole hoax that is green energy. The green energy sector, the green technology, all of it. Jeffrey Immelt, NBC-GE, has gone green totally. You know why? ‘Cause they have decided the best way to get a lot of research money to supposedly research and develop this new technology is going to come from the Obama administration. It’s all about money. You can’t take the ideology out of it, either. I mean, the ideology is extremely relevant.

But in terms of beating these people, when you stand in the way of them scoring big — the biggest financial score of their lives — then you have really, really have ticked them off, and that’s where we are in all of these things. So health care reform? I mean, look at this: 46% now strongly oppose it, 19% strongly favor it. It’s in free fall. Howard Dean is coming up to illustrate this. Global warming, the whole concept, is been exposed as a hoax — and that thing is falling apart over there. Protesters are being arrested. They’re upset because not enough is being done. I mean, it’s just like the kook-left fringe here is upset with Obama. The kook left fringe around the world, the anti-capitalist crowd and so forth, they’re upset with everybody inside the Copenhagen room where this is happening because they’re bumbling it. And lots of money is on the table. And it looks like it might be in jeopardy, and that’s really got ’em ticked off.


RUSH: All right, the Washington Post says that the Democrats and Obama are losing the PR battle in the fight over health care, which means that the Washington Post should take its share of the blame because it’s the PR agency. Here’s another Washington Post story, and the headline — it’s about another poll — ‘Public Cool to Health Reforms While Obama Gains Support on Afghanistan War.’ Cool? His numbers have tanked across the board and we are cool to it? We steadfastly and energetically oppose it. The Republicans have been doing no PR on this. We have. The conservative movement in ascendancy is what’s stopping all this.

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