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“Liberalism is something that cannot exist in the sunlight. It’s like Dracula. It’s gotta hang around in a coffin all day and comes out only at night when nobody can see what’s going on.”

“I am a huge believer in American private sector businesses. They have made the country what it is.”

“I am not in the tank for any private sector corporation. I’m in the tank for capitalism. I understand that there are going to be people that break the law and engage in unfair business practices. It’s human nature. It’s the way it is. But that does not, to me, indict the system, it indicts those individuals.”

“The Democrats are the ones who have used every contemptible trick and procedure to impose on this nation something this nation does not want.”

“If you’ve been unemployed for a while and you’re looking for work and can’t get any, whatever you do, do not consider yourself a failure. You are not what’s failing here. What’s failing is the Obama administration’s attempt to revive the private sector where your job and dream is or used to be. They’re making it tougher.”

“Don’t fall for the claim that the glory days are over. Don’t go Bruce Springsteen on us here. This country is going to need every one of you striving to be the best you can be in overcoming all these obstacles that Obama and everybody is putting in the way, and it still can be done.”

“There is a greater political divide in the country today than ever before. I, of course, predicted it.”

“Copenhagen is falling apart. It has become an absolute laughingstock. These people can’t even run a convention, and these are the people that tell us they want to run the world in order to save it.”

“The passage of time has reinvigorated the left’s anger at Obama for selling them out on the public option, cheaper drugs, and the Medicare expansion.”

“What the left is learning is it doesn’t matter in the slightest what’s in the bill as far as Obama is concerned. Just getting one is paramount. I warned them!”

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