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RUSH: Waterloo, Iowa. Ann, I’m glad you waited. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello.


CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I had a really rough couple of weeks trying to get some good night’s sleep. I’m not talking about the bed, I’m just talking about looking and hearing and reading all the stuff going on, health care, all of these socialistic moves, the lying, I mean I wish people would just quit being so politically correct and start calling Obama what he is. He is a liar. And I’m calling basically because I kind of went through this thing on Internet last night, and there’s to me like a lot of stuff going on where people are just so angry that it’s almost, to me, I pick up something like it’s going to go to a next stage of anger. And I think we all kind of know what that means. You know, when you get to a point where all the faxing that you do, like what people have been trying to do or are doing to all the senators, and I myself, I’ve done so many phone calls, Rush, I have the whole book on (unintelligible).org congressional dictionary, and I have for three days been trying and trying and trying to fax at least 20 to 30 of these senators, and none of the faxes went through. Some of the people I talked to tried calling, as I have, at twelve o’clock at night and all the mailboxes are full. To me it’s like if you aren’t going to pay attention to us and what we are really saying, to listen to us, I guess — you know, it’s like anybody else, if you don’t care to listen to me, if you close your door and lock your door —

RUSH: Wait a second, let me step in here because I want to try to save you some mental energy. You’re looking at this the entire wrong way. They’re not listening to us. They have the polling data. You’re wasting your time e-mailing them. You’re wasting your time faxing them. You’re wasting your time calling them. This is no longer a representative republic. This is not a democracy. You’re nothing but a gnat. You’re an inconvenience, especially if you disagree with what they’re doing. You’re somebody to be gotten even with. You’re somebody whose mind isn’t right yet. You are somebody that they’re going to have to erase. They don’t want to have to deal with your opposition. This is why I’ve been saying for practically my entire broadcast career behind this microphone, the only way to understand this is to understand what liberalism is and who liberals are, radical leftists, and at that point you will understand how truly insignificant you are. They don’t matter to you. They’re not even thinking about what you want and don’t want. They’re not thinking about how they can best respond to public opinion here to prolong their careers or to do the best for the country.

This is about them. This is about power in perpetuity. This is about ruling you, not governing the country. This is not about we the people. It’s about them the political class. They have sought this moment ever since FDR. They have sought total control over this country, over this population, over individuals in this country for years. They have made a mockery of the notion that they’re interested in what you think or care about their public opinion. They’re not. They know the risks that they’re running. That’s why they have these slush funds to help with their reelection efforts, to try to help whatever fraud it takes next November with ACORN or what have you. They know that nobody wants this. They know vast majorities don’t want this. That alone ought to tell you what we’re dealing with and who we are.

Now, the anger, I can understand it. I know you all get it, I know you all understand exactly what’s happening here and I know you all understand why it’s bad and why it’s not healthy for the country and so forth. But the idea that this can be changed with some faxes or phone calls to this group — they’re shutting all that down. Their mailboxes aren’t full, they just got them shut down, just have a return message saying they’re all full. They’re not looking at the mailboxes in e-mail or snail mail. They’re not listening to phone calls. It’s all a sham. They want you to think they are, that they’re overwhelmed and trying to pay attention, but this is all about them. Listen to what Ben Nelson says. Listen to what Mary Landrieu says. It’s all about the best for my state. That means it’s all about the best for my reelection. They think that the people in their states are going to vote for them because they, the people, are being bought off with a hospital or full-fledged Medicaid expansion paid for by the federal government, which is nothing more than them. The federal government’s not paying for anything that they don’t first tax from us or print for themselves.


RUSH: Dan in Fremont, New Hampshire, nice to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush, from the live free or die state. Remember, death is not the worst of evils. What I wanted to talk to you about is that what the people need to do is get behind their state governments and get the state governments to stand up to the federal government and its overreaching, this usurpation of powers. We have a bill here in New Hampshire that’s going to make it a misdemeanor to interfere with the health care or health insurance of a New Hampshire citizen based upon a federal law to which our general court has not given its consent.

RUSH: Well, it’s an idea, except the states are being bought off. The reason the states are not going to oppose this is that they’re all being bought off. Look at Nebraska, look at Vermont, Louisiana, they’re all being bought off.

CALLER: Well, New Hampshire wasn’t bought off. Our Democrat senator wasn’t smart enough to hold out.

RUSH: Well, yeah, okay you got a point, that’s why I said earlier in the show, where are all these other states and these governors and state legislatures complaining about all the special deals these four or five other states got that they didn’t get? They’re probably still in the process of figuring it out. They’re still in the process of figuring out what all has really happened here, not to mention what you point out, that there are so many constitutional violations, the equal-protection clause.

CALLER: Remember, too, that the Constitution only says that the Constitution laws pursuant to it and treaties are the supreme law of the land. Therefore this monster is not part of the supreme law of the land.

RUSH: Yeah, technically it’s not but it is until somebody fights it and challenges it on that basis.

CALLER: Well, that’s what we’ve got to do, we’ve got to rally people around their state legislators, embolden them. That’s part of our job.

RUSH: It is one way to do it, I agree with you. Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty of South Carolina has asked the attorney general of that state to investigate the deals because South Carolina and Lindsey Grahamnesty were left out.

CALLER: Well, and the article of the federal Constitution that they’re claiming this power under also says that all duties, excises, and taxes have to be uniform, and though this is kind of an inverse to additional payments, it still ends up being a tax issue.

RUSH: I know. That’s what I meant about the equal-protection clause being violated here. So many elements, parts of the Constitution have been trashed and shredded here to make this happen. Taxation without any accompanying benefits for four years, I mean it’s an abomination. It’s an utter disgrace. It is not American. I don’t think the Democrats understand the boiling rage that exists throughout this country because their willing accomplices in the State-Controlled Media are not reporting it. And they are shutting off any response. They don’t want to see the faxes that you’re sending or the emails that you’re sending. They don’t want to hear the phone calls that you’re making and they’re living in a dream world and pretending that if you don’t care, it doesn’t matter, that you’re just a nutcase that’s been primed by talk radio, and it’s not going to matter once the November elections come around because you’re either going to forget about it and other things will be taking hold, unemployment is going to start going down, they think, the economic circumstance will improve, that will make everybody forget this sort of thing, tax increases are going to start immediately, but the health care benefits delayed for four years.

By the way, part of the benefits, the things that are being delayed four years — I made this point in the first hour of the program — you go back to the old professionals, FDR and LBJ, when they came up with Social Security, the war on poverty, Great Society, they front-loaded the benefits, back-loaded the tax increases. So you got the goodies with apparently not having to pay for it. And by that time the goodies were entrenched, and special interests had evolved all around them to protect them. This bunch is going at it the opposite way. You are paying for it first and then you get the so-called benefits four years down the road. Now, the reason they’re rolling the dice on this is because there aren’t any benefits. What’s waiting for us four years down the road is 100% government control over our lives. If that kicked in immediately, they would not have one Democrat win reelection in 2010 other than from places like San Francisco and New York, Boston, places like that.

If they delay government control of everybody’s life ’til 2014, that means that the Congress gets reelected in 2010 and 2012 — this is how they’re thinking about it — and Obama gets reelected in 2012, and then the revolt comes and nothing can be done about it because everybody has won reelection. That’s their thinking. I believe that their thinking is flawed because I think all of these tax increases, they’re going to hit immediately amidst ten to 17% unemployment, with no end in sight to that, are going to be so devastating to this economy that back-pocket economic issues are going to be the overriding factor in November along with the details of this health care bill, because by the time November 2010 comes around there isn’t going to be one American who doesn’t understand what a total travesty this is.

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