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Rush’s Morning Update: Homicide!
Original Airdate: December 3, 2009

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Ohio State University historian Randolph Roth has researched homicide rates over the last 400 years, and has a new theory. According to Roth, “People’s views about the legitimacy of government and how much they identify with their fellow citizens play a major role in how often they kill each other.” Roth says his theory explains “why the United States is so homicidal today.”

Roth claims conservatives are wrong to think that locking up criminals lowers murder rates. He says if people have trust in government officials –and feel connected to the rest of society– murder rates drop. See where this is going?

“As Americans,” he says, “so many of us hate or distrust our government. You can see it today in the anti-government rallies in Washington and elsewhere. It’s been part of our culture since the very beginning, but especially since the Civil War, and it is one reason why we have such a high homicide rate.” Translation: You anti-big-government radio types– and tea party protesters– are fomenting murder!

Roth says the US homicide rate fell during the first half of this year, “as the nation rallied around a new president who promised to help unite the country. But events of recent months suggest the tide may be turning,” and we may soon return to “divisive, polarized politics.” Voila, homicide explosion!

Mr. Roth,try this theory: The absence of God and morality leads to high murder rates and other criminality. Trust in government is not the answer. Never has been. Never will be.

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