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Rush’s Morning Update: Recall
December 10, 2009

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This may be the first and last “product recall” announcement I will ever make. So listen close. The recall extends to three Missouri schools, but it may widen. The questionable products are notebooks and pencils. “Special” notebooks and pencils.

The design includes an image of coins. Above, is the word “Change.” Underneath, the phrase: “We Can Believe In.” Sound familiar? Below the “Change-We-Can-Believe-In” slogan is a circle: top half blue, bottom half red, three lines cutting through. Yup, just like the Obama campaign logo.

After parents complained about the items sold in vending machines at one Columbia, Missouri elementary school…the principal fingered the supply company. Greg Jones – a sales rep with the supplier, Pencil Wholesale – said the design was “an accident.” The items are from another company where, he said, “the art department was trying to be cutesy.”

Mr. Jones says the situation “turned out to be really ugly,” and his company is trying to get the items out of schools as fast as possible. “I wish I could do it over,” Jones said. “But for now, I can just make it right.”

I’m glad to help, Mr. Jones. Parents: be on the lookout for “Barack Hussein Obama, Mmm Mmm Mmm,” propaganda on your kids’ notebooks and pencils. If you spot any – demand a recall.

And in November 2012 – recall the original.

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