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RUSH: Here’s Nancy Pelosi. She is not happy. Obama’s out there, promised eight times, have all these health care negotiations on C-SPAN, Brian Lamb said, ‘Hey, televise them, we’ll do everything, we’ll let the American public see this exactly like President Obama said.’ And Pelosi, she’s not happy about this at all. This is yesterday afternoon in Washington, a reporter said, ‘C-SPAN wrote a letter, Mr. Lamb, to you guys to have this process be transparent regardless conference committee. Right now it’s being done with a ping-pong. Any response to that?

PELOSI: Really? Well, (laughing) There are a number of things that he was for on the campaign trail. (laughter) What I will say that there has never been a more open process for any legislation in anyone who serves here’s experience.

RUSH: (Fake laughter) What planet is this woman on? What planet? The most open process? Did you hear the dig at Obama? ‘He promised a lot of things.’ She’s upset that there’s a tax increase on the middle class in the health care bill in the Senate, on Cadillac health care plans, she’s upset about that, and the liberals in the House don’t like the fact that there won’t be a conference. Pelosi and Reid are going back and forth under cover of darkness. And this is leading, folks, there are all of these Democrat resignations and retirements, and the Democrats are retiring, make no mistake about it, because Barack Obama is destroying his party. Exactly as I predicted on this program many, many moons ago. They are retiring because he’s failed. If Obama’s policies were succeeding there wouldn’t be any retirement, they’d all be out there trying to break Senator Byrd’s length of service record. But they’re running for the hills, a lot of them, governors, gubernatorial candidates, senators, members of the House.

These Democrats drank the Obama Kool-Aid and they’re committing political suicide. Some are just dropping out sooner than others. But Obamacare, cap and trade, job killers, the stimulus bill is not working, private sector is being destroyed. What Obama wants I hope doesn’t happen. We’re not sitting here envying Venezuelans. We want a better life for ourselves and for future generations and Obama is not interested in providing that. He’s a net negative. Now, the resignations here are fascinating. Somebody’s telling these people to go. I wonder who called Chris Dodd and said, ‘You’ve gotta go or we’re going to Torch you,’ as in Robert Torricelli. Who calls these people? Somebody is telling them they’ve got to go. I just refuse to believe they’re coming to these decisions on their own. You know the last thing Dodd wants to do is leave the Senate. But in some cases political scientists are analyzing that this actually is a good move by the Democrats because these people that are quitting had no prayer of winning and their replacements now might hold seats.

I think we’re going to win in Connecticut, I have no doubt about it, and we’re going to win in Nevada. I think Reid’s toast. Folks, I don’t think the political class yet grasps the degree of anti-majority party incumbency. I don’t think the Democrat Party has the slightest idea. They may think they do but they don’t have the slightest idea the genuine outrage that exists out there. The Democrat Party is at war with the American people. The Democrat Party treats Americans worse than it treats foreign terror suspects. The Democrat Party is at war with the American people. The American people have made it plain on health care and cap and trade, they want no part of this. This is not what they voted for. More and more people are realizing they voted for an empty suit. When Obama said hey, paint me whatever you want, I’m a blank canvas, he was exactly honest, he was right. There isn’t anything there, on purpose. Now it’s coming back to haunt ’em. Now they have to govern against the will of the American people, and they’re gonna lose because of that.

Now, they might succeed in imposing part of their agenda on the nation during this Congress, but this Congress is going to be different next year, very different. And the process of rolling back the agenda is going to begin in earnest. Obama is a false prophet. He is a radical dressed up as some historic figure, but there’s nothing new about Obama or what he’s doing. It’s as old as man. Obama is a con man from the get-go. There’s nothing new or unique about Barack Obama. What is new is that he’s been able to do so much damage in such a short period of time and that’s due to an accident of electoral history. How many Democrats in the Senate are actually elected? They have 60 votes in the Senate through hook and crook. I will never believe that Al Franken really won his election, for example. Arlen Specter quit, jumped ship. Burris, Illinois, unelected. The Democrats in Illinois would not allow a special election. Paul Kirk, Massachusetts, not elected, replaced Ted Kennedy, rather than a special election.

If they’d had to have special elections they wouldn’t have 60 seats. They’re standing democracy on its head each and every day. The people of this country are going to end up being heard, despite the efforts to silence them. And they’re going to strike back, despite efforts to smear them and assassinate their character, which is what the Democrat Party is doing, and this is dawning on more and more people. It’s the Democrat Party that’s smearing average Americans. Tea baggers, tea party people, whatever they call ’em, these are average Americans who simply oppose socialism. And you can hear how they’re discussed. So now these rats, the Democrats are jumping ship to save face because — and here’s the real reason. If you lose your election, it’s tougher to get a big-time lobbying job. You quit now, and then you move into the real big bucks, you try to get a big-time lobby job or maybe some plum appointment in the Obama administration because their value goes to hell as electoral losers, so they’re jumping ship to save themselves, no other reason. They’re not jumping ship to save the party. They may be being forced to walk plank.

I still think that there may be a little Rahm Emanuel there saying, ‘Hey, Chris, it’s over, buddy.’ You know how Clinton kept Andrew Cuomo from running for governor. Somebody’s out there pulling these strings. This is not a coincidence. Now, Barack Obama, our young idealistic president has destroyed our nation’s fiscal standing for generations. He’s destroyed it, all of this debt. He’s destroyed our reputation around the world. He’s not rebuilt anything. He’s a wrecking ball wherever he goes. And he now seeks to destroy the health industry in this country and the energy industry and the private sector generally, and now he’s destroying his own party. That’s who he is, all of this for himself. This is all about himself and his power and his narcissism. I know these people like every square inch of my shrinking and glorious naked body, my friends. You know liberalism, you know it lies. And nothing that they promise ever happens. Just the exact opposite. And don’t doubt for a moment, destroying the health care system is what’s going to happen.

When I was out in Honolulu and I said the American health care system is the best in the world, it is. I had a problem. I went in, I got treated, I paid for it — and I walked out as alive as ever. It’s the best health care system in the world and you do not need to make a million dollars in order to get the treatment I got or the care that I got. Now, these Democrats, some of them are spinning this as a win, all these retirements. ‘Oh, yeah, yeah, we’re getting rid of guaranteed losers out there. We’re replacing these losers with people who actually can hold these seats.’ Yeah, clearing candidates who can’t win in November. Well, if that’s the case, let’s take them at their word. If that’s the case, if that’s the strategy, then more of you Democrats ought to resign, starting with Harry Reid. Many of you are not going to be around anyway in November so why not just leave now if that’s what you’re doing, clearing out candidates who can’t win, if that’s the logic, we need to see mass resignations because you Democrats have no clue how bad it’s going to be in November. People are not going to forget this in any way, shape, manner, or form.

There is no love anymore for Obama. There is no swooning. There is no, ‘He’s special.’ There is no messianic anything. He’s a screw up, and he’s seen that way. You know who’s I’m waiting to hear from? Maybe you’re willing to wait with me. Maybe you’re curious. I’m waiting to hear from Colin Powell. I’m waiting to hear from Tom Ridge and all these others who said that the American people wanted all this socialism, remember? The American people want these services and these tax increases, said General Powell, who is the archetypical Republican. He’s exactly what we all ought to be, they say in the media. Ridge says I’m divisive, I’m not helpful. Well, where are these guys now that everything that’s being attacked is falling apart? Where are they? Why is General Powell hiding? Why is Tom Ridge hiding? It used to be you couldn’t keep them off the Sunday shows. You couldn’t keep them off these nighttime cable chat shows. But now you don’t see ’em. They’re no longer guests on these silly little shows. So we’re going to win North Dakota. Helmet Head is gone, Helmet Head Dorgan. There’s no way they’re going to hold that seat now, Helmet Head is gone. We’re probably going to win in Connecticut, too, because the anti-incumbency feeling is deeper and broader than anybody understands. By that I mean the anti-incumbency is cutting one way against the Democrats, the majority party.


RUSH: Clifton in Louisville. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, sir. Mega dittos! Welcome back from the dead. If this had been Obama they would have been calling this a reincarnation by now.

RUSH: (laughing) Thank you, sir. The Democrats did have me dead. At one time if you Googled ‘Rush Limbaugh,’ the first five or six results were ‘Limbaugh Dead.’

CALLER: (laughing) Yeah, well, sorry to disappoint them. That’s good for them. Now, I’d just like to take issue. I think these guys, this is like the Congressional Medal of Honor by voting for this health care bill. Because they’ve initiated the largest socialist system in the world at this particular point, and they will be justly rewarded for those votes even though they have been asked to leave. So I just think that this is a Medal of Honor for them, and that was a plan in the beginning.

RUSH: I’m sure that they’re looking at it that way, that they’ve made the supreme sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice. They gave up their offices (which is akin to giving up their lives) for the people, for a socialist health care system! Yeah, it’s sick. But I’ll tell you what, this is gonna result… By the way, there are two other Democrats who are not elected. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, she was appointed, and this guy from Colorado, Bennett. I mean, there are five or six of these clowns! They wouldn’t have 60 votes if we’d have had special elections. It was a quirk of electoral fate that made all this possible, and there’s going to be a huge sweeping of Democrats in November and the rollback of some of this stuff is going to commence. This is not something people are going to put up with.

A lot of us, folks, had a day or two off, a week off, a week and a half after during the holiday period. The people at the Heritage Foundation didn’t, and one of the ways I kept up with things was to access AskHeritage.org while I was gone. They covered the news of the Obama administration lifting the caps on how much bailout money Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could receive. Do you realize that happened? They just lifted the caps! In fact, Barney Frank said these are now ‘public utilities.’ The whole notion of the private sector having anything to do with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is gone. He’s just appropriated it. The way to look at this is that one congressional district in Massachusetts, essentially is able to take over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and use it as a personal piggy bank. That’s Barney Frank. Heritage paid attention to the details in the $2 trillion health care reform bill. And if you belong to Heritage, if you’re a member, you can log on any time and read all kinds of truthful information as to what’s going on. And they do the truth. They do it as well as I do, folks. Real truth about big-government spending is one of the ways to combat what’s going on, and that happens at the Heritage Foundation day in and day out. You know, truth… I heard it described when I was gone: Truth has got gravity. Truth attracts. The truth bursts through. Eventually it does, and that’s why those of us who deal with it are so confident and comfortable doing so. The Heritage Foundation is also, essentially, just dealing with truth. We call it conservatism. Others call it truth. But it’s the same thing. AskHeritage.org, 25 bucks is all it takes, and you will not regret it.


RUSH: John Fund had a column in the Wall Street Journal back on the 30th of December about Ben Nelson and what’s happened to him since the health care vote. Back on December 30th, a Rasmussen Reports poll showed that if Nelson were running for reelection that day, he would lose to the Nebraska GOP governor, David Heineman, by 61 to 30%. Just three years ago Nelson won his current term with a solid 64% of the vote. It looks like he’s been destroyed if this holds up, these kinds of polling numbers. So, yeah. I have no doubt that the Democrats are looking at these ones that are resigning and saying, ‘Yeah, Congressional Medal of Honor! They’ve fallen on the sword. They gave it all for their country, agreeing health care for everybody.’ It’s the biggest lie and joke — and the dirty little secret, folks, is they all know it’s a rodent’s-ass piece of legislation that they have enabled.

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