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“Those people that were delighting in my potential death and distress, even hoping that I would die? They’re the same people who are asking to control the health care system.”

“Obamacare requires you to have insurance or you get fined. I don’t have insurance, and I will get fined and go to jail before I buy it.”

“There’s not one element of any of these plans in the House or Senate that’s going to reduce anybody’s costs, not one.”

“Forgive me for looking at things this way, but I actually think I have to pay for what I get. I do. I was raised that way. I know this is insensitive to say.”

“One congressional district in Massachusetts essentially is able to take over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and use it as a personal piggy bank. That’s Barney Frank.”

“I heard it described when I was gone: Truth has got gravity. Truth attracts. The truth bursts through. Eventually it does, and that’s why those of us who deal with it are so confident and comfortable doing so.”

“Look at that! MSNBC is running nine-month-old video showing me back on the air at 285 pounds. (laughing) Don’t you love those people?”

“Anybody who has the gall or the audacity to say anything in this economy is in the midst of a ‘recovery’ needs to be penalized somehow. There is no such thing.”

“We live in an era where nothing is a surprise but everything’s an outrage. What do we do?”

“If you cut people’s taxes you’ll see revenue grow. It’s so simple what needs to be done here, it’s frustrating.”

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