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RUSH: A group gathered outside the White House yesterday urging people to come together. The name of the group is Pray at the Pump.

TWYMAN: We want President Obama and Rush Limbaugh to stop fighting and come together. Many of us were, you know, a little bit concerned that when Limbaugh had that heart scare out there, that, you know, Obama didn’t go by and visit and, you know, not even send a card or — because we believe in the Bible, that we should love our enemies and bless those that persecute us and despitefully use us. We thought that that would have been a very great teachable moment for the Nobel Peace Prize winner to become involved in. It was almost like a divine providence that they were both together in the same place at Christmas. I hope that somehow he will maybe just call Rush Limbaugh and just say, ‘I’m glad you’re back today.’
RUSH: That’s Rocky Twyman, ladies and gentlemen, who is the founder of Pray at the Pump, and that was outside the White House yesterday. Now, this is the first I heard of it. Patrick Gavin of Politico interviewed the Pray at the Pump founder Rocky Twyman. Now, it’s interesting that this guy says he hoped Obama showed up at the hospital to say hello. I’ve gotta tell you something, folks. I wasn’t even gonna mention this. I’m a little queasy about mentioning it now. But I was hoping he wouldn’t. I had as much stress over that as I had over trying to figure out what the chest pains were, ’cause I kept expecting the door of the hospital room to open and the Secret Service guy to come in and say, ‘The president would like to come in and say hi.’ And you can’t turn that down. Kathryn said, ‘Don’t worry, that’s never going to happen.’ And then a male nurse came in and started joking, unknowing that I was even thinking that, his name is Ray I think and he said, ‘By the way, a couple Secret Service agents are out there surveying the place, looks like Obama might want to come by for lunch.’ I said, ‘Oh no! No, no, no.’ And he started laughing. He was just kidding. Can you imagine if that had happened?

Can you imagine if that had happened? I might have had a real heart attack. (laughing) Kathryn said, ‘Don’t worry, that’s not going to happen. They’re not going to come over here, not going to act like you even exist, they won’t do that.’ But here’s Rocky Twyman out there actually suggesting that President Obama and I stop fighting. Not President Obama and the Republicans, not President Obama and Mitch McConnell or President Obama and John Boehner. No. President Obama and Rush Limbaugh.


RUSH: You know, one of the reasons (I’m sure the main reason, folks) that Obama decided not to visit me in the hospital is that he thought he would heal me, and he didn’t want that to happen. That has to be the reason.

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