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Rush’s Morning Update: The O.S.U.
January 8, 2010

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Deep in the bowels of the White House, the O.S.U. is hard at work. That’s the Obama Spin Unit– their job isto produce Obama’s first official State of the Union Show, and they have todeliver the impossible. They must sell the notion that Obama’s first year was a dazzling success,despite glaring public evidence of massive incompetence, fraud, and deceit. They must create soaring rhetoric powerful enough to pull Obama’s approval numbers out of the toilet.

The spin team desperately wants a finished health care bill to position BHO as a Democrat icon alongside FDR and JFK. But hiding the truth isgonna be tough.The secret backroom deals that turned the Senate into a low-rent bordello, the punitive taxation, health care rationing, death panels…all have been exposed, and Americans don’t want the Obama-Democrat scheme.

The O.S.U. must also whitewash Obama’s foreign policy and national security screw-ups. The boneheaded decision to move Gitmo terrorists to Illinois, the Chicago Olympic failure, the Copenhagen failure, the surge of violence in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan, the emboldened Iranian and North Korean regimes, the Fruit of Kaboom bomber –all of thoseneed high-gloss spin.

And then, my friends,there’s the economy. Exploding unemployment, wasted billions in stimulus spending, tax increases up the wazoo, and plummeting consumer confidence must be turned into something resembling “hope and change.”

How can they pull it off? Easy. Theyjust turn his first flopped year into a five-star showcase byblaming George W. Bushfor everything, andthen praying like hell the teleprompter does not fail.

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