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Rush’s Morning Update: The Roost
January 11, 2010

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Well, after Obama’s big “security” speech on Thursday,the pundit class was taken with the line: “We are at war.” Some analysts noted the similarities with Bush speeches;others suggested the administration’sfinally confronted the reality that the war on terror exists, and that Al-Qaeda’s not going to goaway.

Remember something, folks:This is Obama. His words are just words. And right after “we are at war,” he declared (with a straight face),”We will do whatever it takes to defeat Al-Qaeda” — which isflat-out BS.

If Obama and his Democrats were doing “whatever it takes,” the Fruit of Kaboom bomber would be classified as an enemy combatant and in Club Gitmo right now. And he’d be attending “water therapy” classes– not accorded American constitutional and individual trial. Club Gitmo would be full, not being emptied. Democrats would not have weakened the Patriot Act. Obama’s party would not have demanded an end to spying on terrorists in the US calling contacts overseas. For heaven’s sake, this administration refuses to use the phrase “war on terror,” and Obama himself said he is not “comfortable” with the concept of victory in Afghanistan.

The reason Al-Qaeda is still attacking is because we haven’t done “whatever it takes” to defeat them. Obama and his fellow left-wing Democrats– afraid of European opinion– are inherently weak on security.

The only war that Democrats waged after 9/11 was the war on George Bush. And now, to quote Reverend Jerry Wright: “America’s chickens… are coming home… to roost!”

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