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RUSH: This is Kevin in Columbus, Ohio. Great to have you here, sir. Welcome.

CALLER: Yes. How you doing? I want to say, where and when are we going to find one Republican or anyone of that ilk to stop undermining this country, undermining our commander-in-chief during a time of war and crisis? Why don’t we pull together and defeat this problem and stop sniping at every little detail, everything that he — go ahead. Go ahead. I’m listening. Go ahead.

RUSH: (laughing.)

CALLER: When is that going to happen? One brave Republican that is not in lockstep with everything that —

RUSH: I don’t even —

CALLER: — you, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, all you guys are saying the same things. I want to know when.

RUSH: I don’t know even how to deal with this. I don’t think I could reduce myself to your IQ level to be able to communicate.

CALLER: Whatever, if that’s what you want to revert to, you gonna try to say something personal about me, but the fact is you guys are undermining our security and —

RUSH: This is a joke. You are a satire writer, right?

CALLER: You are a satire, that’s why I called because you’re funny.

RUSH: Kevin, you really —

CALLER: Well, actually you’re not funny, it’s not really funny at all, though.

RUSH: Kevin, you —

CALLER: I’m a veteran of the United States Army, and the commander-in-chief is the one that is in charge.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: He cannot be held responsible for every little thing that goes wrong. Sure, he’s going to take the responsibility, unlike Bush who didn’t want to take responsibility.

RUSH: Kevin, Kevin.

CALLER: But you can’t blame him what’s happening.

RUSH: Kevin, do you realize this is not playing well?

CALLER: I don’t care what your people think. All I know is what I’m saying is right. You’re undermining our national security and the president of the United States, no matter how you feel about it, after the bitter defeat, the people have rejected —

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen —

CALLER: — these policies already. That’s why he’s in office. Already rejected, don’t you understand that? I heard you say —

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen.

CALLER: — years ago that that’s the consequences of elections and that’s what you’re doing, you’re suffering the consequences of these policies.

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, there’s an old adage that it’s a mistake to argue with a fool because no one will be able to tell the difference.

CALLER: That’s right, so that’s why you should stop undermining this country and our national security, tell your other people the same thing. That’s what you’re doing. These terrorists are listening, too. And you’re giving them all these details, telling them the president leaked, Cheney running around, he had eight years, what did he do? He didn’t do anything, what did he do?

RUSH: Kevin, you’re not going to bait me here.

CALLER: I’m not trying to bait you —

RUSH: Kevin, whether you’re trying to bait me or not, you are just a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance. It’s not worth my time. Your entertainment value is simply you alone. From people like you for seven years badgering, destroying Bush and Cheney, who only kept the country safe, people like you who were trying to secure the defeat of the US military in Iraq, people like you who were blindfolded and elected such a Nimrod to be president of the United States, somebody who hasn’t the slightest clue or care about national security, for you not to understand that we Republicans or conservatives are totally devoted to national security, and we have a president who isn’t, and that’s the source of our concern. You don’t obviously see it and there’s no point having a conversation with you. You’re lost. You’re irretrievably lost. But I’ll pass your message on. Well, I don’t have to. I mean everybody heard it.

You know, it’s calls like this that make me question an age-old belief that I have had, and that is (laughing) in the end, you can rely on the American people to do the right thing. (laughing) And everybody tells me, ‘No, Rush, you don’t know the kind of stupidity there is out there.’ I rather not chalk it up to stupidity, but rather the education system which has been corrupted for so many decades with the express purpose of creating mind-numbed people who are totally ill-educated and thus ill-informed and end up supporting the people who want to destroy the country as we’ve known it, thinking they’re doing the right thing. Maybe they’re not just stupid, they just haven’t been taught to think, and, as such, they’re ill-informed.

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