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RUSH: Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, President Obama — and I really feel that that’s more descriptive than to call him ‘Commander-in-Chief Obama’ — made his fourth iteration of a position on the near-disaster over Detroit. That was a tragedy that was averted by good luck and nothing else. Now, we were told by the national security chief of staff there, General James Jones, that after the message we would feel, quote, ‘a certain shock,’ end of quote, and everybody was breathless all day. ‘What are we going to hear? What’s going to shock us?’ I didn’t feel a shock at whatever was revealed and I don’t think anybody else did. What the heck does ‘connect the dots’ have to do with this? Why do the dots have to be connected? Look, everybody wants to get rid of Napolitano or get rid of this guy that stayed on the ski slopes. The guy to get rid of is Obama! Folks, we have a bunch of 1960s, free sex, free love, peaceniks running around in these important positions.

We have people who are obsessed with political correctness, and they take their orders from on high. The guy at the top sets the tone, and he doesn’t care. All this is a political inconvenience for him. He doesn’t really wish he had to deal with this. He really believes that ‘toning down the rhetoric’ and running around the world apologizing for America will make all these people love him and thus not attack the country. He doesn’t have the slightest understanding. A peacenik can’t possibly because peaceniks always blame America for the problems that we face in the world, and when they blame us they think we sorta deserve whatever we get. So you got guys that don’t come back from vacation after an event like this, including the president. And you’ve got Janet Napolitano out there who is saying some of the most ridiculous things like she’s most surprised by ‘Al-Qaeda’s determination.’ How can anybody in this country, whether you’re in the government or not, be surprised by their determination?

These people are willing to kill themselves for whatever perverted cause they believe in. It matters who we have in these positions, and we have a bunch of Global Peace March people. We really do have a bunch of New Agers in there who believe that all the problems in the world are caused by this country. And Obama, because he runs around apologizing, is certainly one of those people, and that’s who he hires. That’s who he appoints. We shouldn’t be surprised by any of this. When a 20-something Muslim male buys a one-way ticket with cash and has no luggage, that’s not a dot. That’s a fire alarm! He may as well have ‘I’m a terrorist’ taped on his T-shirt. And the buck stops with Obama? That’s just boob bait for the media, and it’s working. The media and everybody is saying, ‘Oh, he’s really coming around now. He really gets it now.’ The failure here is… He can have all the speeches in the world he wants.

He can have all the tough talk he wants. But if we don’t have the will to fight, to face who we are up against and understand honestly who we’re up against and then deal with them accordingly — if we’re going to beat up ourselves over Abu Ghraib, if we’re going to beat up ourselves over Guantanamo Bay and not understand who the hell we’re dealing with — then we’re never going to beat ’em, despite all the great rhetoric and speeches anybody can give. The failure here is not setting the nation and the world on a wartime mentality. I watched that speech yesterday. I actually expected him to say at the end of it (Clinton impression), ‘Now it’s time for me to get back to work on health reform for the American people.’ Now, I can imagine how this went yesterday as they rehearsed the speech. He kept having all of these delays. They delayed the time Obama was going to come out and speak four times. They kept redacting it. Everybody is waiting for all the ‘shock’ that James Jones told us was going to be present. So I imagined how it went in these rehearsals here. You got somebody — maybe it’s Rahm Emanuel, maybe it’s Axelrod — and they say, ‘Okay, Mr. President. Mr. President, America wants you to behave like a commander-in-chief. You gotta be able to say ‘war.’ Can you say ‘war’? Let’s try it.’

OBAMA: …war.

RUSH: Great! Great! One more time.


RUSH: Okay, okay. Ah, progress. That’s a buy, Mr. President. Now let’s direct the war. Please say ‘war against.’

OBAMA: War against…

RUSH: Perfect. Perfect. Okay, now, we got war and we got ‘against,’ and now let’s name the enemy, Mr. President. Can you say ‘war on Muslim terrorists’?

OBAMA: War against Al-Qaeda.

RUSH: Nice pronunciation of ‘Al-Qaeda,’ Mr. President. Try and say ‘war against Muslim terrorists.’

OBAMA: War against Al-Qaeda.

RUSH: (sigh) Mr. President, Al-Qaeda is Muslim terrorists. If you’re going to have any credibility here, sir, you’re going to have to say ‘war against Muslim terrorists.’ Try it this way: Say ‘war on Mmmmm-m-m-m-m-m-m Muslims.’

OBAMA: War against Al-Qaeda.

RUSH: Okay. (sigh) Okay. Okay, forget ‘the war on Muslim terrorists.’ Just go out there and say that you take full responsibility. The media’s going to eat ’em all up, you’ll see. It will be the lead on tonight’s news. And, of course, it was the lead on tonight’s news. Here is the president discussing this. Here’s a portion of what he said yesterday afternoon.

OBAMA: While passions and politics can often obscure the hard work before us, let’s be clear about what this moment demands. We are at war. We are at war against Al-Qaeda, a far-reaching network of violence and hatred that attacked us on 9/11, that killed nearly 3,000 innocent people, and that is plotting to strike us again; and we will do whatever it takes to defeat them.

RUSH: And I now have to get back to work very hard on health care reform for the American people. I mean, we have an academic/intellectual/professorial dissertation here. I guess it was progress to say ‘Al-Qaeda.’ He doesn’t allow people to say Al-Qaeda. We can’t say ‘terrorists’ but he did say ‘war,’ but at the same time he’s bringing the same kind of people for a show trial in New York City. If he really, really cared about intelligence, he wouldn’t be doing that for sure.


RUSH: The reason the Fruit of Kaboom Bomber nearly succeeded in blowing up an airplane with 300 passengers was laziness. We had the information. We had more than enough information. But nobody did anything with it. They were all technically on the job but they weren’t doing what they were paid to do, which is to protect us, to think, to be imaginative, and to communicate with one another. And the Gorelick wall is gone, by the way. There is nothing to prevent anybody from sharing information with each other anymore. I’m pretty sure that’s done. In fact, earlier this week on MSNBC, this network, we sit here and we laugh at them and we make jokes about them but I don’t know how to characterize them beyond incompetents. It’s not even enough to say they’re propagandists. They actually had on their Countdown show one night this week Richard Wolffe a guy who has a book on Obama and is working on a second book on Obama and probably has great access to Obama, and he’s a Brit, and he said on this show that the White House believes that there were a bunch of people in the intelligence community who purposely ignored this to make Obama look bad. They ran with this for a whole hour and they acted like this conspiracy theory was the God awful truth because Richard Wolffe has access.

And then something happened, in the next show, in the next hour Richard Wolffe came on, (paraphrasing) ‘Ah, I just spoke with the White House, we’re sort of ten steps ahead of where they are.’ They had tried to fly a balloon here. MSNBC, at the direction of Obama and the White House, because that’s what MSNBC is, they tried a trial balloon. They wanted to see if they could make it stick that the intelligence community purposely let the Fruit of Kaboom Bomber get as far as he did so as to embarrass Obama and obviously it wasn’t flying and the White House walked them back on it, and it’s breathtaking to watch. This is a division of NBC. And there are so many people at NBC that have jobs that nobody can figure out how they keep them and how they got them, from the top on down. And that network is at the top of the list. There’s no greater collection of genuine ignorance of what’s really happening than at MSNBC.

Now, back to this laziness that existed. It wasn’t a conspiracy. They were on vacation and the man at the top sets the tone. If you have a bunch of peaceniks, if you have a bunch of sixties anti-war types who thinks the US is responsible for all that happens to it and might even deserve some of what happens to it, if you have these people in important high-level positions, State Department, Pentagon, even in the intelligence community, you’re going to get what you’re going to get. Everybody was on paid vacation. Some were vacationing on the clock, some were out of the office; nobody was working. Nobody gave a damn. They didn’t even come off of vacation when this near-disaster happened. You and I both know what vacations are. They’re temporary escapes from responsibility, but not for the president, and not for his national security team. The problem was that nobody acted responsibly here either before, during, or after their vacations, and the president, ‘systemic failure.’ That’s his way of not blaming anybody, because if he blames somebody, he’s gotta blame himself.

Nobody’s going to get canned here because that would make him accountable. So he can’t say that there was any one person or a series of people that blew it here. He’s gotta say the system failed because the system allows him to blame Bush or allows his spokesman to blame Bush which you will hear in mere moments. I predicted it yesterday and it happened last night. Nobody is being held accountable. The system is worthless if you have worthless people in it. A system is worthless if you don’t have any commitment to it. The president said the buck stops here, but no one including the vacationing president was here. They all checked out. And when they were informed of the widespread inexcusable negligence nobody cared to come back to the office. Nobody gave a damn on the job. Senior management is always on the clock, but not in this administration. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that all the vacationing national security figures involved in this had their phones turned off. ‘Don’t bug me. I’m on the ski slopes.’ I mean, the president wasn’t even informed right away, and it took him three days. And when he came out in Hawaii and made a statement he seemed irritated, and he didn’t take any questions, he moved on.

Now, this debacle, like what happened at Fort Hood in Texas, has nothing to do with insufficient resources. It has to do with insufficient dedication. And all of this was predictable. Liberals are who they are. Peaceniks, anti-war people are who they are. The blame-America-first crowd is who it is, and they have these positions of power now. What’s really in order here are mass firings just to get the attention of those who remain, who are paid to keep vigil and keep us safe. They could dock everybody a week’s pay. Do something to light a fire. But, see, we can’t do that because that would make the president look bad, and we can’t have that. And try this. If you want to talk about genuine stupidity here, this is from CNN: ‘State Department says it was unaware terror suspect had visa before attempted bombing. Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab’s misspelled name led to visa snafu.

‘It is one of several unconnected dots — the State Department failed to determine that Christmas bombing suspect Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab had a U.S. visa until after he nearly set off explosives on a U.S.-bound airplane. State Department officials told CNN on Thursday that a series of errors caused AbdulMutallab to avoid classification as a terrorist, which would have have placed him on a no-fly list and caused his multiple entry visa to be revoked. One of those errors was the inability of the State Department — which issues visas — to initially determine whether AbdulMutallab had one,’ because they had his name misspelled in the database. Okay, now, since they have publicized this, every terrorist now knows all they have to do is throw a few more vowels in the name they are registered with and they’re good to go. We’ve made the mistake of compounding the mistake by telling them how we failed. Perfect example of a bloated, inefficient bureaucracy. I can’t wait, folks, until we start assigning classifications to cancer patients so they can be treated. ‘Sorry, your tumor is only P2 and only P3s are going to get treated. I cringe when I think that this kind of incompetence may soon be in charge of virtually every health care decision made in this country.

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