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RUSH: Ann Coulter slamming the Reverend Sharpton on the double standard between Harry Reid and Trent Lott.

SHARPTON: He said that he — that — that — that his statements were, uh, wrong and — and unfortunate. He did not try to make excuses. He dealt forthright with it. We heard a lot of statements last year, Geraldo, from President Clinton to Joe Biden to others that, uhh, we had to deal with. So, fine, but, uhhh — and — and I told him what I felt was offensive about the Negro dialect line.

RUSH: And Coulter jumps in.

COULTER: I’m surprised he had time to talk to you at all since I thought he would be busy writing his concession speech for next November. But I do want to know: Did he ask you to stop using that Negro dialect when you talked to him?

SHARPTON: See? Now she can say that, and that’s supposed to be cute.

COULTER: (laughing) But you said it’s fine for him to say it!

SHARPTON: No, I didn’t. I said I was offended by it, but to act as though —

COULTER: Come on. You cannot keep giving these —


COULTER: — Democrats a pass.


COULTER: You gave them —


COULTER: — all a pass. They attacked Paterson. They attacked Rangel. Now they’re attacking Harold Ford. You know you would not put up with this for five seconds if it were a Republican — and, yes, it is outrageous to compare it to what Trent Lott said five years ago.

SHARPTON: So you do agree there’s no comparison?

COULTER: Yeah, because Trent Lott was just saying some dumb cheer at a birthday party.

SHARPTON: Trent Lott said that —

RUSH: ‘Dumb cheer at a birthday party’ is right, and here you had Harry Reid again: ‘a light-skinned’ and ‘doesn’t have a Negro dialect when he doesn’t want to.’ You take the opposite of what Harry Reid is saying. What he’s saying is, ‘Dark-skinned blacks with a Negro dialect, we’re hopeless, and we don’t want any more of them running for president in our party! We got this light-skinned guy who doesn’t speak with a Negro dialect when he doesn’t want to and we’re cooking.’ So it’s much worse than Trent Lott, and of course Sharpton is well aware of that. And the reference to Harold Ford is Harold Ford is thinking of running for the Senate seat currently held by Kirsten Gillibrand in New York and the Democrat Party does not want him to. They want her to stay in the Senate because she’s totally run by Chuck-U Schumer.

Chuck-U Schumer tells her to dance, she dances. He tells her to jump, she says, ‘How high?’ She is a mirror vote for Chuck-U Schumer, and Harold Ford, as Harry Reid would say, is ‘light-skinned’ and he ‘doesn’t have a Negro dialect when he doesn’t want to.’ I appeared at a forum this past summer, spring, fall, I forget what it was, out of Los Angeles, with Harold Ford. I’ve met him a bunch of times. He’s a smart guy. He’s a Democrat, he’s a lib, and he’s thinking about running and he’s not being bullied but he’s exactly what Harry Reid wants: Light-skinned and he doesn’t use the Negro dialect when he doesn’t want to. But they are ganging up against him. They don’t want him to run just like they didn’t support Carl McCall, a black guy for governor of New York, and they’re dumping on David Paterson. So Ann is right: These people dump all over black people in their own party when they don’t want ’em. It’s exactly what Frank Marshall said. They’re going to tell you you’re great. ‘They’ll give you a corner office and they’ll invite you to fancy dinners and they’ll tell you you’re a credit to your race, until you want to actually start running things…boy,’ until you want power, and then look out. That’s Frank Marshall Davis, the communist mentor to Barack Obama. Exactly right.


RUSH: Remember this. This is hilarious. We had fun with it at the time. March 4th, 2007, at the First Baptist Church in Selma, Alabama, the Democrat presidential hopeful Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton addressed the church, and here’s a portion of her remarks.

HILLARY: Let us say with one voice the words of James Cleveland’s great freedom hymn: ‘I don’t feel no ways tired. I come too far from where I started from. Nobody told me that the road would be easy. I don’t believe he brought me this far to leave me.’

RUSH: I don’t feel no ways tired. Hillary Clinton speaking to a black congragation in Selma on March 4th, 2007. Obama also brought out the black dialect at that same — we’re working on getting that from our archives. Cookie keeps great archives and we’re working on getting that. But Obama also brought out the black dialect. He knew that he had an authenticity problem and he wanted to show that he was down for the struggle. Now, the NAALCP, ladies and gentlemen, the NAALCP has come out and defended Dingy Harry. They said it was just awkward. Dingy Harry’s quote here, he’s light-skinned and he doesn’t speak with a Negro dialect when he doesn’t want to, they say that he was actually being complimentary, he was saying that this is what it was going to take for Obama or any African-American to win the presidency. Now, I don’t know how the NAALCP can say that that is just awkward. That is a profound insult. Light-skinned, not really black, he doesn’t sound like a black, doesn’t use a Negro dialect. What does a black person sound like? And NAACP, (paraphrasing) ‘It was awkward, but actually Dingy Harry was simply acknowledging the truth about what it would take for a black man to be elected in this racist country.’ They didn’t say racist country, but it’s implied. Michael Eric Dyson this morning on MSNBC, Georgetown sociology professor, question: ‘Professor, nothing to see here because official Washington is saying there’s nothing to be worried about.’ This is the Dingy Harry comment.

DYSON: I think the Democrats here are morally weak. They are noxious to me. The reality is this, though. We have a president who was loath to speak about race. He would rather talk about anything but race. Our side refuses to say anything that is even intelligible or coherent about the issue of race and to sweep it under the carpet as if it makes no difference. If a white Republican had said this it would be huge news, they would be making hay out of it calling for his resignation. I think we’re hypocrites and we’re morally weak here.

RUSH: Michael Eric Dyson this morning on MSNBC. So Mike Allen, Politico, is on the show, he says, ‘Last night we were talking to Republicans that are going to be out deciding what the party’s figures are going to be saying today. They plan to jam on the gas. They’re not going to step back and let nature take its course. They’re going to say forget the apology let’s go beyond that and get into some of these questions. What did he mean by those words, what was he saying, what was he thinking? That’s what they’re going to challenge the press and Democrats to answer.

DYSON: They’re right because here’s why I say Mr. Obama is failing us. A couple weeks ago when the Congressional Black Caucus challenged him not doing enough for the African-American people, he said, look, I’m the president for everybody, not for black people. Really? We didn’t realize that. Here’s the problem, though. His personal discomfort with race must not absolve him of responsibility as an American president. We don’t expect you as a black man to deal with race. We expect you as the president of the United States to address this, and I think that he’s been shown short here. He’s shown that he’s not really capable.

RUSH: So there’s some fallout here. Michael Eric Dyson who will probably change his tune since I have aired these bites, at least for now, saying that Obama is failing us, meaning African-Americans, and is not capable. Grab number 30 again, going to the break, I gotta hear this again. Hillary Clinton in Selma March 4th, 2007.

(replaying of Hillary bite)


RUSH: What if…? What if that ‘stupid’ cop from Cambridge had said what Harry Reid said or what Bill Clinton said? That cop would have lost his job, would have lost his pension, would have lost everything. And let’s not forget this. This is Barack Obama on 2007 on Hardball with David Gregory as the guest host. ‘I want to begin by asking you about Don Imus. You’ve condemned his remarks about the women’s basketball team at Rutgers. Let me ask you pointedly: Do you think he should be fired?’

OBAMA: I don’t think MSNBC should be carrying the kinds of hateful remarks that Imus uttered the other day.

GREGORY: Will you or would you be a guest on his show in the future?

OBAMA: Uh, no, I would not. Uh, I don’t want to be an enabler or be encouraging in any way of, uh, the kind of programming that results in the unbelievable offensive statements that were made just a few days ago.

RUSH: So there’s Mr. Tolerant, Obama, demanding Imus be fired while forgiving Harry Reid and absolving Harry Reid. Well, who is Obama to absolve Harry Reid anyway? Harry Reid said it. You’ll notice nobody is talking about the Clinton remark. (doing impression) ‘Hey, hey, Ted? Common, man. You… you… I mean, you know, a few years ago this guy, Obama, he’d have been fetching us coffee.’ Nobody’s talking about that. Here’s Dianne Feinstein, Sunday morning, Face the Nation. Bob Schieffer, says, ‘Is this going to have the same impact on Harry Reid as it did Lott? Should he resign?’

FEINSTEIN: I don’t think so. Uh, first of all, all of us are imperfect. Clearly this was a mistake. Uh, clearly the leader misspoke. He has also apologized. When Trent Lott had a somewhat similar situation, I saw no Democrats jumping out there and condemning, uhhhh, Senator Lott. Uhhhh, I know Senator Lott. I happen to be very fond of him, and, uh, he made a mistake. There was no question about that, and he apologized for it. So, uh, I — I — I know of no statement by any Democratic Senator, uhhh, criticizing Senator Lott.

RUSH: Really? Well, December 12th, 2002, Crossfire. (Remember that show?) Paul Begala, The Forehead, and Tucker Carlson, and guest is Senator Mary Landrieu, and The Forehead said, ‘So do you join John Kerry, another member of the Senate, fellow Democrat? He said Senator Lott should not lead the Senate. Do you agree Senator Lott should not lead the Senate?

LANDRIEU: Yes, I agree with that. But it’s the real issue: Does the Republican Party think this should be their leader? I can promise you if a Democratic leader said something like this or close to this, their leadership position would be pulled, because our party feels very strongly.

RUSH: Really? That’s Mary Landrieu back in December of 2002. But Dianne Feinstein said that there were no Democrats that criticized Senator Lott. And Mary Landrieu just did. She just agreed with John Kerry that he should be denied and have his leadership post taken away, and she said Democrats feel strongly about this. Our party’s different. His leadership position would be pulled. Now here’s a montage in 2002, December, of Democrats condemning Trent Lott.

MAXINE WATERS DECEMBER 12, 2002: Trent Lott has made yet another statement, uh, consistent with his long history of supporting, uh, segregation and separatism, and now it’s gotten to the point where it’s outright racism.

MARY LANDRIEU DECEMBER 12, 2002: The statements were in fact racist and they were wrong.

ALGORE DECEMBER 11, 2002: It’s a racist statement. Clearly, uh, a racist sentiment.

BILL CLINTON DECEMBER 18, 2002: Democrats certainly disagree with what he said. We don’t think it’s right, but that’s the Republican policy. How do you think they got a majority in the South anyway?

RUSH: There’s old Bill Clinton. (doing impression) ‘Hey, you know what? This guy, this guy Obama? He’d been fetching us coffee a few years ago — and of course Democrats, we can say we disagreed with Lott, but we don’t think it’s right. But that’s Republican policy, what Lott said. I mean, how do you think they got a majority in the South anyway?’ Where was General Powell, Secretary Powell, Colin Powell? Has he piped up on Harry Reid or Bill Clinton? He hasn’t, has he? But I do remember that he really weighed in on Trent Lott in December of 2002.

COLIN POWELL 2002: I, uh, was disappointed in the Senator’s statement. I, uh, deplored the sentiments behind the statement. There was nothing about the, uh, 1948 election or the Dixiecrat agenda that should have been acceptable in any way to an — to any American at that time or any American now. Ummm, I will let the Senator and, uh, members of the Senate deal with this issue.

RUSH: That was Secretary of State Colin Powell in December of 2002 condemning Trent Lott. We haven’t heard from Secretary Powell (who we’re told is the perfect type of Republican to lead the party) weigh in on what Harry Reid said or what Bill Clinton said. Here’s Joe Biden January 30th, 2007 in an interview talking about Senator Obama.

BIDEN: I think you’ve got the first sorta mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and — and clean and a nice-looking guy.

RUSH: Yeah. So he’s light-skinned and he ‘doesn’t use a Negro dialect when he doesn’t want to.’ And we’re gonna hear, ‘Joe Biden was telling the truth!’ See the double standard? He can make all these racial observations, and Joe Biden and Harry Reid from the Democrat Party can come out and effectively say, ‘Hey, you know, dark-skinned blacks with a Negro dialect? They’re not going to take us anywhere. We can’t have that.’ They can come out and say that. That’s essentially what Biden is saying, and it’s what Harry Reid said. And when Biden said it, Al Sharpton — properly — got mad. He did. He was upset and it caused him to withhold his endorsement of Obama for a while. Now Harry Reid says basically the same thing and we’re running like hell to forgive Harry Reid because all that matters is health care. All that matters is Obama getting his monument.


RUSH: Jessica in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, you’re next as we go back to the phones. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.


CALLER: How are you?

RUSH: Never better. Thank you.

CALLER: Love you. Listen, my father told me something when I was a young girl that has served me my whole life, and that is: ‘When someone tells you who they are, believe them.’ You get it?

RUSH: You got it. I believe it, too.

CALLER: Isn’t it fabulous? I mean they’re telling us all the time who they are, constantly, and nobody ever believes them. But they prove it time and time again.

RUSH: Well, I think more and more people are believing it. She’s talking about Harry Reid specifically. He just told us who he is, and Bill Clinton just told us who he is. By the way, the Reverend Sharpton is on this. Grab audio sound bite 36. I knew this was going to be the case once somebody asked somebody about it. This was this morning on Fox & Friends. Al Sharpton was the guest. Steve Doocy said, ‘Let’s talk about something else in the book. It’s about Bill Clinton talking to Ted Kennedy. Clinton trying to get Ted’s endorsement and he said about Obama, ‘Hey, Ted, come on, man. A few years ago this guy would be getting us coffee.”

SHARPTON: That’s far more disturbing. I have not talked to President Clinton. I think that’s far more disturbing, because this is someone seeking to stop Mr. Obama’s campaign and making a direct reference. I don’t know the context in which he said it, but that is far more disturbing to me than, uh, even the comments that were made by Mr. Reid.

DOOCY: So you are offended by Bill Clinton saying —


DOOCY: — that Barack Obama would be getting us coffee?

SHARPTON: If someone said he ‘would have been getting us coffee’ like that, in the context they say he said it, that would be very offensive to me, and I would definitely, uh, take Mr. Clinton on, as I did in South Carolina.

DOOCY: Uh-huh.

SHARPTON: He made some statements that I felt was wrong.

RUSH: All right. So Reverend Sharpton is now on the case. The Reverend Sharpton, he’s gonna take on President Clinton ‘if’ he said it in the context it sounds like he said it in. If he said it in… What other ‘context’ is this? (doing impression) ‘Hey, Ted, come on, man. A few years ago this guy would be getting us coffee.’ I see that Dingy Harry is on TV right now. I think this is live. He says, ‘I’ve enjoyed working with President Obama.’ No, it’s not live but it is new video from Apex, Nevada. So apparently Dingy Harry is circling the wagons here. I knew it. We’ve been getting spammed all day with people wanting to defend Dingy Harry. They say, ‘Look, look, we don’t agree with this. Let’s move on. We’ve got too much going on in the country that’s way too important. We shouldn’t be focused on this.’ Here is Jan Crawford, the legal correspondent, and she was on Face the Nation yesterday. Bob Schieffer said, ‘Michael Steele said this morning that Reid ought to step down. Trent Lott, when he made that remark about Strom Thurmond, ‘The country would have been better off’ if he’d been elected president, he did have to resign his leadership pos. I guess it’s a little too early to know, but you get the sense Harry Reid may have to leave the leadership?’

CRAWFORD: I think the much bigger question is more broadly what this is going to mean in the midterms and for the Democrats specifically in the midterms. Because, you know, this could very well make the base much less enthusiastic to come out to vote. I mean, the midterms are much more about the base versus base anyway. Those Republican voters are very fired up and the Democrats need every single vote they can get at this point. I mean, already before this happened it looked like Democrats were going to lose, what? Four to six seats in the Senate, 20 to 30 seats in the House. So I think this… I — I agree, I don’t see that this is going to lead to Reid stepping down but I think when we look forward, uh, into this upcoming election it’s going to have big problems for Harry Reid, big problems for Democrats in general.

RUSH: Yeah. That’s why we want him front and center. We don’t actually want him going anywhere. They would put Biden in there to be the 60th vote, put him in there every day if Reid had to step down. Biden would become the majority leader, so he’d be there every day. Now, on the Today Show today, Matt Lauer spoke with Democrat Leadership Council chairman Harold Ford Jr. about Dingy Harry. Matt Lauer said, ‘I want to ask you to comment on the comment itself. In quotes, ‘light-skinned,’ end quotes, African-American, quote, ‘with no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one,’ end quote, and that was supposed to be Harry Reid’s comments about why Obama might be more electable. As an African-American, how does that comment make you feel, Harold?’

FORD: It’s an unusual set of comments, but I — I don’t believe in any way that Harry Reid had any animus, racial animus or for that matter, uhh, in a comment or even in his record even going forward. I think there’s an important distinction between he and Trent Lott. Trent Lott, there were other episodes, other allegations and even proof of racial comments that he had made before. I think the real test for Harry Reid is national security, jobs, and health care.

RUSH: Right. So this is how liberals and Democrats view this. Reid is a liberal on the issues, so what he says about race can’t be racist. And that’s the dirty little secret. What he said about race can’t be racist. He’s a liberal and everybody knows liberals aren’t racist. No, no, no, no. I don’t think he meant anything by it. I don’t think he’s racist. I don’t think it’s racial! Well, he sure is thinking about it in a strange way. You know… Yeah. In fact, that’s a good point. To oppose liberalism is to be racist. But say it the way he meant it? ‘Hey, look, dark skinned, sounds like a black! No chance. Nobody is ever going to get elected.’ I guarantee you that’s the same thing that he said, and it stems from that thought, by the way. I wonder how they would be reacting if somebody said, ‘This is what he really, really meant.’ Would they say, ‘Yeah, he’s telling the truth,’ and what would that make them if that’s what they said about him?


RUSH: Question. A little pop quiz. Let’s check your memory. Who made the comment once that the only blacks at a GOP dinner were the ones serving the food? Do you have any idea who said that? Who made the comment once that the only blacks at a GOP dinner were the ones serving the food? That was Howard Dean, and they made him head of the party. They made him head of the Democrat National Committee.

Ronald in Los Angeles, nice to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Great to be here, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Let me tell you, you are so on point when it comes to the comments that Harry Reid made, it is something that has been within the Democratic Party since I was a kid in the 1950s, and this will continue because this is a tactic that the Democratic Party uses.

RUSH: Of course it is. You’re exactly right.

CALLER: And that tactic will continue until you’re cloned into other people and not buying into it, and I’m cloned, as a black person, who doesn’t buy into it.

RUSH: Well, you’re right about that. The whole race card in general, what you mean is, as the Democrats use it, a political tactic.

CALLER: Absolutely, Rush. What you see is — and it’s been pointed out that whenever a non-Democratic or liberal affiliate says something that is blatantly racist or offensive, unfortunately blacks will circle the wagons. A perfect example is the Congressional Black Caucus. They have no purpose except to enrich themselves. The same with the NAACP who is basically an organization that’s on welfare from the state, and the state of the country. And that’s why they support this.

RUSH: Well, of course. They’re all part of the Democrat coalition. And of course when you’re part of the Democrat coalition, what matters first, last, and always, is liberalism, and advancing the cause, advancing the agenda. And each one of these coalitions has their own responsibility. In the case of the Civil Rights Coalition their job is to turn out 90% of the black vote every presidential race. And if they do that, then they’re going to be funded and they will be given a seat at the Democrat Party power table and that’s a great way to describe it, a political tactic. And that’s why the double standard exists, because it is not used as a political tactic against liberals who make racist statements, Democrats who make racist statements at all. They’re excused: ‘Whoa, no, we know that person never uttered a racist view or harbored a racist thought in his life. This man is trying to pass health care for everybody. No, no.’ And the media is right in there with them pushing all of that.

But, you know, the Democrats are out there right now and more and more and more they are being exposed, and it’s going to take a lot more than this to further expose things, but the one — I don’t want to say good thing, but I mean you gotta try to look for the good in everything that happens — and the one good thing about this total control of the government that they have is it has left them with an arrogance and a sense of almost infallibility that they can do and say whatever they want now and not be harmed by it. So they don’t have to play the game as often of hiding who they really are. More and more of them are letting it be known. And you couple this with the genuine rage there is in the country over the simple fact that the Democrat Party is governing against the will of the American people, the current Democrat Party is fighting the American people. The American people are the biggest enemy the Democrat Party has right now. That’s an amazing thing to say. But it is true. And that is the result of substance. It is the result of people not wanting the Democrat agenda. It’s the result of people knowing that what Obama’s trying to do to so-call create jobs is not working, that there is no magic, and that everything they thought that was going to happen with the election of Obama, no more racism, no more partisanship, sea levels decline, none of it’s happening, everything’s getting worse.

More and more people are coming to realize this, and more and more people are abandoning the Democrat Party.


RUSH: We had a call that we didn’t have a chance to get to today from David in Seattle and I’m going to steal the point here in limited time. Brevity is the soul of wit. Didn’t Joe Wilson shout at Obama during that speech for the joint session of Congress? Didn’t he say, ‘You lie!’ He said, ‘You lie!’ and wasn’t he accused of being a racist by the left when he said that? And of course he apologized. And the press still wouldn’t let go of it. Yet they want us to not even talk about Dingy Harry. ‘He’s apologized. Can’t we just move on?’ The double standard is as clear as a bell for one and all to see.

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