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RUSH: I can’t wait ’til Snerdley gets back. Snerdley gets back tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen, and I’m looking forward to Snerdley getting back so I can have him go get me a cup of coffee. Greetings and welcome. It’s Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network and a full week of broadcast excellence kicking off right now. Telephone number if you want to be on the program, 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com. We welcome all of you at Rush 24/7, our website watching the Dittocam today once again in high definition and the way to access it hasn’t changed. We’re doing it on the Flash video player and you don’t need Real Audio or Windows Media Player because it’s Flash. Just go to the orange banner at the top of Rush 24/7, RushLimbaugh.com, and click on the link there. You can’t miss it and the instructions are very simple.

All right, the Justice Brothers ride to the rescue.

(playing of Justice Brothers spoof)

What a weekend. So much to say about this book Game Change. None of this in Game Change is a surprise to me, from the really in-depth revelations about the total frauds that John and Elizabeth Edwards have always been. I had somebody send me a note last night, you know, John Edwards was really popular, a lot of women really dug John Edwards, thought he was this moderate, nice, soft-spoken, down the middle. I tried telling people this guy is a snake oil salesman. There’s nothing real about this guy but of course they hated me for saying this. None of this about him or his wife — I got a note: ‘Do you really believe this about the Edwards?’ I believe this and more. How can you not after what you know is true about the affair that he had and the fathering of a kid and so forth. He hasn’t owned up to that yet, I don’t think. Maybe he has. But everybody knows that he did. Nobody has any doubts about it. But, see, I know liberals. None of this is a shock to me. Let me just go back and explain this to you by playing a clip of me from this program. January 28th of this year, this is what I said about racism and the Democrats.

RUSH ARCHIVE: It’s very simple to explain. We have gone from Bull Connor to Bull Clinton, ladies and gentlemen. That’s the way to express what has happened to the Democrat Party, now totally divided along the lines of race and gender, but particularly race, from Bull Connor to Bull Clinton. You and I have all known that the real racism in this country is in the Democrat Party, that the real bigotry in this country is in their party and that they promote it politically and try to blame it on Republicans and conservatives. But this riff is just huge.

RUSH: This was during the campaign, the primary campaign. This is January 28th of 2008. And this was before the LA Times even did that column on ‘Barack the ‘Magic Negro.” You remember all the talk in the campaign about how Obama’s not authentic ’cause he’s not down for the struggle. He has no traceable roots to slavery and the civil rights history in this country, and they were all worried about whether or not he was authentic and genuine black. Then we had Biden coming out and saying it’s nice to have some clean and articulate guy finally in our party, which angered Al Sharpton, ’cause he takes a shower every day. It made him very mad, and now you’ve got Harry Reid coming out saying, yeah, he’s a light-skinned black and he doesn’t have a Negro dialect when he doesn’t want to.

Now, I happen to believe that Dingy Harry was being complimentary. And in the notion of being complimentary, he was being complimentary on the basis that President Obama’s got a great gift, Obama’s got a great schtick, Obama can fool people, light-skinned, what does this mean? Is dark skin more intimidating, does it make people afraid? Light-skinned is better? Point is these are the people thinking about all this stuff all the time, and he doesn’t speak with a Negro dialect. I would love to hear Harry Reid’s observations about dialects, Negro or otherwise. Is there a voice in his head? For example, does Al Sharpton have a Negro dialect? Does Harry Reid think that Al Sharpton has a Negro dialect? How about John Lewis? I would really love to dig further into Dingy Harry’s views? What about Maxine Waters? Or Chris Rock? We don’t have to limit ourselves to politics. Does Derek Jeter have a black dialect? Does Alex Rodriguez have a black dialect? Yeah, Harry Reid is damn near old enough. He might have been an extra in that movie, Birth of a Nation, for all we know. Maybe one of his parents might have appeared in it.

I got a movie idea, folks. I was thinking about this over the weekend. Here’s a movie idea for the Senate majority leader and his soul mate, Senator Robert Byrd, and we could call it When Harry Met Robert. And it’s a buddy film. It begins when Harry Reid meets Robert Byrd at a KKK meeting, a touching story of how two bigots bond and go on to be important leaders in the Democrat Party. I can imagine a compelling scene, my friends, when Harry and Robert enlighten those in a local bar on various Negro dialects using busboys for an impromptu show-and-tell. And just to show their compassion for Negroes with hard-to-understand dialects, Harry and Robert let ’em shine their shoes and then tip ’em real big, maybe flash a five spot so everybody can see it.

The shoe shiners are dark-skinned Negroes, just to highlight the stars’ tolerance here. In the background you’d have a light-skinned Negro serving a young Bill Clinton coffee. And then after impressing the locals with their brilliance and compassion, Harry and Robert get on a train headed for the nation’s capital, and just behind them and emerging from the steam produced by the mighty locomotive is a light-skinned Negro wearing a conductor’s outfit and without a hint of Negro dialect. And he hollers out, ‘All aboard,’ and that’s where the movie ends, you fade to black, the credits appear and you have Harry Belafonte singing Day-O. I get chills just thinking about this movie, When Harry Met Robert. And these guys are not through.

Blagojevich — by the way, to be fair — and, you know, that’s our middle name here at the EIB Network, to be fair. The way to look at Dingy Harry’s statement that Obama spoke with no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one is as a cynical manipulative politician. He meant this with all due respect for Obama. Reid was complimenting Obama’s ability to act a part, to play a role, when it was politically expedient. See, in Harry Reid’s view and in Joe Biden’s view, the problem with Jesse Jackson and Reverend Sharpton as Democrat presidential candidates was they had black dialect and they weren’t light-skinned enough. That was the problem. But Obama comes along, he’s light-skinned, and when he doesn’t want to he doesn’t have a Negro dialect and so that’s a home run. He was complimenting Obama as being able to hide his half blackness and this is the way they look at it. The racism and bigotry in the Democrat Party and on the American left, it’s amazing that people don’t catch up to it. You look at how they’re circling the wagons to cover for Dingy Harry here.

This demonstrates, my good friends, the Democrats will give a pass to anything: BJs in the Oval Office, male prostitution rings run out of one’s apartment, that would be Barney Frank. Destroying the economy. I mean they’ll give a pass to anything — that would be Chris Dodd and Barney Frank — by any Democrat any time anyplace, they will forgive and look past any crime, it doesn’t matter, because liberalism and commitment to the cause is the thing. There is a double standard, there’s no question there’s a double standard. Everybody is talking about Trent Lott. Trent Lott’s at a birthday party for an old man, he makes a comment, (paraphrasing) ‘Hey Strom, we’d all have been a lot better off if you’d have won back then, buddy.’ It’s just, you know, Strom Thurmond’s nearing the end-of-his life, it’s just a harmless little thing, people do this all the time. Trent Lott was forced out of office and it was Barack Obama himself who said the Republican Party is going to have to really examine itself here and really make a decision to get rid of Trent Lott, and the Republicans fell right in line because the Republicans get defensive, have to prove they’re not racists, have to prove they’re not bigots so Trent Lott’s gone, thrown overboard. Here comes Dingy Harry, and people want to say that this is nothing compared to Trent Lott? This is worse!

Here’s what Harry Reid coulda said: ‘You know, I really like this Obama guy. He’s not intimidating. He doesn’t have dark skin, and he doesn’t have that Negro dialect.’ That’s what Harry Reid meant. Harry Reid meant exactly that. And of course the Democrats are circling the wagons and Al Sharpton has forgiven him. Obama has forgiven him faster than he can get in gear trying to stop the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Oh wait, Obama has not singled out the Taliban as an enemy. And now Rod Blagojevich: ‘I am blacker than Obama.’ Listen to this. And this is an interview, by the way, that he gave in a current issue of Esquire magazine. Now, the State-Controlled Media has cleaned up what he said. I went back and I have the original comment here, and it is this: ‘It’s such a cynical business. Most of the people in the business are full of crap, phonies, but I was real, man, and am real. This guy, he was catapulted in on hope and change. What we hope the guy is. What the hell? Everything he’s saying is on a teleprompter. I’m blacker than Barack Obama. I shined shoes. I grew up in a five-room apartment. My father had a little laundromat in a black community not far from where we lived. I saw it all growing up.’

All I can say here, folks, is that I am so happy with the ascension of Barack Obama to the presidency so we can finally put the issue of race behind us. This is what we were told was going to happen. No longer would race be an issue, now we can judge each other by the content of our characters rather than the color of our skin. Except, of course, for Dingy Harry. The real comment here that’s going unremarked upon is Clinton’s. He’s talking to Ted Kennedy and he’s trying to persuade The Swimmer to endorse Hillary, and The Swimmer’s got other ideas. The Swimmer wants to endorse Obama. And so Bill Clinton says, (imitating Bubba) ‘You know, Teddy, I mean, come on, man. A few years this guy would have been getting us coffee.’ He said it. Clinton hasn’t denied it. He said it, it’s in the book. ‘Yeah, a few years ago this guy would have been getting us coffee.’ And supposedly The Swimmer was infuriated by this. But this certainly reveals the plantation mentality of the Democrat Party and the reason that this Clinton comment hasn’t gotten more attention is precisely because the media knows how damaging it is.

Remember when Clinton moved his office to Harlem, and Hillary is out there passing out free coffee to people in Harlem and Clinton on his rehab tour after getting caught with BJs in the Oval Office, Bloval Office, I meant to say it, and the semen stain on the purple dress or whatever, he went on a black church tour and he had the Reverend Jackson in the White House to help him worship and rehab, get his mind right and so forth, and this book goes on to point out that, hell, even after all that he’s still running around having affairs and Hillary doesn’t want to take Secretary of State job because of it and Obama gets so desperate, don’t understand why. He calls her up and finally says, ‘I will put up with your husband to get you to take this job.’ Meaning, I’ll run the risk that this guy will try to take over the State Department or that he’s going to embarrass everybody. I still don’t know why Obama was that insistent that Hillary take the gig other than to get her out of the way, but she can always resign any time she wants to. (imitating Bubba) ‘Hey, Teddy, come on, man, a few years ago this guy would have been giving us coffee.’

Now, Dingy Harry is going to be safe in Washington. No Democrat is going to call for his resignation. The chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, has done so. But he’s in big trouble in Nevada. And this morning on Morning Joe, F. Chuck Todd actually said that Harry Reid’s toast and he has no prayer of winning reelection in Nevada. It’s going to be a Tom Daschle situation over and over. His poll numbers are very bad and there’s a poll in the Las Vegas newspaper about health care in Nevada and the support for it is minimal and they blame Harry Reid for it, so he’s toast. After this do you think Harry Reid could own an NFL team, folks? We need to call Commissioner Roger Goodell and find out what his thought on this is, and Bill Clinton, too. I mean this is very divisive stuff. We need to call Donovan McNabb and ask him what he thinks of Harry Reid or Bill Clinton ever owning an NFL team.


RUSH: I know the real reason that Teddy Kennedy was mad and offended when Bill Clinton said (doing impression), ‘Hey… (chuckles) Hey, come on, man! You know, this guy’d have been fetching us coffee a couple years ago.’ What made Teddy Kennedy mad was women got him coffee. It was Negroes brought Ted Kennedy his booze. And that’s why he was all offended. By the way, question I have… (interruption) You didn’t like that one, Dawn? Well, we deal in the truth here on the EIB Network.

How come Bill Clinton can be rehabbed from actions taken in the Bloval Office with an intern — how come you can be rehabbed through the Christian faith with the Reverend Jackson — and Brit Hume gets hammered for mentioning the same method of recovery for Tiger Woods? You got people running around, ‘Yeah, faith is something you’re supposed to have been silent about. You’re supposed to keep it quiet.’ Oh, really? Somebody better tell that to the Democrats. Whenever any of them get in trouble, who do they call? They call the Justice Brothers, a couple of reverends: The Reverend Sharpton and the Reverend Jackson. These guys come and they minister and they do it publicly. There’s Clinton at the White House with these guys (doing impression), ‘I have sinned. I have sinned! I have sinned.’ Jimmy Swaggart, ‘I have sinned! I have sinned before you,’ and they all seek rehab through their Christian faith, and it was just fine for Bill Clinton to do it.

Then it was all fine for Clinton to go to all of these black churches to redeeeeeem himself for actions taken in the Bloval Office with a white woman about whom the Reverend Wright said, ‘He was riding dirty!’ But let Brit Hume suggest to Tiger Woods that Christianity might provide him a better chance at a full recovery and redemption than the Buddhism that Tiger says he practices, and all hell breaks loose. So the double standards, ladies and gentlemen, are everywhere. Frank Marshall Davis, the communist mentor of Barack Obama gave him some advice about college that Obama wrote about in Dreams From My Father on page 41: ”They’ll train you so good that you’ll start believing what they tell you about equal opportunity and the American way and all that [bleep]. They’ll give you a corner office and they’ll invite you to fancy dinners and they’ll tell you you’re a credit to your race, until you want to actually start running things. Then they’ll yank on your chain and let you know that you may be a well-trained, well paid [black guy] but you’re a [black guy] just the same.”

He was right. Bill Clinton (doing impression), ‘Come on, Ted! Just a few years ago this guy would be getting us our coffee.’


RUSH: It’s even more laughable when we think back and remember, ladies and gentlemen, Bill Clinton as ‘the nation’s first black president.’ (doing impression) ‘Hey, Teddy, come on, man! I mean, you know, a few years ago this guy’d a-been getting us coffee.’ That’ll be excused too, ladies and gentlemen, although you don’t know. The media is going to say it’s been excused and forgiven as they circle the wagons around the Democrats but it’s bad.


RUSH: There’s one other thing in this book, Game Change, ladies and gentlemen. New York Daily News has this today. After Bill Clinton says to Ted Kennedy, (imitating Bubba) ‘Hey, come on, man, a few years ago this guy would have been getting us coffee,’ the ex-president reportedly griped bitterly to Ted Kennedy, ‘Look, the only reason you’re endorsing him is because he’s black, let’s just be clear.’ Bill Clinton said that to Ted Kennedy, and Ted Kennedy was, of course, offended because black people got him his booze. It was women who got him his coffee.

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