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Rush’s Morning Update: Sacrifice
January 13, 2010

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The latest headache for Barack Obama and Dingy Harry is the pushback from Big Union. These people areupset over the plan to tax these so-called Cadillac health plans to finance the Democrats’ massive health care takeover.

After a Monday night White House sit-down, AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka issued a threat to the light-skinned President Obama (and Senate Democrats as well), using non-Negro dialect. Trumka said Democrats risk catastrophic defeats similar to 1994 if they don’t design a health care bill thatBig Labor likes. In other works, “Kill the taxes on unions’ health care plans– or the unions will kill you.” Politically speaking, of course.

Another union boss, Harold Schaitberger, head of the International Association of Firefighters, also registered his opposition(using non-Negro dialect)saying: “The president’s support for the excise tax is a huge disappointment and it cannot be ignored. If (light-skinned)President Obama continues to support it and signs a bill that includes the excise tax on workers, we will hold him accountable.”

Big Union argues that their health care plans should not be taxed; the so-called rich oughta be taxed instead– even more than they already are– to pay for the health care takeover. But I got news for you union guys: youare the “rich!” Your health care plans are “richer” than those of most Americans.

Sohow does it feel? How come all of a sudden, you big-time Big Union rich Democrats aren’t willing to “sacrifice” on behalf of the poor? Where’s your compassion, guys? And tell us how it feels to be rich. Hmmm?

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