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RUSH: The Official Obama Criticizer is offended by Harry Reid’s remarks. Because you are not light-skinned, is that why you’re offended? Okay, let’s hear from the Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley. We got the technical setup to do this? Okay, ready to go? All right, what did you say he’s calling you?

SNERDLEY: I said Harry Reid, sir, has officially in not so many words called those of us that are not light-skinned darky Ebonics, and I don’t appreciate that. You know, I mean this is America. This is 2010. We’re supposed to be in a postracial, harmonious environment and here you have the Senate leader, who has basically divided black people amongst themselves, and said that some of us are better because of the light color of our skin and some of us are not good because we are dark, darkies? I don’t appreciate it. Why, this is a throwback to Jim Crowism. The light-skinned ones get to go in the room and drink out of the fountains. You dark’uns stay away, you’re not allowed. I don’t think this is appropriate. I think it’s mean-spirited. I don’t understand Eric Holder saying, ‘Well, he’s light-skinned so I guess he gets a pass.’ I don’t understand President Obama not standing up for us dark ones. What is this country coming to when us people of the sun, we dark people cannot be appreciated in the light day of by the light-skinned people? What has happened to America?

RUSH: And that is the Official Obama Criticizer. I admit I had not looked at it from that perspective. I had not looked at it from the perspective that Obama, by basically exonerating Harry Reid, had essentially thrown dark-skinned Negroes overboard. I appreciate your perspective on that because I had not looked at it that way. You are personally, as an American, you’re personally offended by this?

SNERDLEY: As a dark-skinned American.

RUSH: And you feel left out?

SNERDLEY: Yes, as a dark-skinned American.

RUSH: It’s over. You know, you feel thrown off the back of the bus in other words?

SNERDLEY: Under the bus, with Obama’s grandmother.

RUSH: Under the back of the bus. Yes. Bo Snerdley, the Official Obama Criticizer.

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