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“‘Hey, if we don’t get health care done it’s going to be fifteen years!’ Fifteen years? How about never for something like this?”

“I purposely kept myself out of it. I have not gone anywhere near it, other than a couple of mentions, and somehow I’ve found myself involved now in this Massachusetts Senate race.”

“My picture is in the first attack ad that’s been run by this Coakley woman, and I’m identified with George Bush, Cheney and Mitch McConnell as Washington Republican insiders. Bush and Cheney are not in Washington. I’m not in Washington, certainly not an insider, and ‘Republican’ is the dirty word in the campaign commercial.”

“Scott Brown destroyed this Martha Coakley last night in the one and only debate that they’re going to have.”

“We’re learning more and more about what’s in this book Game Change and as I go through this I am stunned to see how little about Obama is in this book. It’s loaded with stuff about the Edwardses.”

“The Edwardses are finished, both of them. What a couple of frauds.”

“The group, ‘African-Americans for Harry Reid,’ shouldn’t they call it: ‘Light-Skinned Negroes Without Dialects for Harry Reid?’ Let’s be accurate here.”

“A talking point went out yesterday that Harry Reid’s record shows that he’s not racist, and how do you get a stellar record like Harry Reid? There’s only one way you can have a stellar record like Harry Reid and that’s to have a D next to your name.”

“I looked at the hot 100 list of liberals today and I think at number 81 is Obama’s dog, Bo Obama. Number 78 is Colin Powell, and the media of course tell us he’s the quintessential Republican.”

“I had not looked at it from the perspective that Obama, by basically exonerating Harry Reid, had essentially thrown dark-skinned Negroes overboard. I appreciate the Official Obama Criticizer Bo Snerdley’s perspective on that because I had not looked at it that way.”

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