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RUSH: Jack Cafferty is not happy with Nancy Pelosi.

CAFFERTY: CBS News has a stunning report on the all-expense-paid trip of at least 20 members of Congress to the Copenhagen Climate Summit last month. The bipartisan delegation led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was so large they needed three military jets, two 737s and a Gulfstream V. This nation is hurting, but Nancy Pelosi can use three military jets for a December trip to Copenhagen and then refuse to answer any questions about it. Here’s the question: How much do members of Congress feel the pain of the American people during this recession? What a horrible woman she is. Wolf?

BLITZER: (nervous laughter) Jack, you gotta tell us how you really feel about Nancy Pelosi.

CAFFERTY: I just did. She’s a horrible woman.

BLITZER: I heard you say that.

RUSH: ‘A horrible woman.’ Jack Cafferty on CNN.

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