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Rush’s Morning Update: That’s Democrats!
January 14, 2010

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My friends, we’ve gotten mixed messages from Democrats on politics and race. Harry Reid believes thatlight-skinned blacks like Obama who use the “Negro dialect” sparingly are racially superior. On the other hand, Bill Clinton believes blacks like Obama should not win high office; as he said to Ted Kennedy: “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.”

But despite mixed messages on politics and race, the Democrat Party has a consistent message on education and race. The Democrat Congress and the Obama administration have agreed to kill a program that helped low-income black children achieve their educational dreams.

The DC Opportunity Scholarship Program, started during the Bush administration in 2004, helped thousands of financially disadvantaged families in Washingtonsend their children to elite private schools — including Sidwell Friends, where Obama’s kids go.

Teachers unions hated the program, and they set out to kill it;Obama and his Democrats in Congress dutifully complied. So while Democrats were spending hundreds of billions in wasted Porkulus money –bailing out Wall Street, buying auto companies, and proposing a massive health care takeover — they stripped the $13 million that funded this program from the federal budget without blinking an eye.

The message to poor black families– light-skinned, dark-skinned, speaking with a Negro or non-Negro dialect– is clear. In Obama’s America, you are second-class citizens. And your kids are not worth the time, effort, or money.

That’s hope. And that’s change. And that’s race politics. And that’s Democrats.

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